Best Duct Tape Crafts and Ideas

Tool Box Duct Tape?

Do you remember the days when the only duct tape you knew of was the super strong wide silver tape in dad’s or mom's toolbox?  I sure do!

As I grew older, it could be found in solid colors; now just look at the variety! 

It’s no longer just in the toolbox; it's in the craft box too!

We have found so many things to make with duct tape that you will enjoy!  As you scroll down, you will find great duct tape crafts for kids, decorative duct tape ideas, and other duct tape ideas to include duct tape flowers!  You are going to be amazed and excited!

History of Duct Tape

I never could understand whether my dad was saying “duck tape” or “duct tape”.  Sounds like duke tape, right.  Well, both are correct!

The term “duck tape, has been in use since 1899, according to the Oxford English Dictionary.  The basic foundation for this tape was long strips of plain non-adhesive cotton duck cloth.  It was used for making shoes stronger and for wrapping steel cables or electrical conductors to protect them from corrosion.

During World War II, a division of Johnson and Johnson company developed an adhesive tape made from applying a rubber based adhesive to the durable duck cloth. This tape was water resistant used to seal ammunition cases.

Soon, other types of cloth were given adhesive coatings. One such tape was a heat resistant foil tape used to seal heating and cooling ducts; hence the name duct tape.

Although the original, well-known duct tape has a silver coating with an intensely adhesive backing, now you can find all sorts of decorative duct tape.  And the ever-creative crafter has found many uses for the colorful, decorative sort.

Duct Tape Craft Ideas

On this page, we have over 60 crafts that use duct tape.  Our ideas fall into the various categories below:

Decorative Fixes:  easy bike seat repair with colorful and fun duct tape.  The kids will love to use all sorts of designs to decorate their bike seats, even if they don’t need to be fixed!

Toys:  a duct tape boat which can float on water, the river raft for your children’s toys, a cornhole game, complete with duct tape bean bags and more!

Office Supplies: unique duct tape bookmarks, sturdy duct tape protective book covers, no-mess glitter composition books, storage boxes plus much more.

Bows, Bows, Bows!  There are tutorials for hair bows, dog collar bows, bow ties, bows to string together for garland, and gift box bows. You will be surprised at how fancy some of these bows are!

Jewelry: make rings, different types of bracelets, beads to string for necklaces or bracelets, and more jewelry ideas.

Home Decor: duct tape covered pumpkins, a fun light switch plate cover, a Father’s Day picture frame, beautiful flower bouquets for your home from the many different links to a variety of duct tape flowers.  Make roses, calla lilies, hyacinths, and more! The mason jar vase decorated with duct tape would be perfect for your bouquet!

Totes, Bags, Purses:  handbags made from coffee bags, waterproof beach totes, lovely purses with handles, easy-to- make coin purses, fun bags made from recycled snack packages and so many more!!  

Holidays: Halloween candy bag, duct tape covered faux pumpkins, a sweet gingerbread house for the holidays, and gift bags for all occasions. 

Electronics: Iphone case, tablet carrier, and more!

School:  shoebox locker organizer, locker pocket, pencil cases, privacy partitions plus many others. 

This is just a sampling of the fun ideas we have, so scroll down and explore all of the great duct tape crafts.  Our duct tape crafts don't include sewing, and if you want more no-sew crafts, we have those too!

Go ahead and check out the duct tape crafts below! I’m sure you’ll be both surprised and impressed!

Best Duct Tape Crafts and Ideas

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Bike Seat Repair

An easy DIY craft tutorial on how to repair an old worn bike seat with duct tape. The Crafty Blog Stalker



Like a regular paper boat, these boats are made out of duct tape. Which means they can float on the water! Have a duct tape boat race! Julie Measures

Bookmark Tutorial #ad

Beginner duct tapers can make some easy bookmarks for themselves or to give as gifts. Affiliate Link to Christen Hearts Pinterest


This Duct Tape Bow Tutorial is quick, easy, and a load of fun. You can attach bows to string to make garland, attach a hairclip for hair bow, attach the bow to a package. What can you think of to do with duct tape bows? The Ribbon Retreat

Bow Tie

How to make a duct tape bow tie as a fashion statement. Duck Brand

Bow Tie Collar for Your Pet

Your pet will look dapper in his new duct tape bow tie. Kids Pet Club

Bracelet Craft

These duct tape bacelets are fun and easy to make, and your kids will get so into that they’ll have arms full of them when you’re done! Project Kids



A duct tape project for Tween and Teens. Here’s a fun Duct Tape Bracelet DIY project for those times when you’re feeling the need to get crafty. Scratch and Stitch

Button Flower

A tutorial on a lightweight duct tape flower made to have a pin or clip attached to the back so you can wear it on a lapel or in your hair. Love to Know

