Spool Knitting

What is spool knitting?

For generations, people have been spool knitting. To spool knit, a spool with pegs around the top is used to produce a narrow knitted cord. Spool knitters usually have four or five pegs. Spool knitting and loom knitting are a similar knitting technique. However, in loom knitting, the loom has many, many pegs.

Who can spool knit?

This is fun and easy craft which is ideal for kids of all ages, from 4 to 99. Spool knitting is a way to teach kids how to knit without knitting needles. It will be easier for a child to understand knitting with needles after mastering spool knitting.
Personally, I enjoy spool knitting while watching television since I do not have to concentrate because of the repetitive knitting technique.

What are the other names for spool knitting?

Spool knitting is also known as corking, Knitting Nancy, French knitter, and Bizzy Lizzy.

What can you make with a spool knitter?

As a young girl, I enjoyed spool knitting but I did not know what to do with the long knitted cords. That has inspired me to create some fun and useful items using the spool knitter.

  • Flowers
  • Bookmark
  • Christmas Ornaments
  • Doll Crafts
  • Pins
  • Magnets
  • More and more

Here you will find instructions on how to spool knit along with spool knitting ideas.  With the following spool knitted patterns and tutorials, you will learn how to make the knitted cord into a variety of spool knitted projects.

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Spool Knitting

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Cool Spool Knitting Kit #ad

Knit bracelets, pins and other fabulous accessories with a spool knitter. by Alex Affiliate Link to Amazon

Corking (Kids Can Easy Crafts) #ad

Need project ideas for those long knitted snakes created by spool knitting. Here's the book for you - lots of creative projects. by Judy Ann Sadler - Paperback - Published 1998 Affiliate Link to Amazon

Jumbo Spool Knitter Set #ad

One end of the tool has five pegs with a 1 inch diameter the other end has eight pegs with a 2 inch diameter. Kit includes spool knitter, yarn needle and a soft grip loom pick. Affiliate Link to Amazon

Learn to Loom Knit for Your Dolls #ad

This fully illustrated book gives a child an introduction to loom knitting. Instructions on how to knit accessories for American Girl and American Girl mini dolls are included. The child can knit scarves, backpacks, hats and mittens for her doll. by Sherralyn St. Clair - Paperback - Published 2014 Affiliate Link to Amazon

Products - More Spool Knitting Products

Here you will find different types of spool knitters, spool knitting kits and other products.

Spool Knitter #ad

This french knitter doll is entertaining craft tool! The kit contains the "Pony" wood doll and 6 miniature balls of yarn, perfect for any project requiring multiple colors. There are instruction how to use the tool. Affiliate Link to Amazon

Spool Knitting Instructions

Learn how to spool knit with this instructional video.

30+ Free Spool Knitted Projects

After spool knitting, what do you do with the yards and yards of spool knitted cord? Here are free, fun spool knitting project ideas on how to use the woven cord.

American Girl Doll Spool Knit Jump Rope

How to make a jump rope for an 18" doll or American Girl Doll using a spool knitter. By

Bookmark - Spool Knitted Bookmark

This video will show you how to make a spool knitter flower bookmark.

Bow Using Spool Knitting Cord

Learn how to make a bow using spool knitting cord.. These bows can be used to make refrigerator magnets, necklaces, pins, hair barrettes or as embellishments on all types of craft projects.

Breast Cancer Awareness Spool Knitted Pin

This video by will show you how to make a breast cancer awareness pin with spool knitting cord. This project can also be used as a key chain or magnet.

Candy Cane Ornament

A tutorial on how to make an adorable candy cane ornaments using a spool knitter.

DIY Christmas Tree Garland

Give your Christmas tree a homespun, farmhouse look, by making spool knitted garland for the tree. This spool knitting project will spread holiday cheer to a home.
This project even kids can make. Craft

DIY French Knitter

A French Knitter is a fun little toy that allows you to easily knit a very long cord. Here is a cheap and easy way to make one. Instructables

DIY Knitting Spool

This spool knitter is super easy to make with toilet paper roll, popsicle sticks or dowels and tape. Natty Knitter

DIY Spool Knitter

With a few household items, you can make a spool knitter. Learn how here! Factory Direct Craft

French Knitted Knotted Coasters

You don’t even have to know how to knit to make these attractive French Knitted coasters. Learn how to make them with this free tutorial. My Poppet

French Knitter

How to make a tube of spool knitting cord with a french knitter also known as a spool knitter. Womans Weekly

French Knitter

How to use a french knitter. By Penolopy Bulnick at Instructables

French Knitter for Kids

Toilet Roll Knitting, also known as french knitting, is a fun and easy activity for kids, and great way to learn the basics of knitting. Learn how to make and how to use one. Happy Hooligans

French Knitter Tutorial

Learn how to french knit using a knitting dolly. WikiHow

Homemade Knitting Spools

Using an empty wooden spool and some long nails called brads to make your own spool knitter. The Frugal Crafter

How to Make a Spool Knitter

Here is an old-school way to get crafty and make your own spool knitter! Chica Circle

Knitting Spools

Rediscover a tool used to create a tubular or flat fabric by repeatedly interlocking loops of yarn. Piecework Magazine

Rug - Spool Knitted Dollhouse Rug

Learn how to spool knit a rug for a dollhouse.

Rug - Spool Knitted Rug

How to make a spool knitted rug that looks braided.

Shoe Laces (Spool Knitting)

A tutorial on how to personalize shoes and sneakers with spool knitted shoe laces.

Snowman Ornament (Spool Knitting)

How to spool knit a snowman ornament.

Spool Knitted Headband

A video on how to make a spool knitted headband.

Spool Knitting - For You and the Kids

This site shows you how to make a spool knitter with a toilet paper roll, popsicle sticks and simple craft supplies. Also has instructions for how to use the spool knitter. Craft Sanity

Spool Knitting Instructions

Written instructions with illustrations on how to spool knit. Sweaterscapes

Spool Knitting Tip

When spool knitting use a seam ripper instead of a pick, pointer or crochet hook to pull the bottom loop over the top yarn.

What is Spool Knitting?

A brief description of spool knitting. Wikipedia

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