How to Make Kites at Home

“Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it’ll bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country.” – Anais Nin

Having the chance to share with you these wonderful links to sites that will show you the best and easiest ways to make kites at home, brings back some wonderful memories of my childhood.

My Early Kite Memories

My young aunt married a wonderful and playful man who became my most magical uncle.  He was always full of great ideas; ideas that kids adored and that the adults couldn’t help but to join in the fun.

One of the traditions he started in my family when I was in middle school was the Annual Family Kite Flying Contest!  As winter would be coming to an end, I would begin my research on the most creative and wind-worthy kite to fashion.  

No internet for me back then!  The library was my best hope.  Over the years I learned how to make a diamond kite, first with paper, then moved on to experiment with other materials.  

I made a painted paper hexagon kite, a delta kite and several others, but as I grew older, was in high school and working, I became too busy for the kite contest. 

My Fantastic Final Kite 

The final kite that I made was a gorgeous sky-blue diamond kite made from rip-stop nylon, the same material sails are made of. 

My design was a white and pink carousel horse, completed with permanent markers, that I sewed onto the blue diamond.  It was the most beautiful and stunning kite I had ever made.  

My uncle teased me all day as we flew the kites; “Looks like that monstrosity needs a tail”, and “Yes, it’s flying, but I think our rule is that it has to fly 30 feet above the ground”, and “I’m sure we have a rule about how long it has to stay in the air!”.  

I won the kite contest that year, and that was the last time that I participated.  The winning kite hung in my basement for 35 years until I had to move and downsizing was the reality.  

I’d love to have a picture of my kite to show you; she was amazing!

Your Turn to make your own kites! 

You have to check out our links below; there is nothing in the world quite like making and flying your own kite!  We start our list with books containing instructions on making various styles of kites, including the delta, hexagon, diamond, box kite and more.

Get set for links to sites with the history of kites, knots and rigging to use, and tutorials for making all sorts and styles of kites.  

If you find that you like to fly things, be sure to take a look at our flying paper airplane page!

You will also find kite crafts for the kiddos below, including a kite greeting card, kite coloring book, directions for a windsock kite, and a tutorial for a beautiful kite mobile. 

The link that we have to The American Kite Fliers Association will give you a look into the biggest nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing kiting with the world!

This list seems endless, so don’t wait for a second longer!  Take it from me, making kite crafts and flying kites is fun, educational, and entertaining for everyone, no matter what the age!

How to Make Kites at Home

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 Kites for Everyone

Kites for Everyone #ad

How to make and fly kites. by 0486452956 - Paperback - Published 2006 Affiliate Link to Amazon

27 Kite Tutorials

Fully illustrated, step-by-step instructions for 27 different kites. My Best Kite

American Kitefliers Association

Share the Joy of Kites! Flying kites is an uplifting event! Kites can be a hobby, sport, art, science project, or social event – sometimes all at the same time. The AKA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to sharing kiting with the world. American Kitefliers Association

Barrilete Kite

A Barrilete kite is a giant kite flown for the Day of the Dead in some countries. Learn how to make this huge kite. Palamax

Beautiful Homemade Kites

Beautiful Homemade Kites

With this tutorial, you will learn how to make a unique design for a kite like a flower, butterfly, etc. Red Ted Art

Bird Kite

Bird Kite

If you are looking for a fun kite to make with the kids then this is the kite for you! This tutorial will show you how to make a super easy bird kite. DIY Thought

Box Kite

This set of instructions on how to make a Box kite assumes you know absolutely nothing about kite making. So if you are a novice kite maker, try this tutorial. My Best Kite

Delta Kite

Learn how to build a Delta kite with these easy-to-follow instructions. Fully illustrated with photographs, every step of the way. My Best Kite

Delta Kite

An article on how to make a delta kite. Make Your Kite

Diamond Kite

How to make a diamond kite from plastic bags. Squawkfox

Diamond Kite

Follow the instructions on this site and make your own kite.

Easy Kite Craft for Kids

This Kite-themed activity is an easy painted kite craft! Hang them in the house or their bedroom for spring decor. Little Family Fun

Heart Kite Tutorial

Heart Kite Tutorial

Make this heart kite for someone special. It's not only fun to make and fly but makes a gorgeous photo prop or wall hanging as well. My Poppet Makes

History of Kites

Learn about the history of kites and famous historical figures associated with kites. American Kitefliers Association

How to Fly Single Line Kite

Kite flying is a simple and fun outdoor activity for both adults and youngsters. Learn how to fly a simple single-line kite. Surfer Today

Kite Craft with Drinking Straws

The project basically involves drinking straws, tissue paper and glue. Kids will have fun making them. Creative Jewish Mom

