How to Make a Simple Dollhouse Rug with Pompoms

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Every dollhouse needs colorful rugs.  Every stuffed animal needs a rug to sit on.  

Homes feel cozy and warm with rugs place around.  To make the dollhouse feel homey, add rugs to the little home. With rugs, the dollhouse inhabitants will have something soft and warm to sit or step on.

A pompom rug is easy, quick and inexpensive to make.  The rug can be made in any size or shape for an American Girl doll, Barbie doll, miniature doll or even for a stuffed animal.

With pompoms, glue, cardboard, pencil, and scissors this pompom rug can be whipped up in no time.  It is so easy even little hands can help make the rug.  After making one,  I am sure your child will want to make more.

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Learn how to make a pompom rug by watching this video or keep reading this post for a photo tutorial with step-by-step instructions.

Watch our video tutorial below or click the link if you prefer to watch How to Make a Simple Dollhouse Rug with Pompoms in Youtube.

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Barbie Pom-Pom Rug Tutorial - Barbie with Rug SittingWould you like to know how to make the chair you see Barbie sitting on in the above picture?  With a few household items, you can make this chair.  Just watch our Barbie chair video.

DIY pompom doll rug tutorial


  • Pompoms
  • Glue
  • Cardboard - Cereal box or other cardboard
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Template (optional)

Barbie Pom-Pom Rug Tutorial - Supplies

INSTRUCTIONS for making a pompom rug :

STEP 1: 

Start by deciding the shape and how big you want the rug.  You can make the rug round, rectangular, square or even heart-shaped.  Gather the necessary supplies.

Barbie Pom-Pom Rug Tutorial - Cardboard and LidFor this tutorial, I will show you how to make a round rug for a Barbie doll and will be using a plastic lid for a circle template.  For a different size circular rug, a dish or anything round could be used as a template.

To begin making a round rug, place the template on the cardboard and trace around the outside of the template using a pencil.

With a scissor, cut the cardboard along the pencil line.  The rug base is ready.

Barbie Pom-Pom Rug Tutorial - Template Cut Out

If you are not making a circular rug, no template is necessary.  The instructions for completing the rug are basically the same.  Simple cut a square, rectangle or heart shape the size you want out of cardboard for the base of the rug and glue pompoms to base piece.

STEP 2: 

Barbie Pom-Pom Rug Tutorial - Pom-Poms and GlueAfter cutting out the cardboard rug base, it's time to attach the pompoms.  The size and color of the pompoms are up to you.  But first, squirt some glue on a paper plate.  This will make attaching the pompoms to the cardboard easier especially for little hand.

STEP 3: 

Start by dipping a pompom in the glue.

Barbie Pom-Pom Rug Tutorial - Glue Pom-Poms to TemplateBeginning on the outside edge of the cardboard base, place the pompom with the glue side down onto the cardboard.  Continue dipping pompoms in the glue and placing them all the way around the outside.  You will be working from the outside toward the center. 

The pompoms should be placed close together so there are no gaps between pompom and the cardboard base cannot be seen.  

Occasionally, softly hand press the pompoms to make sure they are securely attached to the cardboard.

Barbie Pom-Pom Rug Tutorial - Outside EdgeOnce the outside row is completed, continue adding pompoms row by row until the cardboard base is completely covered.

Barbie Pom-Pom Rug Tutorial - Filled InThere you have it!  The colorful, soft rug is ready to use and ready to place in the dollhouse for you and your doll to enjoy.

Barbie Pom-Pom Rug Tutorial - Barbie Sitting on Rug

If you have questions about making this pompom rug, please press the contact link below and drop us an email.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to make a pompom rug for a dollhouse.  For more interesting doll crafts, check out our Barbie Doll Project Pinterest Board or our 18" doll and American Girl Doll Pinterest Board.

Keep those little hands busy!


If you have any questions about this project, contact us through the YouTube Video comments or our Contact Us page. We respond to questions in e-mails and YouTube comments regularly.

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