101+ Awesome Summer Crafts and Activities for Kids

Great fun for the entire family with this summer kid's crafts!

School is out and what can you possibly do to keep the kids busy all summer.  Here are over 100 fun summer craft ideas and summer activities to help you sail through the summer and keep kids entertained without resorting to screen time.  

These easy, kid-friendly crafts and activities are perfect for sweltering hot days, rainy afternoons, and everything in between.  You will find something for everyone, from toddlers to tweens to teens, including artsy crafts, outdoor fun, at-home science activities (kids won't even realize they are learning something educational), entertaining day outings and just fun, fun, fun.  

A lot of these activities cost absolutely nothing.  But after reading and deciding on appropriate activities and crafts for your child, make a trip to the dollar store or craft store to stock up on craft supplies.101 Awesome Summer Crafts for Kids - fb


1. Take a day hiking trip and take pictures of what you see.  Then, make a picture collage.

2. Make a kaleidoscope.

3. Join the summer storytime program and activities at your local library  Don't forget to check out a book. Plan a time each day for reading.

Tie Dying 4. Explore the world of tie-dying.

5. Make bouncy balls.

6. Make, decorate and fly a kite.

7. Fashion a friendship bracelet.

8. Build a blanket fort.

9. Make a simple tin can wind chime.

10. Go bowling.  Register kids at Kids Bowl Free for two free games of bowling each day.

Duct Tape Coin Purse11. Load up on duct tape and let the kids create some of these duct tape projects.

12. On hot summer day have a sponge water fight.

13. Have your child write and illustrate a short story.

Lego Playing Card Holder14. Does your child have trouble holding playing cards?  Have them make this easy Lego playing card holder.

15. Collect rocks and paint them.

16. Make popsicle stick boxes for storing items.

Spool Knitting 17. Learn how to spool knit.  With spool knitting cord, kids can make flowers, bracelets, doll crafts, Christmas decorations and more.

18. Make a fairy garden.

19. Bake cookies.

20. Wash and clean the car.

21. Learn how to juggle.

22. Play water balloon baseball.

23. Visit a national park. Learn and interact at the park and earn a junior ranger badge.

Paper Airplanes 24. Experiment with the world of aviation by making paper airplanes and throwing them through a target. Have a paper airplane flying contest.

25. Play a round of miniature golf.

26. Learn balloons twisting and make animals, flowers, swords, crowns and more.

27. Make a beaded bubble wand and have tons of fun blowing bubbles.

28. Create foamy fun with the kids with the DIY science project, Elephant's Toothpaste.

29. Build a balloon-powered Lego car and measure how far it will go.

30. Feed the birds by making Cheerios hanging bird feeders.

Finger Knitting 31. Teach your child to crochet or knit and make some fun projects. A great way to introduce kids to knitting is finger knitting

32. Learning a variety of knot tying skills can be fun and useful.

33. On a hot, sunny day, put the sun to work with sun melted crayon art.

34. Do you have a Starwars fanatic? Watch a Starwars movie and create a fun and easy DIY lightsabers.

35. Go to the beach.

36. Kids love to play with slime.  Let them make slime with one of these dozen slime recipes.

Braided ribbon barrettes37. Kids can make braided ribbon barrettes to match all their summer outfits. 

38. Collect seashells and let kids get crafty with these shell crafts.

39. Set up a backyard obstacle course and let the kids race. Don't forget to time them.

40. Learn to play a card game.

41. Hula Hoops are fun and even more fun when kids decorate them with duct tape.

42. What is more fun than pinwheels?  For an outdoor picnic have the kids make pinwheel placemats.

Origami Jumping Frog43. Learn how to fold origami frogs and have a frog jumping contest.  If you like making origami frogs, try another origami craft.

44. Make a soda bottle rocket and see it soar.

45. Make boats with pool noodles and pencils.  Then sail them in a container with water.

46. Build a simple solar oven with a box.  Then cook s' mores, a hotdog or tortillas with cheese in the solar oven.  

Paracord Bracelet Tutorial47. Paracord bracelets are a popular craft for both girls and boys.  They are a fun accessory to wear and to make.  Learn here how to make them.

48. Play hopscotch.

49. Bring out the Lego and let the kids start building.  Our Lego Building Ideas and Lego Play Page will provide exciting entertainment and challenges for builders of all ages with hundreds of projects and ideas. 

