Free Wavy Table Runner Pattern (10 degree table runner)

Make this quick and easy a wavy table runner with a 10-degree ruler!  This free wavy table runner pattern will take you through the steps.  

If you need a last-minute gift, this table runner could be just what you need.  This runner can be made in about 1 hour.

I love making these wavy table runners for Christmas gifts but they can be made for any holiday or theme.  

Throughout this DIY table runner tutorial, I show a few versions of this table runner so you can see how different they can be.  Depending on how you line up the wedges, it will cause the table runner to form different amounts of a wave. 

The wave changes depending on how thick you cut the wedges and how many wedges you put in each direction.

Free Wavy Table Runner Pattern - fb

Keep reading this tutorial to learn how to make this table runner.  Or click the link below for a full video tutorial of this project.

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Sample DIY Wavy Table Runners

Below are some sample table runners made with this pattern.  The runner can change shape by changing the width of the wedges and the number of wedges sewn in each direction.

The fall-themed table runner was from a kit that contained three fat eighths of fabric for the top and fabric for the backing. This table runner was cut with wider wedges and alternated direction of the wedges every fourth wedge.

I made this table runner with the quilting in about 1 hour.  For this one, I cut the wedges pretty wide so there is less wave in the runner.Free Table Runner Pattern - Wavy with larger Wedges and Simple Quilting

This winter or Christmas-themed table runner was cut with a bit smaller wedges than the fall-themed one.  For this one, the wedges were placed with six, four, and then six wedges in each direction.

This one was cut using four fabrics.  For a more scrappy table runner, use many different fabrics.  Or use as few as three fabrics for a more uniform look.Wavy Table runner - Winter theme with star or snowflake Stitches

This alternate winter or Christmas-themed table runner was cut with smaller wedges, with seven wedges facing in each direction.  This causes more of a wave in the runner.Free Wavy Table Runner with Straight Quilting

This shows how the free wavy table runner pattern can change depending on the width of the wedges and the fabric.  The length of the runner can be easily changed for your table by adding or subtracting wedges.  


  • 10-degree ruler
  • 4 fabrics – 1/3 yard each or 4 fat quarters
  • 1/2 yard Batting Fabric
  • 1/2 yard Backing fabric
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread

INSTRUCTIONS For Free Wavy Table Runner pattern

STEP 1: Cut Fabrics

For quick cutting of the fabrics, layer your fabrics on top of one another lining up the edges.  Square up and trim your fabrics to be 10" x 21".Wavy Table Runner Three Fabrics

Cut the Wedges

Use your 10 degree ruler to cut the wedges. If you want smaller wedges, then move the ruler up so the smaller end is at the edge of the fabric. 

If you want fewer wedges that are wider, move the ruler so the wider edge is on the fabric.

Wavy Table Runner Wedges Cut

The fall-themed one shown earlier was cut on the 11” line.  The one with the smaller wedges was cut on the 4” line.

For this new one, I will cut it with the ruler aligned on the 15" line. Remember which line you used so when you turn the ruler you can line it up the same way.Wavy Table Runner Cut Wedges

Cut the first wedge on both sides of the ruler. 

Now, flip the ruler over 180 degrees and align the 15" line along the side of the fabric.  Cut the next wedge.Wavy Table Runner Flip Ruler

Continue flipping the ruler and cutting wedges until there are 5 – 6 wedges.  Since there are four fabrics, this will make a total of 20 – 24 wedges.

STEP 2: Decide the layout 

On a work surface, lay out the wedges side-by-side.  Lay 4 – 6 wedges in one direction, then flip them and start laying them facing the other direction for the same number of wedges. Continue flipping and laying the wedges.

Experiment with different patterns to come up with the wave you like for your table runner.  Place the different fabrics randomly, or in a pattern.

Keep in mind the width and length of the table runner.  The length will shorten up as you sew the 1/4" seams. If the length becomes more than 40” a pieced backing will be needed and additional fabric.

To stick with 1/2 yard or less of backing fabric, keep the runner between 32” - 40” long and no more than 16” wide. 

Laying it out will give an idea of the size and shape of the finished table runner. If the runner is too big, leave out some of the wedges and possibly use them for another runner.

Once you have the layout, make a pile of the wedges starting at the left end and stack each wedge on top of one another.Wavy Table Runner Wedges Stacked

Step 3: Sewing the Wavy Table Runner

Thread the sewing machine with white or cream thread in the top and bobbin. Set the machine to a straight stitch at the normal stitch length and use a 1/4" piecing foot. 

Start sewing the wedges together placing the first two with right sides together and sewing a seam.  If using a 1/4" piecing foot, follow the edge of your foot as a guide.  Otherwise, follow your 1/4" seam guide on your sewing machine. Wavy Table Runner Sew Wedges

Finger press the seam open.  Place the next piece from the pile on top with the right sides together and sew the seam. 

