How to make a Spool Knitted Rug

People have been spool knitting for generations.  It  is a fun, easy craft that anyone can do. I enjoy spool knitting while watching television.  

I am always trying to find interesting projects which can be made with spool knitted cord including bookmarks, Christmas ornaments, shoelaces, dollhouse rugs, bracelets,  etc.  So today's project is how to make a rug for your home with the cord.  A lot of spool knitted rugs are made by simply sewing the cord together.   I wanted something different; so, I discovered a way to make the rug look like a braided rug.Spool Knit Rug Tutorial - facebook

Are you interested in more spool knitting projects?  Our Spool Knitting Tutorial and Projects page has lots of information and projects.

Watch this video tutorial and read on for a photo tutorial with step-by-step instructions on how to make a spool knitted rug that looks braided.

Watch our video tutorial below or click the link if you prefer to watch How to make a Spool Knitted Rug in Youtube.

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WHAT'S NEEDED for a spool knitted rug:

Spool Knit Rug

INSTRUCTIONS for a spool knitted rug


Spool Knit Rug Yarn Used To make my rug, I used Lily Sugar 'n Cream Cotton Worsted yarn.  This yarn comes in a variety of colors.  Any brand of yarn can be used, but I recommend cotton. 


Start by making yards and yards of spool knitted cord.  If you are not sure how to spool knit, our spool knitting tutorial will explain and show how.


Spool Knit Rug Tutorial - Make Braid With the cord, make a loop as seen above. 


Spool Knit Rug Tutorial - Make Longer Braid Now, it is time to start making chains.  Insert your thumb and forefinger into the loop,  grab the working cord in the back and pull it through the loop.  Continue making chains, trying to make all chains the same size.


Spool Knit Rug - Thread for Sewing To sew the rug together, use a heavier thread such as a button or craft thread. 

Spool Knit Rug - Pickup One SideOn a flat surface, lay two rows of chain stitches together side-by-side.   For my rug, the two rows of chain stitches were 9" long. 

With a needle and thread, you will be using a ladder stitch to securely sew the chains together. This ladder stitch tutorial shows how to sew fabric together, but the same principle would be used to sew the chains together.

Spool Knit Rug - Pickup Other SidePlace the needle inside the cord on one side and make a small stitch.  
Spool Knit Rug - Pickup Other SideThen directly across on the opposite chain make a  small stitch by inserting the needle into the center of the cord.  Pull the thread tight so the two chains are close together and the stitch is hidden.  Continue sewing back and forth. 


Continue making more chains,  coiling the chains on a flat surface, and sewing them together, keeping the work loose especially as coiling around the ends.  You do not want the rug to curl.  You want it nice and flat. 

When the rug is the size wanted, cast off the yarn from the spool knitter, place the tail of the cord into the last chain's loop and pull tight to secure.  Tuck this tail under the rug and stitch it into place and the rug is done.Spool Knitted Rug Finished

This same technique can be used to make placemats, trivets, or table toppers. Let your imagination soar.

To see a video on the finished rug, click the image below.



If you have any questions about this project, contact us through the YouTube Video comments or our Contact Us page. We respond to questions in e-mails and YouTube comments regularly.

Spool knitting is an easy knitting technique that even children can do. If you want to teach a child to knit, teaching them how to spool knit is one way to get them started.

Spool knitting's repetitive process makes it an excellent craft while riding as a passenger in a car, waiting in a doctor's office, commuting on a train or bus, or watching TV.


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Spool Knitted Rug

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Spool Knitted Rug Tutorial - pin

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