Weaving Loom50. Loom weaving is a cool craft for kids to learn and keep them busy.

51. Decorate dollar store t-shirts with puffy paint.

52. Put hula hoops out in the yard and play frisbee golf.

53. Build a tabletop hovercraft.

Snack Wrapper Pouch54. Turn your empty snack wrappers (cookies, candy, chips, etc) into recycled zipper bags with this zipper pouch tutorial.  

55. Visit a local aquarium. 

56. Skype or FaceTime with grandparents or friends.

57. Make a marble maze with straws and a cardboard box lid.

Plastic bag wreath58. Kids can repurpose plastic grocery bags into a fun colorful 4th of July or Labor Day plastic bag wreath.  

59. Visit a train station and take a ride on the train.

60. Draw with sidewalk chalk.

61. On a sizzling hot day, play in the sprinkler. 

62 Paint a picture.

63. Plan a scavenger hunt and let the kids have fun searching to the items.

64. Go fishing.

Doll Crafts65. Doll Fans!  Make clothes and accessories for dolls.

66. On a rainy day when you cannot get outside, make some popcorn and watch a movie.

67. Play a board game.

68. Diamond art is cool and fun.  Teenagers will love this craft.

69. Visit the neighborhood firehouse.

70. With popsicle sticks, create a stenciled desk set.

71. Keep kids entertained with a squirt gun obstacle course.

Stepping Stone 72. Create a stepping stone for the garden.

73. Build your own sprinkler.

74. Go to a local ceramic paint shop.

75. Make a popsicle stick harmonica.

76. Have a nerf gun fight.

77. Listen to a concert in the park.  Many cities and communities offer free summer concerts.

78. Play some music and have a sing-along and dance party.

Minecraft Creeper Keyring79. Teach them how to make something with plastic canvas

80.  Lowes and Home Depot have free building classes for kids.

81. Let kids look through an old photo album and tell them about the pictures.

82. Go through all your clothes, toys, books, etc and plan a yard sale.  Do something fun with the money.

83. Play croquet.

84. Volunteer! Volunteer at an animal shelter or a local food pantry.

85. Dye Queen Anne's Lace.  Pick some Queen Anne's Lace and put in a vase filled with water and some food coloring.  After about 8 hours see what happens. 

Decorate Canvas Tennis Shoes

86. Decorate a pair of canvas tennis shoes.

87. Take a trip to the craft store and allow kids to choose a craft kit or project.

88. Create your own comic book with free comic book templates by Picklebums.

Nuts and Bolts Picture Frame89.  Kids to make this fun nuts and bolts picture frame as a gift for Dad.

90. Gather up photos that are scattered around the house and create a scrapbook with the kids.

91. Make homemade ice cream in the bag.  

92. Paint the sidewalk with water. 

Patriotic Postage Stamp Plaque93. Create something fun with mod podge.

94. Participate in a nature program.  Many cities and communities offer free programs for children.

95. Have the kids make their own board game and play it.

96. Make a bean bag toss.

97. At lunch, have a make your own pizzas party with English muffins, sauce, and toppings.

98. Create a wind chime.

99. Decorate a blank tote bag with duct tape, paints, ribbon, fabric, etc.

No Sew Fleece Blanket100.  Make a no sew fleece blanket.

101. Let the kids plant and take care of a garden - flowers and/or vegetables.

102. Michaels offers inexpensive, fun kids craft classes.

103. Go to a garage sale shopping for games, puzzles, and toys at great prices.

104. Learn magic tricks and put on a show.

Sock Puppets105. Gather some old socks or mismatched socks, some basic craft supplies you have around the home, kids can create simple no-sew sock puppets

106. Plan a tea party for dolls and/or stuffed animals.

107. Play dress-up.

108. Play jump rope but learn a new technique with the jump rope, a new jump rope game or a new jump rope rhyme. 

109. Make and decorate a walking stick.

DIY Mini Denim Pocket Handbag110. Little girl's lover carrying handbags.  This denim pocket purse is an easy, fun sewing project for a beginner.

111. Go to a farmer's market or local farm and let the kids pick some fresh fruits and vegetables to prepare for lunch or supper.

112. Bake cupcakes with the kids and let them decorate them.

113. Thread macaroni on yarn to make a necklace.  Or do other macaroni crafts.

114. On a rainy or hot summer day, work on a jigsaw puzzle.

I hope this list of ideas has inspired you with ways to keep your kids entertained this summer.  

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