Best Free Basket Weaving Pattern and Projects

Ah, basket weaving!  So many free basket patterns; so little time!

We have gathered the best free basket weaving patterns with videos, tutorials, and directions, including the basics of how to make a basket.  

We are sure you’ll find the list full of unique and traditional baskets you’d like to try your hand at!

There are countless materials, both natural and synthetic, that can be woven into baskets of varying designs and sizes. 

Unique and Modern Baskets

Included here are some very modern, fun and unique baskets, for example the one made from old garden hoses (yes, you read that right!). 

Just grab an old garden hose or two, some zip ties, and paint, and you’ll have the most amazing basket for indoors or outside. It looks great as a planter!

Another quick and fun modern project is to make an attractive flower vase using antique blue mason jars and simple weaving materials. 

You have to check this one out.  They would be fantastic as centerpieces at a large gathering.

If you enjoy coiling, one of the basket making techniques used by Native Americans, you’ll love the coiled raffia baskets and bowls!  

The tutorial below shows two different weaving processes for this; there are instructions for using random or more uniform stitches that both create beautiful finishes. 

Minimum materials make this a transportable craft for those of us who love to take our crafting on the go.

We also found a unique coiled basket using yarn and dyed cotton clothesline!

Another unique basket weaving tutorial describes a simple and easy way to create a basket by weaving around a cardboard frame. 

By using different shaped frames from your cardboard, you can make very interesting shapes, like hexagons, triangles, octagons and many more. It’s also easy to change the size of these baskets depending on the frame you construct with your cardboard.

Traditional and Useful Baskets

Perhaps you are looking for something more traditional?  We’ve also found lovely and more traditional basketry patterns that are so very beautiful and useful as well.

There is a free pattern for a backpack, sometimes called a trapper’s pack or adirondack pack.  You complete this in three parts; the feet, basket and straps. 

If you are into woodworking, basketry and sewing, this is perfect for you.

Check out the many free patterns for totes and bags with handles or straps.  So beautiful and you will find many great uses for them.  We even have a woven beach tote!

There are also free patterns for traditional baskets that you can put to use or incorporate into your home decor.  There is a cute acorn-shaped basket, complete with a cap that would look lovely displayed in your home.  

We also have free basket weaving patterns for napkin holders, along with baskets for greeting cards incorporating colorful green and red reeds.

You’ll find traditional baskets with and without handles, some for carrying bulky items and others that could hold magazines, fruit, or just about anything!

If you’d like to learn more about basket weaving in general, we have a page devoted just to that as well!

With all of these free basket making patterns and general basket weaving information, you will surely be motivated to weave something special of your own!


Best Free Basket Weaving Pattern and Projects

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Acorn Basket PDF

As the name suggests, this tutorial will explain how to make a basket in the shape of an acorn. Basket Weaver

Apple Basket with Swing Handle

Free instructions for making a apple basket. Basketmakers Catalog

Backpack Basket

This is a backpack basket that is also known as a "Trapper's Pack" or "Adirondack Pack". This free tutorial will explain how to make it. By zowi420 at Instructables


Create a basket with plastic bags using a Native American weaving technique. Lucky Ladybird Craft

Basket - Spirals in the Smoke

Basket Size: 7" diameter x 5.5" height The Basket Maker's Catalog

Basket - Swing Your Partner

A free basket pattern with two swing handles and wooden base. An ideal tote or market basket. Finished size: 13" x 9" x 9.5" The Basket Maker's Catalog

Biscuit Basket

Have fun making this basket with this free basket pattern. Just Patterns

Button Basket

Cute as a button! This button basket features natural and dyed reed along with a cute button attached. Just Patterns

Candy Cane Basket Project

With this free pattern make an easy-to-make basket. Candy Cane Basket Size: 4" x 8.5" Basket Makers Catalog

Carolina Beach Tote

Get ready for a day at the beach with this tote. NC Basketworks

Coil Baskets

Learn how to make decorative baskets with yarn and clothesline. Craft Yarn Council

Coiled Raffia Basket

With this free tutorial, learn how to make coiled raffia basket as a super-practical home decor, and make a lovely gift too. We Are Scout