Kite Flying Knots

A few useful knots suitable for flying kites. Delta Kites

Kite Flying Safety Rules

Kite Flying Safety Rules

Kite flying safety rules are just as important as the type of kite you choose. Here are some basic rules to make your kite experience safe. In Our Spare Time

Kite Plans

Two dozen kite plans for you to enjoy making. American Kitefliers Association

Kite Popsicle Stick Craft

Kite Popsicle Stick Craft

This kite craft tutorial made with popsicle sticks to make with your child or students and display at home or in the classroom! Mom Wife Busy Life

Kite Valentines Card

Kite Valentines Card

Here is our kite Valentine's Card for you - pop along and see how to make it. Kiddy Charts

Kiting Knots

There are knot tying instructions here for any stage during the construction. My Best Kite

Knots and Hitches In Kite Flying

Knots and hitches have proven useful for various purposes in kite flying. Some are better than others in terms of their holding ability, ease of tying and untying, and overall strength. Learn about these knots and hitches. James S. Aber Page

Mini Paper Kites

Kids can make adorable mini paper kites as a summer boredom buster. They can make them as simple or as fancy as they'd like One Creative Mommy

Paper Bag Kite

The perfect craft for a windy day. Even toddlers can make this kite. I Can Teach My Child

Paper Kite

Paper Kite

Super easy step-by-step instructions for how to make a paper kite – and bonus instructions for a rainy day kite you can fly in the rain! Daisies and Pie

Paper Kite Craft

Paper Kite Craft

Learn how to make a simple paper kite with this free tutorial. Desert Chica

Paper Kite Mobile

Paper Kite Mobile

This is a super-easy craft that young kids can do on their own, while preschoolers can do with a little assistance. And don’t worry about visiting a craft store; you need very basic supplies for this craft. Artsy Craftsy Mom

Paper Plate Kite

Paper Plate Kite

Make a hand held kite from a paper plate that can be enjoyed outdoors, or even indoors on a rainy day! Crafts by Amanda

Paper Plate Kite Tutorial

Paper Plate Kite Tutorial

Learn how to make a kite with a paper plate. The Country Chic Cottage

Parafoil Kite

Learn how to make a Parafoil kite with these easy-to-follow instructions. Fully illustrated with close-up photos, every step of the way... My Best Kite

Parasail Kite

Learn how to make a parasail kite with these easy-to-follow instructions. Fully illustrated with close-up photos, every step of the way. My Best Kite

Pasta Noodle Kite Craft

Make this noodle kite craft with your kids for Spring or Summer time! Bow tie noodles make the perfect kite string. Crafty Morning

Plastic Bag Kite

It's easy to create your own kite from a couple of household materials. Learn how to make a kite from plastic grocery bags. wikiHow

Plastic Bag Kite

Playing with kites is a classic activity- but we don’t always have them handy when the winds decide to start blowing. Try this awesome, inexpensive idea. A plastic bag. Play Teach Repeat

Popup Kite Card

Popup Kite Card

Make a DIY popup kite card with this free tutorial. Artsy Craftsy Mom

Rokkakus Kite

A Rokkakus kite is a six-sided site. Learn how to build a Rokkakus kite with these instructions. My Best Kite

Simple Personalized Kite

With just a few common household items you probably already have on hand, you can make a simple kite in about 2 minutes from start to finish. The kids will love them. Inner Child Fun

Sled Kite Instructions

Building a sled kite is simple. This site has instructions. Kuba's Kite Page

Sled Kite Tutorial

You need about 1 hour to make your own Sled Kite. Learn how at the Make Your Kite website. Make Your Kite

Stained Glass Kite Decoration

This craft required only 3 materials: construction paper, tissue paper squares, and clear contact paper. Have fun making it with these instructions. Kinder Craze

Stunt Kite Flying

Stunt kites are a great way to have fun with the wind. Here is some information and tips on stunt kite flying. Flite Test

Tiny Diamond Kite

Instructions for making small diamond kites. Very inexpensive to make. Kite Plan Base

Tiny Tot Diamond Kite

A Kite For Small Kids! This article has step-by-step instructions to make a very simple kite for kids. It involves no gluing. Just cutting with scissors, sticking with tape and one knot. My Best Kite

Vietnamese Kite

How to make a Vietnamese Kite. Make Your Kite

What are the Easiest Kites to Fly?

In this article, they will take a look at the pros and cons of these 4 types of kites - the easiest types for beginners. All Things Kites

Why Kites Need Tails

While kite tails are a quick and often easy way to add color and flair to your kite, more importantly, kite tails also help to keep the kite stable and pointed in the right direction. Learn more in this article. All Things Kites

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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