Over 30 Completely Free Macrame Projects

Over 30 Completely Free Macrame Projects

Resurgence of Macrame

Macrame, the art of knotting cords made of jute, hemp, cotton, or leather, has made a huge comeback from the 70s.

As you age, you tend to notice that the clothing that was once popular in your much younger days becomes the hottest new styles decades later.  

The same is true in the crafting world. 

Just like the art of quilting, which I did with my grandmother during my teens, embroidery which I used to decorate pillowcases when I was young, and cross stitch, which I used to make a beautiful, almost painted-like picture as a gift for my parents, macrame is back in vogue.

What is Macrame?

Macrame is a very unique fiber art. It is made by knotting cords, which come in various gauges, into a beautiful work of art. 

Macrame is very different from the needlework arts I mentioned above that use thread, yarn or embroidery floss, although it too uses a string material.

As mentioned above, macrame uses cords made most often of jute, hemp, cotton twine, linen or leather.  No needles are used; instead, the crafter ties a series of square and half knots, among others, to create a piece of textile art.

Oftentimes, shells, wooden or glass beads, or dyed cord is used to embellish the masterpieces.

Macrame projects range from very simple to very complex, all of them beautiful.  Crafters new to macrame usually find that they can quickly advance to the more complex patterns since only a handful of knots are used in all macrame projects.

Macrame’s History

In the 13th-century, Arab weavers were the first to use macrame.  They used knots along the extra thread of the objects that they had hand-loomed, such as shawls, bath towels, veils and rugs, to form a decorative fringe. 

After the conquest by the Moors, this method of art was taken to Spain, eventually making its way to Europe.  Most historians believe that macrame was introduced to England in the late 17th century by Mary II who taught it to her ladies-in-waiting. 

It's important to note that sailors spent their spare hours creating objects using a knotting technique which they called "McNamara's Lace". 

They made such things as hammocks, belts, knife covers, and bottle holders.  Some of these items, like the bottle holders and knife covers, were used by the sailors themselves; however, many of the knotted creations like hammocks and belts were sold or traded when the sailors made land.

This spread the art of macrame to many other countries such as China and America.

Macramé was most popular during the Victorian era, where you could find many macrame items used decoratively in the beautiful Victorian homes, such as tablecloths, curtains, and bed coverings.

In the 1970s, long after artisans lost interest in the art of macrame, it once again became hugely popular. 

Crafters used macrame to create a wide range of items, such as jewelry, wall hangings, plant hangers, purses, tablecloths, bedspreads, and much much more.

By the early 1980s, macramé again lost its popularity and was no longer trendy.

Welcome Back!

Today, macrame has risen from the ashes to once again become a popular art. 
We have listed many links below to over 30 free projects and tutorials.

Now, what type of cord to use to make my daughter one of those lovely plant hangers that she has admired in the stores?

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Bohemian Christmas Ornament

Super cute macrame ornaments! They're super easy to do and you can use up those scrap bits of yarn or wool. Get the free pattern here. By Michelle Leslie at Hometalk

Bohemian Mirror Wall Hanging

With just a couple of knots and some macrame cord, learn how to make a macrame wall art to hold a mirror. Made in a Day

Boho Macrame Wall Hanging

This macrame project is the perfect addition to any room. Amanda shows you how to make it with step-by-step instructions with pictures. Foxy Twine

Buttoned Cuff Bracelet

Make this amazing macramé bracelet. Red Heart

Camera Strap

Are you old school and still use a camera? How unique you are going to look snap pictures on vacation with this macrame camera strap around your neck. Learn how to make it with this free pattern. Lovely Indeed

Designer Hat

A free macrame project.

