Homemade Christmas Napkin Rings with Plastic Canvas

Learn how to make festive Christmas napkin rings that will dress up your holiday table!

These DIY Christmas Napkin Rings are easy and inexpensive if you’re on a budget. With this tutorial, the homemade napkin rings are cheap napkin rings since you’ll only need leftover craft supplies: scrap plastic canvas, scrap yarn and small beads.DIY Christmas Napkin Ring Free Plastic Canvas Pattern - fb

There are so many different ways to make affordable Christmas napkin rings yourself - with felt, toilet paper rolls, ribbon, beads and more.

Our DIY Christmas Pine Needle and Berry napkin ring is an easy inexpensive project to make, stitches together quickly, can be completed with minimal effort, used year after year and is so much cheaper than store-bought napkin rings.  If you have the supplies, it will cost absolutely NOTHING!

Are you ready to jump into the DIY Christmas Pine Needle and Berry Napkin Ring tutorial?  Then, watch our video Or keep reading this post.

You can also sew your very own DIY cloth napkins with this simple sewing project for beginners. 

COMPLETE VIDEO TUTORIAL AVAILABLE! The video below is a preview with no audio, to watch the whole video tutorial, click the link Homemade Christmas Napkin Rings with Plastic Canvas to watch in Youtube.

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how to make homemade Christmas napkin rings

Homemade Christmas Napkin Ring On Plate

to make the pine needle & berry napkin ring You'll need:

  • 7-count plastic canvas mesh sheet OR scrap plastic canvas
  • Scrap Yarn, worsted weight
  • Small Beads 
  • Plastic Canvas Needle
  • Scissor
  • Sewing Needle and Thread
  • Pine Needle & Berry Napkin Ring Pattern (scroll down the page for the free pattern)

    Christmas Napkin Ring Supplies


    Christmas Napkin Ring Finished

    INSTRUCTIONS for making the Christmas napkin rings:

    STEP 1: gather supplies

    One thing nice about this Christmas napkin ring project is the supplies for this project are affordable.  And most crafters have a load of supplies already on hand.

    Do you have scrap plastic canvas?  Do you have a small amount of green, white and gold yarn?  What about small beads?  That's all you need to make some pine needle & berry napkin rings to dress up your holiday table along with needles, scissors and thread.

    STEP 2: cut plastic canvas pieces for napkin ring

    Two pieces of plastic canvas are needed for the napkin ring.  To cut the pieces, count the holes.  Cut the following pieces:

    • Rectangle Piece - 9 holes x 36 holes
    • Reinforcement Piece - 2 holes x 9 holes

    STEP 3: stitch pine needles

    Thread a length of green yarn through the plastic canvas needle eye.  If you have difficulty, try this needle threading hack

    Follow the chart to stitch the green pine needles using a long straight stitch and long slanted diagonal stitches. When beginning to stitch on plastic canvas, cover the yarn tail with stitches.Christmas Napkin Ring Stitch Leaves

    STEP 4: Tent Stitch background of napkin rings

    Then work the background with the tent stitch (continental stitch) leaving two threads on each end unworked.  These two threads will be used in joining the ring.Christmas Napkin Ring Fill in background

    After the background is stitched, it should look like the following picture. Christmas Napkin Ring Stitched CanvasNotice the two unstitched threads.

    STEP 5: add beads to the Christmas napkin ring

    Adding beads is a stunning way to embellish the napkin ring.

    With a sewing needle and sewing thread, attached the beads to the rectangle napkin ring piece.

    Choose a needle that will fit through the hole in the bead.  I recommend you double thread the sewing needle.   Double threading in sewing is when you put the thread through the needle eye, fold the thread in half so the two ends meet and tie a knot.

    Christmas Napkin Ring Beads Thread Anchor the sewing thread (with the knot) on the back of the rectangle piece where you want to place the first bead.  Make a small stitch to secure the thread and knot.

    Bring the threaded needle up from the back through one of the plastic canvas holes, pass the needle through the bead and insert the needle down through the canvas hole next to the previous hole.

    Sew on all the beads according to the chart. Christmas Napkin Ring Beads Added

    Don't have beads?  An alternative to beads is to make French knots with red yarn.

    STEP 6: Joining the napkin ring

    To make sure the napkin ring is sturdy and forms a perfect ring, a small reinforcement piece is used to join the rectangle piece into a ring.

    Line up one row of holes on the reinforcement piece behind the unworked row on one of the short ends of the napkin ring rectangle. Christmas Napkin Ring Reinforcement

    Bring the yarn up through the hole where you'll begin the tent stitch.  Refer to the following picture for the placement of this stitch. Christmas Napkin Ring Stitch Across Reinforcement

    Work the needlepoint tent stitch through both thicknesses of plastic canvas all the way across the row. Christmas Napkin Ring Attach

    Then bend the plastic canvas into the ring and line up the other unworked row of holes on the short end of the ring with the unworked row on the reinforcement piece. Christmas Napkin Ring Stitch second side reinforcementStitch through all thicknesses to hold the ring together.

    What's left is one row of plastic canvas threads unstitched. Christmas Napkin Ring Stitched Into Loop Finally, stitch over the last row of threads.

    STEP 7: overcast stitch

    The final step is to use the overcast stitch to cover both edges of the napkin ring.

    For this project, gold yarn was used for the overcast stitch but green or red would also look attractive. Once you are finished end the yarn by weaving it under the stitches.. Christmas Napkin Ring Stitch Edging

    Voila! It's finished! Christmas Napkin Ring Close Up

    Within 30 minutes to an hour, you will have a beautiful holiday napkin ring to brighten your dining table.

    I really had fun with this DIY Napkin Ring project and I hope you do as well.

    Christmas Napkin Ring On Plate

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    Happy Crafting!


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     Christmas Napkin Ring Chart

    Christmas Napkin Ring Chart PDF

    This is the plastic canvas stitching chart for the Christmas Napkin Ring.

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    Christmas Napkin Ring - Plastic Canvas - pin

    Christmas Needles & Berries Napkin Ring - Plastic Canvas - pin

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