Calla Lilies

Duck Tape Calla Lilies are the perfect project for any beginner wondering what to make with duct tape. All Free Kids Crafts

Coffee Bag Purse

Upcycle coffee bags into a purse with this tutorial. All you need is coffee bags, duct tape and a scissor. After learning this technique you can use other bags to make purses and tote bags. Dollar Store Crafts

Cornhole Backyard Game with Bean Bags

Cornhole Backyard Game with Bean Bags #ad

All you need for the game is foam board, duct tape, a craft knife and hot glue. The bean bags are made with fabric, duct tape and plastic pellets. cardboard boxes, a box cutter and tape. Easy Peasy! Affiliate Link to Michaels


Put some cheer and fun into the home with duct tape dandelions. This post shows you how. 30 Minute Crafts

DIY Checkers Game

DIY Checkers Game

This travel DIY checkers game is so easy to make with Duck Tape and buttons. Mod Podge Rocks Blog

DIY Duct Tape iPad Cover

DIY Duct Tape iPad Cover

These instructions can also be used for other electronic devices. Craft Bits

DIY Journal With Duct Tape

DIY Journal With Duct Tape

Journal can be used for all types of organizing, keeping track of school stuff or used for journaling and drawing. Personalize journals with this DIY tutorial.

DIY Trick or Treat Bag for Halloween

DIY Trick or Treat Bag for Halloween

Learn how to make this EASY DIY trick or treat bag – two ways – with Duck Tape! Make a pumpkin and/or ghost. Mod Podge Rocks Blog

Drawer Organizer

Have a messy drawer? Here is a solution. A super cheap way to make drawer organizers is to upcycle boxes and cover them with duct tape. Super Cute Too! Living Rich with Coupons

Duct Tape Belt

This simple duct tape belt is both a functional piece of clothing and a great way to display your love of duct tape! Sophie's World

Duct Tape Belt

This duct tape belt is a fun craft for teens or anyone who wants to make a fun, distinctive accessory out of materials you can find around the house. Craft Foxes

Duct Tape Book Cover

Create a duct tape cover for your own textbooks. WikiHow

Duct Tape Book Cover

Duct Tape Book Cover

How to make a duct tape book cover.

Duct Tape Bookmark

You can make a variety of bookmarks out of duct tape. It’s a cheap and fun material to work with, and you can have a unique bookmark that you made by hand. WikiHow

Duct Tape Bookmarks

Duct tape bookmarks are a fun and simple craft for kids. Inspire their creativity with this duct tape tutorial. The Simple Crafted Life

Duct Tape Chip Bag Tote

Don't throw away these chip bags! Upcycle them into reusable tote bags which can be used for shopping and storage of things. 101 Duct Tape Crafts

Duct Tape Coin Purse

Duct Tape Coin Purse

Learn how to make a super simple duct tape coin purse (pouch) in about an hour.

Duct Tape Flower

How to make duct tape flowers. Skip To My Lou

Duct Tape Flower DIY

Give your flower a new look and design with this tutorial. Duck Brand

Duct Tape Flower Ring

How to make a duct tape flower ring. Sometimes Homemade

Duct Tape Flower Tutorial

Step-by-step instructions for making a beautiful duct tape flower. How Joyful

Duct Tape Flowers

A tutorial on making duct tape flowers. Four Generations One Roof

Duct Tape Journal

Use this fun material to personalize a journal. Free Kids Crafts

Duct Tape Rose

Learn a new way to make a Duck Tape® classic. Duck Brand

Duct Tape Zipper Pouch

No Sewing Necessary! This tutorial is for a 6 by 9-inch pouch, but you can easily make any size using a different sized zipper. Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom

Father's Day Mr. Mustache Frame

Father's Day Mr. Mustache Frame #ad

This adorable little guy is the perfect kid friendly craft for Father's Day. Affiliate Link to Michaels

Feather Earrings

Duct tape jewelry? Why not! Make some one-of-a-kind earrings using duct tape. Duck Brand

Flower Hair Clip

Create hair accessories that stick to your personal fashion statement. Free instructions here. Duck Brand

Gift Wrap Bows

Wrap a present in craft paper and add a decorative duct tape bow to the package by reading this tutorial. U-Create

Glitter Composition Book

Glitter Composition Book

Does your child like glitter? They can make a no-mess glitter composition notebook. The secret? Glitter duct tape. Learn how with this free tutorial. How Was Your Day

Hair Bow

A step-by-step tutorial for you on how to make these darling duct tape hair bows. Your Home Based Mom

Halloween Treat Bag

Halloween Treat Bag

Make a Halloween treat bag with duct tape. Confessions of an Over Worked Mom


Duct tape is not limited to home decor and kid's stuff. This tutorial provides you a complete guide and instructions about how you can get a perfect swinging hammock out of duct tape. 101 Duct Tape Crafts