County Fair Basket

This free basket pattern is a great little project to weave. It has a wooden base, a swing handle and 5/8" stakes; it's woven with 1/4" natural and dyed flat and flat oval. Basket Makers Catalog

Double Rim Storage Basket

This free basket making pattern features a storage basket with a double rim. N. C. Basket Works

Drilled Base Basket Pattern

Free online basket pattern using a pre-drilled 6" wooden base and two sizes of reed material. Basket measures 6" diameter and 7" tall. Basket Makers Catalog

Easy Basket Making

This basket making method is weaving around a cardboard frame. With this method, you can make baskets in various shapes. Craft Passion

Farewell Virginia Basket PDF

The generous-sized basket stands 13" tall, sports two of the handcrafted white oak swing handles and constructed with reed materials, natural and dyed, upon a wooden base. A Basket Makers Catalog

Farmer's Market Tote Basket Pattern

You’ll enjoy creating this generously-sized easy-to-make basket with natural reed, dyed reed, and paper splint. Basket measures 13" x 5 1/2" at the base and stands 13" tall. Basket Makers Catalog

Flower Vase

These instructions will explain how to weave a basket around their antique Blue Mason Jars. National Basketry

Garden Hose Basket and Mat

Weave old garden hoses into a unique basket or hose mat. Craft Box Girls

Grapevine Basket

Grapevine Basket

How to make a grapevine basket. Tim Rosanelli YouTube Channel

Holiday Card Basket Pattern

This Holiday Card Basket is fun, quick, and easy-to-make. It measures 8" x 5" x 8" including the 8" Handle. Basket Makers Catalog

Holiday Delight Basket

Imagine Your Tree covered with dozens of delightful tiny holiday Baskets. These baskets, that you and your family made, are sure to find a place in your home for years to come. The Basket Maker's Catalog

Kentucky Berry Basket Free Pattern

This is a basic plain weave basket with a beautiful 8" Swing Handle with Ears. Learn how to make it with these instructions. Basket Makers Catalog

Market Basket

Instructions for a round reed market basket. Just Patterns

Market Basket with "D" Handle

This free market basket pattern is approximately 8" wide, 14" long and 12" tall (including the handle). It features a hardwood D Handle, is easy to make and recommended for beginners. Basket Makers Catalog

Mule Skinner Basket Pattern

A full 14” tall, this beautiful basket brings to life the “days on the trail” of the pioneers. Carrying your favorite gear is easy and comfortable in this basket. Basket Makers Catalog

Napkin Basket

The Basket Maker's Catalog

Newspaper Basket Weaving

Perfect for spring cleaning and organization! Make baskets out of newspaper. Recycle newspapers and organize stuff with the baskets you create. Assembly Gather and Create

North Carolina tobacco basket

This miniature North Carolina tobacco basket uses authentic construction methods-weaving and stapling. A free basketry pattern. In Season Herbs and Baskets

Paper Woven Basket Tutorial

A great free project to make usable paper baskets out of recyclable newspapers, magazines, paper and so much more. Get started with this tutorial. Craftionary

Rainbow Basket

With these instructions make a colorful basket. Size: 4" W x 6" L x 2-1/4" H Gina's Baskets

Rope Easter Basket

Rope Easter Basket

Made this sturdy robe basket. It’s perfect as an Easter basket and all it requires is some clothesline, dye, and a sewing machine! Scratch and Stitch

Shoulder Bag Basket Pattern

This basket's size is 3" x 13" x 13" tall and each row of weaving is about 3 feet in length. Use this free online pattern to make the shoulder bag basket. Basket Makers Catalog

Soap Dish Basket

Yes, you can use a basket as a soap dish. Here is a tutorial. Sandy Atkinson

Springtime Tote Basket

Basket weaving... It's generously sized, woven with flat and round reed on a wooden base and has a "Heart" handle. Think Mother's Day! The Basket Maker's Catalog

Towel Basket

Instructions for making a basket for hanging towels and potholders. Just Patterns

Williamsburg Basket

With this free basket pattern make a traditional Williamsburg basket. Basketmakers Catalog

Woven Paper Basket

You can use any kind of leftover paper to craft this basket. The Craftaholic Witch

Woven Paper Basket

DIY decorative basket that is woven in the chain crown method. Read this tutorial to learn how. By gladys hannah at Instructables

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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