How to Make an Origami Heart

Need a Valentine's Day craft idea for kids? How about easy origami hearts? The step by step instructions below will show how to fold paper into hearts.  

These paper heart origami are great to use on Valentine's Day for making cards, garland, plant stakes, place cards, and more.  This would make a fun classroom craft or for a classroom Valentine's Day party.

Valentine's Origami Heart Tutorial - fbSimple Origami Heart Tutorial

Origami is the art of folding paper into shapes and designs.  If you want to learn more about origami or find other projects, visit our Origami page.

Handmade gifts bring joy to that special someone in your life.  This origami love heart is perfect for Valentine's Day, anniversary or birthday.  Write a love note on it or tuck the message into the back of the heart to show how much you care.

This is such a simple DIY but tons of fun and also a great activity for the kids.  Toddlers who can't make them will enjoy playing with them.  Older children who learn how to make the origami hearts themself can add them to their memory board or make one of the activities listed below.

Watch the video or scroll down to follow the seven easy steps photo tutorial and you'll learn how to make an origami heart.

Do you want other craft ideas kids can make for Valentine's Day? Our Kid's Valentine's Day Craft page has lots of free projects.

COMPLETE VIDEO TUTORIAL AVAILABLE! The video below is a preview with no audio, to watch the whole video tutorial, click the link How to Make an Origami Heart to watch in Youtube.

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WHAT YOU NEED to make easy origami hearts

  • Origami Paper, Construction Paper, Magazine Paper
  • Scissor

Valentine's Origami Heart - complete


STEP 1: Cut Paper

Origami Heart Tutorial - PaperTo begin making the origami heart, you start with a square piece of paper. The paper can be origami paper, construction paper or other recycling paper.  The size of the paper will determine the final size of the origami heart.  For a larger heart, use a larger piece of paper.

Origami Heart Tutorial - Fold & Cut Place the paper on a flat work surface and fold the paper in half. With a scissor cut along the crease line to form two rectangles. One square piece of paper will make two hearts.

STEP 2: Fold Down Center

Origami Heart Tutorial - Fold in Half Place one rectangle on a flat surface with the white side facing up. If you are using construction paper or the paper does not have one colored side, then have either side facing up.

Fold the paper in half and crease as shown above.  Then unfold the paper. 

NOTE: Origami paper has one colored side and one white side.  Place the paper on a table with the color side down and the white side up.

STEP 3: Fold Lengthwise

Origami Heart Tutorial - Fold upFold the paper in the opposite direction.  With paper on the table lengthwise, fold the long side up from the bottom of the rectangle approximately 1/3 of the way.

Note that your first crease is in the center of the photo above.  1/3 of the white back of the paper is showing after the fold.

STEP 4: Fold Point of Heart

Origami Heart Tutorial - Fold SidesTo make the bottom point of the easy origami heart, fold the right and left sides of the rectangle to the center crease line. Crease along the fold.

Origami Heart Tutorial - Sides FoldedYour paper heart should look like the above picture.

STEP 5: Fold the Sides Inward

Origami Heart Tutorial - Fold Sides Inward Turn the paper over. Fold the right side inward as shown above and crease.  Fold the left side the same way.  Be sure to fold in the same amount on both sides so the origami heart will be even on both sides.

STEP 6: Fold Top Corners

Origami Heart Tutorial- Fold Top CornersNext, fold the top corners down diagonally and crease the paper.  The photo above shows the first corner folded down.

After all four top corners are folded diagonally, it should look like the photo below. 
Origami Heart Tutorial - After corners folded

STEP 7: Fold Down Tips

Origami Heart Tutorial - Fold Top TipsFold-down the top tips of the rounded part of the heart slightly.  See the photo above for a sample.

The easy origami heart is complete.  It's it!  You've learned how to make an origami heart.  Are you wondering what you can do with these paper hearts?  We have a collection of ideas below.  And keep reading for some other fun Valentine Craft ideas for kids.Valentine's Origami Heart - Completed


  • Garland - Attach paper hearts to a cord to make a garland
  • Heart Skewers - Glue or tape origami heart to skewers or dowels and use them as decorations for your house
  • Valentine's Day Card - Glue the paper heart to a card
  • Bookmark - Use the paper heart as a bookmark
  • Pencil Decoration - Scotch tape the paper heart to a pencil and give them out at a school Valentine's Party
  • Wreath - Glue or tape origami hearts together in a circle to make a wreath


If you have any questions about this project, contact us through the YouTube Video comments or our Contact Us page. We respond to questions in e-mails and YouTube comments regularly.


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