Homework Caddy

With empty cardboard containers, duct tape, scissors and this tutorial, kids can create a fabulous back-to-school homework caddy. Dreaming in DIY


Bring your love for spring indoors! Choose your favorite color or print and make your very own Duck Tape® hyacinth bouquet. Duck Brand

iPhone Case

A no-sew duct tape iPhone case tutorial. This can be modified to fit any phone or use for something else entirely. Scoochmaroo via Instructables

Key Chain

Easy step-by-step instructions on how to make a duct tape key chain. The Crafty Blog Stalker

Kids Identifier Tags #ad

Make cute tags with duct tape and attach them to backpacks and lunch bags to identify the owner. Affiliate Link to TCEA


Lanyards are handy items. You can make cute lanyards with duct tape with this free tutorial. Crafty Soccer Mom

Light Switch Plate Cover

Cover your light switch and outlet covers with duck tape for a fun new look! An easy free tutorial. The Crafty Blog Stalker

Locker Organizer

Duct tape, corks, shoe box lid and a few other supplies is all you need to make this locker organizer. Sophie's World

Locker Pocket

Locker Pocket

This DIY locker pocket is so easy to make and is cute decoration kids can make themself. Family Focus Blog

Mason Jar Vase

This Duck Tape Spring Mason Jar Vase is easy enough to make. If you don't have a mason jar, simply upcycle any jar you have on hand. This Mom's Confessions


Transform around-the-house items and duct tape and show off your personal style by making this necklace. Duck Brand

Owl Tote

This patchwork tote is all you need for spring and summer! Just follow instructions and create your own unique accessory. Duck Brand

Pencil Case with Duct Tape

Pencil Case with Duct Tape

Upcycle an empty cardboard snack box into pencil cases with this tutorial. Sustain My Craft Habit

Pencil Holder & Art Organizer

Read this post to see the perfect way for organizing art supplies by making a duck tape pencil holder. The Penny Wise Mama

Playing Card Purse

Playing Card Purse

Create a purse with your favorite card game. Learn how to make a duct tape playing card purse using these instructions. Craft Bits


Learn how to make a duct tape purse with this free tutorial. All Things Thrifty

Realistic Duct Tape Roses

Realistic Duct Tape Roses

Duct Tape Roses make a lovely homemade gift idea for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, or teacher appreciation day! Crafts by Amanda



This is an amazing duct tape idea! Learn to make a rose using duct tape and a straw. Craft Bits

Rose Pens

Give ordinary office supplies a new look with duct tape. Duck Brand

Rose Tutorial

A duct tape rose tutorial. Here is a pretty simple step-by-step guide to make this adorable duct tape rose. Sparklinbecks

Scalloped Bracelet

Make a funky duct tape bracelet with these free instructions. Duck Brand

School Room Privacy Partitions

School Room Privacy Partitions #ad

A DIY room divider is a good solution when space is limited. Kids can make one themself with these instructions. Affiliate Link to Michaels

Spring Flowers

Spring has sprung! Bring spring into the house with some duct tape spring flowers. Duck Brand

Stadium Seat Craft

Create a comfortable, fun Duct Tape Stadium Seat. Free Kids Crafts

Storage Boxes

A practical storage idea! To make duct tape storage boxes use boxes that were shipped to you or you could purchase identical boxes from a store. House of Hepworths


Duct tape can be used in fashion. Learn how to make a duct tape tie. A fun gift idea for dad for Father's Day. WikiHow

Tote Bag DIY

A DIY tutorial on creating an adorable tote bag using fabric, staples, duct tape and webbing! Purple Hues and Me

Tote Bag Tutorial

Duct tape crafts for perfect for kids and adults alike. Don’t miss these directions for how to make a duct tape tote bag. Simplifying Family

Tote Bags

A duct tape tote bag tutorial. The best part about these tote bags is if they get dirty you can just wipe them off. They are waterproof. Little Birdie Secrets

Treasure Box Craft

Whether you are away at camp or on a family vacation, you always collect momentos and put all your treasures in this duct tape keepsake box. Free Kids Crafts



Make a wallet out of Duct-Tape! It's easy. Craft Bits

Water Bottle Holder

Make carrying a water bottle more portable while walking, jogging or hiking with this duct tape sling water bottle holder. Here is the tutorial. Sarah Jane's Craft Blog

Water Raft

A water raft is a fun duct tape craft that your kids will love to make. After making, the kids can float the raft in a stream. Handmade Charlotte

Waterproof Beach or Pool Bag

A free tutorial on making a duct tape tote bag that is waterproof. If it gets dirty, all you have to do is wipe it off. DIY Beautify

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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