Learning to Sew for Kids, Tweens, and Teens

Kids Love to Sew

If you love to sew, it’s time to teach your children to sew. If you don’t sew as of yet, this page and its links will help you get started on learning to sew WITH your kids!

No one can argue against the fact that kids love to create with their hands; even we as adults get great satisfaction from our own creations. 

Sewing is a fun hobby for family members to do together, and it encourages them to spend more quality time through DIY activities. Time to turn off those electronic gadgets and get lost in the calming, creative and methodical art of sewing!

Sewing is a task that evolved out of necessity and has been with us for centuries. Although it started as a means to meet basic needs (and is still sometimes the case even today) and was considered women’s work, it is now also enjoyed as an art of hand sewing or machine sewing for people of all genders and ages. 

Hand sewing is a fun way to develop fine motor skills in young children. Kiddos will also learn the skill of coordinating colors, which can be taught using a color wheel or simply learned through practice and trial and error of combining various colors of fabric and threads.

When you click on the links below, you will find so many valuable resources. You can begin with the very basics of sewing safety and then move on to beginning basic hand-sewing stitches. 

You’ll even find resources for what to put in a beginners sewing kit!

I still remember rummaging through my grandmother’s large sewing box, finding all kinds of tools, patterns, threads, and that cool tomato pin holder with the attached strawberry pin sharpener!! 

Oh, the joy when I received my first sewing kit one Christmas!

Start slowly and then move up to necessary sewing skills. Can you sew on a button? Mend a hole or rip? Do basic hemming?  Both you and your kids need to know these life skills!  What better way than to learn how to do them together?

Time to Get Crafty with Kids

Once those basics are learned, it’s time to fall head first into some real crafty and creative sewing projects! 

The links below will offer a wide range of projects, including simple beginner holiday ornaments and decorations, along with easy placemats, napkins, pot holders, and table runners.  

My kids didn’t know what a mug rug was, but now our house is full of these handy mini mats for a mug or cup and a snack. Dolls suddenly have new original clothes and accessories. Get kids excited about sewing up some drawstring bags, pillows to decorate their rooms, and pillow cases made of their favorite themed fabrics.

Some of the articles teach beginner machine sewing techniques. You and your kids can create clothing and accessories, blankets to cuddle up with, and my favorite: quilts. 

There is no end to the imagination and creativity used to make one-of-a-kind finished products that showcase your children’s own unique style and flair. Just think of the precious gifts your kids can make and give to someone special that will be cherished forever!

Don’t waste any more time getting started on a lifelong sewing adventure. Check out the links below to open a whole new world of possibilities and spark a new passion for you and your children!

Learning to Sew for Kids, Tweens, and Teens

Supporting Products and links: Some of the links below may be affiliate links. We make a small commission on sales through the affiliate links, at no extra cost to you. Thank you in advance for your purchase and your support! Please see our full Affiliate Statement for more information.

Let's Sew Together

Simple projects the whole family can make. by Rubyellen Bratcher - Paperback - Published 2014

My First Sewing Book : Hand Sewing/Book and Sewing Kit

For ages 5 to 11 - Kit for two birds, book, felt cut-outs and thread, plus 43 additional patterns. by Winky Cherry - Paperback - Published 1995 Affiliate Link to Amazon

Sewing for Children

35 step-by-step project to help kids ages 3 and up learn to sew. by Emma Hardy - Published 2010 Affiliate Link to Amazon

Sewing School

21 sewing projects kides will love to make. by Amie Plumley, Andria Lisle - Published 2010 Affiliate Link to Amazon

The Best of Sewing Machine Fun! for Kids

This book has thirteen kid-friendly projects easily teach children how to sew. Ages 9 - 12 by Nancy Smith, Lynda Milligan - Published 2004 Affiliate Link to Amazon

100+ No-Sew Fabric Crafts for Kids

Hours of Fun, Oodles of Projects, Gifts, Toys, playful Decorations & More! by Mary Link - Paperback - Published 2009 Affiliate Link to Amazon

Bookmark - Fabric Bookmark (Beginner Sewing Project)

A fabric bookmark is a wonderful beginner sewing project for kids or adults. Learn how to make an adorable fabric bookmark by watching our video and reading our free pattern instructions. This is a kids can sew project.
Make them for any holiday, keep or give as a gift or use as a stocking stuffer.

DIY Catnip Cat Pillow Kicker

Cats love catnip so make your furry friend a few catnip pillow kicker toy. Each pillow is the purrfect toy to keep your cat entertained for hours.

Doll Bed Pillow

Learn how to sew a pillow for a doll pillow with this video.

Drawstring Bag (Beginner Sewing Project)

Learn how to sew a super simple drawstring bag. Kids will love to choose fabrics and then create small drawstring pouches to put all their little treasures in. This DIY drawstring bag sews up in less than an hour and is a beginner sewing project for kids or adults.

Free Project - More Free Sewing Projects

Learn to sew with these fun, free sewing projects.

How to make a Chapstick holder

This is a handy holder for chapstick that is a quick and easy sewing project.

How to make a Cord Wrap

Get your cords in order with this fabric cord wrap.

How to Make a Denim Pocket Purse

Do you have old jeans or shorts that you are going to throw out? STOP! Repurpose the jeans into a cute, small pocket handbag.

How to make a Fringed Fleece Scarf

This tutorial will show how to make a fringed fleece scarf. A beginner sewing project.

How to make a Zippered Pencil Case

Learn to make a pencil case for school. Don't be afraid of the zipper. It's easy!

How to sew a DIY Fabric Tray Tutorial

This fabric tray is a great beginner sewing project. All straight seams and cute buttons in the corners.

How to Sew a Fleece Infinity Scarf

This fleece infinity scarf is a fun beginner project.

How to Sew a Hair Scrunchie

Learn to sew a hair scrunchie with this tutorial.

Key Lanyard

Learn how to sew a fabric lanyard with this quick and easy video. Needlepointers Staff

Lacing Cards

How to make lacing cards from greeting cards.
Lacing cards are an excellent activity which will strengthen a toddler’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. And keep them busy.

Learn to make a Sock Cell Phone Case

This tutorial will show how to make a simple cover for a cell phone from a sock.

Pencil Case

This tutorial shows how to sew an easy (no zipper required) pencil case. This project is a great back-to-school projects which youngsters and beginner sewers can sew using scrap fabric.

Pillowcase - Rolled Up Method (Beginner Sewing Project)

Grab some fun printed fabric and make a simple pillowcase with this tutorial. This pillowcase is so simple anyone can sew it, even kids. And the best part is the seams will not fray because you will learn how to make French seams.

Quilting with Children

This page is designed to describe the projects I have organized and give you ideas, techniques, and resources for working with children in making quilts. Heddi Craft

Sewing Lesson - Free Sewing Book

On-line free sewing book - Sewing lessons for beginners and children. Craft and Fabric Links

Sewing Projects - Teen projects

Fun projects for teens.

Snack Wrapper Zipper Pouch Tutorial

This is an easy sewing project where kids can make a bag from a snack wrapper.

Snuggly Owl Pillow

Kids will love creating this snuggly owl pillow for their room and to hug. We All Sew

Star Pillow

Teach kids how to applique using a pre-made pillow. We All Sew

T-Shirt Tote

How to make a t-shirt tote bag by recycling an old tee shirt. This simple and quick tote bag can be made in less than a half hour and is so easy to make even someone learning to use can made it.

Tote Bag

This great "first" project for a beginner sewer. Craft and Fabric Links

Wallets - Kool Aid Jammer Wallet

Instructions for Koolaid Jammer wallet. Thrifty Fun

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