Crib Sized Flat Sheet for Crib from Twin Sheet


These instructions will take a standard twin flat sheet and size it to a crib sized sheet with 2 fitted pockets on the foot end.  So, it fits around the bottom of the bed so your child cannot pull the sheet out.

Recommended Fabrics:

Any cotton or flannel twin sized sheet will work.


  • Elastic - 1/2" works well but almost any size should work.
  • Thread to match sheet fabric.


  1. To begin, cut a wedge of fabric from the twin sheet.  The widest part will be the top of the sheet (by the pillow).  It will taper down to the fitted end at the foot of the bed.  I started with the top of the sheet at a width of 56" across.  The bottom of the sheet was 46" across.  So, you will need to cut the 2 sides at an angle to taper it from the 56" to 46".  This gives the child more fabric at the top of the bed which can be tucked in around the bed but gives the feeling of a real sheet.
  2. To make the fitted pocket, cut out a square at the bottom corners (along the 45" width) that is 8 and 3/4". 
  3. Match up the 2 sides of each cut out square - WRONG sides together and stitch a 5/8" seam.  This makes the fitted corners.
  4. To finish the fitted corners nicely.  Press the stitched seam to 1/4" and iron this to one side of the seam.  Then stitch along the folded edge to create a finished seam.  Now the seam has no raw edges.
  5. To finish the sheet edge, turn under the edge 1/4" then another 1/2" to make a casing.  Stitch along the folded edge to create a finished look.
  6. Add elastic to the pocket corners.  Cut 2 lengths of elastic 15" long.  Fold in 1/2 and pin to the corner.  Stretch from the corner seam to 12" in each direction and sew on using a zig-zag or 3-step zig-zag.


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