Take care to keep the wedges in the same orientation as they are on the pile so you end up with the runner as you laid it out.Wavy Table Runner Wedges Sewn Different directions

Continue sewing all of the wedges onto the runner. 

Wavy Table Runner Runner Trimmed

Step 4: Iron the Wavy table runner

Once all of the wedges are sewn to the runner, iron the seams to one side.

At the ironing board, place the runner wrong side up.  Carefully press all of the seams in the same direction.Wavy Table Runner Finished Top

Turn the runner right side up and iron again to get it nice and flat.

Step 5: Cut Batting & Backing

Cut a piece of backing and batting 1” larger on all sides than the width & length of the table runner.

Since the number of wedges used may vary and the wave in the runner, I cannot give exact measurements of the batting & backing.

Step 6: Layer the runner

Place the batting on a work surface.  Lay the backing on top of the batting with the right side up.

Lay the runner on top with the right side facing down.Wavy Table Runner Show Layers

Pin all around the runner along the edge.  Place two pins at your start and end points along one of the straight ends.  Leave a 3 – 4” opening between the start and end pins.

STEP 7: Sew layers together

Sew around the edge of the runner with a ¼” seam allowance.  Leave a 3 – 4” opening along one end as marked by the double pins. This opening will be used to turn the table runner.Wavy Table Runner Layers

Pivot at the corners by leaving your needle down, lifting the presser foot and turning 90 degrees.

To sew over the seams, use the point of a seam ripper to keep the seams flat as they go under the presser foot.

Step 8: Trim & Turning

Trim the backing and batting even with the table runner top as shown below using your sewing scissors.Wavy Table Runner Trim Backing and Batting

To help the table runner lay flat once it's turned, clip the corners of the table runner.  Don't cut across your seam!Wavy Table Runner Clip Corners

Also, carefully clip the curves being sure not to clip through the seam.Wavy Table Runner Clip Curves

Next, turn the wavy table runner right side out through the opening on the one end.Wavy Table Runner Turn Runner

Use a pointer to push out the corners.  I also like to slide the pointer along the edge of the runner to help push out the curves and the side seams.Wavy Table Runner Poke Out Corners

Step 9: Press the runner

Iron the table runner flat making sure all seams are fully open.  The table runner is almost finished!

At the opening, turn the seam into the runner, press and pin closed.Wavy Table Runner Opening Edge

Wavy Table Runner Opening Folded Pressed

Step 10: Final Stitching

If you would like to add some quilting to the table runner, look below for those options before topstitching.

To finish the wavy table runner, topstitch around the edge of the table runner and across the pinned opening.  This will close the opening used to turn the runner.Wavy Table Runner Three Runners Finished

Your table runner is complete!

Optional Quilting

From the samples below, you can see some options for quilting the table runner. 

The table runner can be left with no quilting and just the topstitching around the edge as described in step 10. 

Always quilt the table runner first and then add the final topstitching.  The final topstitching is needed to close the opening of the table runner.  If you do not want the topstitching, the opening could be hand-sewn with the ladder stitch.

Some ideas for quilting the wavy table runner

  • Topstitch along all or some of the wedges.
  • Use decorative stitches on or beside the seams
  • Add quilting lines through the center of the wedges.
  • Use your imagination!

To add quilting lines through the center of the wedges, use the 10 degree ruler and marking pencil or chalk to measure and mark a line.Wavy Table Runner Marking Wedge Centers

Then quilt with a straight or decorative stitch on the marked line.Wavy Table Runner Marking With Chalk 

Below are close-ups of the table runners to show the quilting.  See below the fall-themed wavy table runner has top-stitching around the wedges with the leaf prints only.Wavy Fall Table Runner Larger Wedges Closeup

For the runner below, a star pattern was stitched along the sides of the white wedges only.Wavy Winter Table Runner Closeup Fancy Stitches

The table runner below has a straight line stitched through the center of each wedge.Wavy Winter Table Runner Closeup Straight Quilting

I hope you enjoyed learning how to make this free wavy table runner pattern. 

By changing the fabric used for this table runner, it can be made for any theme or holiday.  These table runners would make wonderful holiday or hostess gifts!

Look below for the supplies you need for this project.

Printable PDF Version - If you would like to purchase an ad free printable version of this tutorial, please visit our Etsy Shop listing for Free Wavy Table Runner Pattern (10 degree table runner). For a small fee, you can purchase a PDF downloadable version of this tutorial.


If you have any questions about this project, contact us through the YouTube Video comments or our Contact Us page. We respond to questions in e-mails and YouTube comments regularly.

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Wavy Table Runner Tutorial - pin

Fall Wavy Table Runner Tutorial - pin

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