How to Sew a Simple Doll Bed Pillow

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Every doll needs a bed pillow.

You can teach kids to sew with this fun and easy sewing project. No pattern or special tools are needed. Just fabric, scissor, thread, needle and a sewing machine.

Learn how to sew a simple doll bed pillow by watching the video tutorial or reading on for our photo tutorial.

Watch our video tutorial below or click the link if you prefer to watch How to Sew a Simple Doll Bed Pillow in Youtube.

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  • Scrap Fabric
  • Polyfil Stuffing
  • Scissors
  • Needle & Thread
  • Sewing Machine

Doll Bed Pillow



Doll Bed Pillow Tutorial MeasuringWe made our pillow 3 1/2" high by 7" wide.  This pillow can be customized to the size of any doll bed easily by measuring the bed width.  Taking the width measurement and decide how wide to make the pillow.

A good size for a pillow would be 1" - 2" less than the width of the bed. So if the bed measures 8" wide, a 6" or 7" wide finished pillow would be a good size.  For a 7" finished width pillow, cut your fabric 8" wide.  We are adding in 1" seam allowance for sewing the pillow.

The height of the pillow is calculated by taking how long the pillow will be.  In our case it's 3 1/2" long.  We need to double the 3 1/2" and then add a 1" seam allowance.  So, take 3 1/2" + 3 1/2" + 1" = 8" long. Our final fabric measurements are 8" wide by 8" long and we cut our pillow fabric this size.


  • Width = Width of your finished pillow + 1"
  • Height = Height of your finished pillow * 2" + 1"


Doll Bed Pillow Tutorial FoldingPlace your fabric on the table so the width of the fabric is across in front of you.  Fold the fabric with right sides together from the bottom to the top.  The fabric should now be folded and the width would be the same as the width when the fabric was cut.


Doll Bed Pillow Tutorial SewingAt the sewing machine, sew around the three open sides of the pillow using a 1/2" seam allowance.  Leave a 3" opening on the long side of the pillow.  Don't forget to backtack when starting and finishing a seam.

To sew, decide where to leave your 3" opening along the long side.  Start sewing at one of the ends of this opening sewing towards the corner with a 1/2" seam allowance.  At the corner, stop with the needle in the down position.  Lift your presser foot, turn the fabric 90 degrees so it is now facing to sew the side seam.  Put the presser foot down and then continue sewing the side seam.

Do the same starting from the other end of your 3" opening and going to to opposite corner. 

If you do not have a sewing machine, this pillow can be sewn by hand also.  Use the backstitch, to sew around the pillow and still be sure to leave the 3" opening.


Doll Bed Pillow Tutorial Clip CornersNext, clip all four corners.  To clip a corner, cut off the extra fabric on the corner from where turned when sewing.  Be sure to not clip the sewing stitches. 


Turn the fabric to the right side out through the 3" opening you left in Step 3.  Use a pencil or other pointed stick to push out the corners of the pillow.  Since the corners were clipped, they should push out nicely to a point.


Doll Bed Pillow Tutorial StuffingTake your polyfil in small amounts at a time and push it into the inside of the pillow.  You can add more/less polyfil depending on how stiff the pillow should be.  Less polyfil will make a softer pillow.  Be sure to push the polyfil into the corners of the pillow.

STEP 6: Ladder Stitch

Doll Bed Pillow Tutorial Ladder StitchOnce the pillow is stuffed, thread a needle with matching thread and make a knot in the end.  Use the needle and thread and sew the opening closed with a ladder stitch.  Before starting to sew, turn the raw edges of the opening into the inside of the pillow.  Hide the knot on the inside of the pillow.  At the end, tie off in a knot and cut off the thread.

Doll Bed Pillow Tutorial - Doll with PillowAnd the pillow is finished.  Have fun playing with your doll and her new pillow.  

Doll Bed Pillow Tutorial - Katherine making her bedKatherine is making her bunk bed with the new pillow.  It will be a perfect addition to her bed and she will love sleeping on it.



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