Snowflake Christmas Ornament with Plastic Canvas

Bring in the holiday season with simple snowflake decorations to hang on the Christmas tree, hang in the window, as a gift topper or use as part of your winter décor.  Our simple free little pattern makes a wonderful 3-dimensional snowflake ornament.  

The Plastic Canvas Christmas Snowflake ornament craft happens to also be a thrifty craft idea since it can be created with leftover scraps of plastic canvas and scrap stash yarn.  A true money saver.

DIY Snowflake Christmas Ornament - fb

The most wonderful thing about snowflake crafts is they are seasonal; making great winter decorations.  They are a fun and neutral way to celebrate the holiday season without any religious implication.

Kids of all ages love to make snowflakes.  Gather the supplies, grab the kids and create some of these plastic canvas snowflakes or check this Snowflakes Crafts for Kids page for more decorating with snowflake ideas.   

Looking for adult snowflake crafts to make?  Check out our decorating with snowflakes page!

To learn how to make our pretty snowflake with plastic canvas watch our video or keep reading this post for a step-by-step photo tutorial.

COMPLETE VIDEO TUTORIAL AVAILABLE! The video below is a preview with no audio, to watch the whole video tutorial, click the link Snowflake Christmas Ornament with Plastic Canvas to watch in Youtube.

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how to make a plastic canvas snowflake

Snowflake Christmas Ornament finished

supplies and tools need for the snowflake ornament:

  • Clear 7-mesh plastic canvas (a sheet or scraps)
  • 12 6mm round red beads
  • Small amount of white yarn 
  • Plastic canvas needle
  • Large-eyed chenille needle
  • Scissor
  • Ruler

Snowflake Decoration Ornament Supplies

INSTRUCTIONS for making the snowflake ornament

STEP 1: gather supplies and tools

Before beginning the snowflake ornament, gather the 7-mesh plastic canvas, red beads and white yarn.  In addition, a plastic canvas needle, large-eyed needle, scissors and ruler are needed.

The large-eyed needle must be able to fit through the hole in the bead with yarn attached.

STEP 2: cutting plastic canvas

Take the 7-mesh plastic canvas and with a scissor cut 6 plastic canvas strips that are 3 holes wide by 17 holes long. Snowflake Craft Ornament Cut Plastic Canvas StripsThese small pieces are the perfect way to use up scrap plastic canvas.

STEP 3: overcast stitch one long edge

Cut a length of white yarn about 20” long and thread it through the eye of the plastic canvas needle. Snowflake Christmas Ornament Needle Threaded

The overcast stitch will be used throughout this project.  Pick up the first plastic strip, overcast stitch one long edge of the strip.  How?

Snowflake Christmas Ornament Come up through first holeInsert the needle from the back into the first hole on either end of the strip

Snowflake Christmas Ornament Leave short tailand pull the yarn toward you being careful not to pull it all the way through.  Leave about a 1” tail. Snowflake Christmas Ornament wrap yarn around and come up through second hole Take the yarn and wrap it around the edge inserting the needle from the back through the second hole (the hole right next to the one you just pulled the needle through). 

Snowflake Christmas Ornament Wrap and come up through each hole along side Continue working this way along the edge to and including the last hole.

Snowflake Christmas Ornament Stitch to end of side

STEP 4: Overcast short ends

With the one long edge covered with yarn, fold the piece of plastic canvas in half so the short ends are together. These short ends will be stitched together, again using the overcast stitch.Snowflake Christmas Ornament Fold to bring short ends together

As the short ends are stitched together, secure the 1” yarn tail by positioning it across the short ends. (No need to weave the tail in later.)Snowflake Christmas Ornament stitch along short sideJoin the short ends together using the overcast stitch being sure to wrap the yarn around the tail.

STEP 5: Continue stitching

Next, continue to overcast the remaining long edge.Snowflake Christmas Ornament stitch along other long side

When done, to secure the yarn, with the needle weave it under the stitches where the ends were joined together (on the inside).  Trim the excess yarn.Snowflake Christmas Ornament end yarn

Repeat the process with each strip making a total of 6 teardrop shapes.Snowflake Christmas Ornament make six total

STEP 6: Making the snowflake

Thread the large-eyed chenille needle with white yarn.  If you have trouble threading the yarn into the eye of the needle, check out this needle threading quick tip.

Snowflake Christmas Ornament count to add beads

Take the first teardrop and count down from the joined end 7 holes. 

Snowflake Christmas Ornament pull through add two beads

Pull the needle and yarn into the middle of the teardrop, add two beads and insert the needle in the 7th hole on the other side of the teardrop.

Snowflake Christmas Ornament go through other side

Repeat with 2nd teardrop. Snowflake Christmas Ornament add each teardrop and beads

Repeat this step, string all the teardrops with beads in a row. Snowflake Christmas Ornament All teardrops added

Tie a knot between the 1st and last teardrop.  To make tying the knot easier, use a surgeon’s knot. Snowflake Christmas Ornament knot again

With the excess yarn, create a loop for hanging. Snowflake Christmas Ornament tie knot to form hanger

The snowflake ornament is finished. Snowflake Christmas Ornament finished on tree

Look how beautiful the snowflakes look on a Christmas tree.

Make some for yourself or they make great gifts for teachers, coworkers and relatives. Snowflake Christmas Ornament two on tree

We hope you enjoyed this written tutorial showing how to make a plastic canvas snowflake ornament. Be sure to pin, bookmark and share with family and friends. 

Looking for more plastic canvas snowflakes?  Stitch yourself a winter wonderland with seven glistening patterns designed by Fran Rohus for The Needlecraft Shop.  Below is a link for purchasing the patterns.  

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Snowflake Christmas Ornament finished on table


If you have any questions about this project, contact us through the YouTube Video comments or our Contact Us page. We respond to questions in e-mails and YouTube comments regularly.

Looking for more budget-friendly plastic canvas crafts? We’ve got you covered! Check out these awesome ideas, too!

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