DIY Macrame Bracelet

Make some modern stylish and colorful bracelets with these free instructions from Honestly WIF using jewelry cord and connectors. Honestly WFT

Dyed Macrame Necklace

With a piece of leather lace, cotton string and dye make a one-of-a-kind modern macrame necklace. The Merry Thought

Giant Macrame Rope Light

Add a fantastic accent piece to any room with this DIY macrame rope light. It's simpler than it looks. Vintage Revivals

Hemp Bracelet

A free macrame bracelet project. Rings & Things

Knotted Trivets

A wooden embroidery hoop, a few beads and cotton rope are all you need to make simple and natural Scandinavian designed knotted trivets. We are Scout

Macrame Bookmark

This free simple macrame bookmark pattern would look great in your favorite read or current read. Koel Magazine

Macrame Chandelier

Here is another stunning macrame project idea - a gorgeous macrame chandelier. With a lampshade, cotton cord, a scissor, and an iron you can duplicate this artful piece. Collective Gen

Macrame Coasters

Do you like the natural Bohemian look? With this free tutorial, make some charming round macrame coaster yourself. Curly Made

Macrame Curtain

What a unique idea! If you need a room divider, conceal a storage area or a closet door, this macrame curtain idea would fit the bill. Check out this free macrame curtain tutorial. A Beautiful Mess

Macrame Dreamer

Every DIYer's Dream! This dreamcatcher is more than a dreamcatcher it is a work of art. With these free instructions create your own stunning one. Collective Gen

Macrame Earrings

Grab hoop earrings and turn them into stunning macrame earrings using some macrame yarn. Another free macrame pattern. Cuckoo 4 Design

Macrame Feathers

Accent a wall with beautiful, wispy macrame feathers with this free macrame feathers pattern. Honestly WTF

Macrame Garden Chair

Makeover an outdoor chair into a colorful folding macrame chair. Gathered

Macrame Hexnut Bracelet

Create a macrame bracelet with things around the home - string and hexnuts. Another free bracelet pattern. Mini Eco

Macrame Key Chains

Here are free macrame patterns for four different key chains that use simple knots, macrame cord and wooden beads. These make wonderful gifts and stocking stuffers. Think.Make.Share

Macrame Laptop Mat

Here is a free macrame pattern for a macrame laptop mat. Koel Magazine

Macrame Plant Hanger

tses Home Page

Macrame Plant Hanger

Learn how to make a plant hanger.

Macramé Plant Hanger

Red Heart

Macrame Table Runner

Make this macrame table runner from The DIY Mommy to add a Boho look to the dining room. The DIY Mommy

Macrame Wall Hanging

A macrame wall hanging is an easy DIY project that will add a handmade touch to any room in your home. Here is a free macrame wall hanging project. The Spruce Crafts

Mini Christmas Ornament

Easy free DIY Macrame Ornament tutorial, perfect for the beginner. Life is a Party

Mini Macrame Pumpkin Holders

Just in time for Halloween! Create a unique display of small pumpkins with a macrame hanger. Adventures in Making

Mini Sunscreen Holder

Always have your sunscreen handy and within reach by knotting a mini sunscreen holder. Complete this free project in about an hour. Fish & Bull

Owl Purse

Do you like owls? Create a fun macrame owl purse as a cute accessory to your wardrobe with this free pattern. Free Macrame Patterns

Paracord Bracelet

Paracord Bracelet

Paracord bracelets are a fun project for boys and girls. Learn how to make a paracord bracelet using one or two colors of paracord (with or without beads). Needlepointers Craft

Produce Bag

Off to the farmers market! This macrame produce bag by Collective Gen is a must-have. Check out the free macrame pattern. Collective Gen

Reversible Belt

Simple Macrame Wall Hanging

A macrame idea for beginners! Instead of traditional macrame cord, this wall hanging is made with jersey fabric or you could use t-shirt yarn. Brit + Co

Square Macramé Pendant

Try out your knot-tying skills for a macramé pendant. Yarnspirations

Wall Hanging

Bring some boho vibes into your home with this macrame wall hanging. This free project is a little challenging than some of the other projects listed here. Decor Hint

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