How to Sew a Lettuce Edge Hem with Sewing Machine

Give your project a pretty finish with a lettuce edge hem. This is a popular look on little girls clothes. The curly, wavy hem gives it a girly look. However, this look is not just for girls clothes. It is attractive on women's clothing, doll clothes and home décor.

To sew a lettuce edge hem you need a stretchy fabric such as knits. This is because you need to be able to stretch the fabric as you sew and once the fabric relaxes it curls.

Making a lettuce hem is easy. Watch this video and read on for easy instructions on making a lettuce edge hem using a sewing machine.

Lettuce Edge Hem Tutorial

(Click the image below to watch the video in Youtube.)


Stretchy Knit Fabric
Sewing Machine
Knit Needle


Before lettuce hemming the project, I recommend experimenting on a small piece of the knit fabric and test different zigzag stitch lengths and widths. The stitch length should be very short, the shortest your machine allows but still moves.. The width should be fairly narrow. You want to test, test, test until you like the results.


- Make sure you have a full bobbin so you won't run out of bobbin thread in the middle of sewing.

- Set the sewing machine for the zigzag stitch length and width determined on your test piece.

- Fold and press the knit fabric on the hemline.

- Place the fabric under the presser foot. You will be sewing on the edge of the fabric. When stitching, the needle should go off the fabric on the right-hand side and in the fabric on the left-hand side.

- Stretch the fabric both in the front and in the back at the same time as you stitch. The more you stretch the fabric the curlier it will get.

- After the hem is completely stitch, turn the fabric to wrong side and trim the excess fabric close to the stitching.


I hope you learned something with this tutorial.

Happy Sewing! Happy Life!

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