How to Punch Needle Embroidery

Learn how to punch needle embroidery with all of the wonderful resources found on this page!

There are links to punch needle supplies, punch needle tutorials, and even lessons on Japanese punch needle embroidery, also known as Bunka embroidery.

What is punch needle embroidery?

This form of embroidery is related to rug hooking in that the resulting project has a highly textured design made of loops.Punch Needle Embroidery Sample

Unlike traditional embroidery, punch needle embroidery pushes yarn or thread into the fabric, keeping the needle on the top surface of the fabric, instead of stitching through the fabric.

The technique of punch needle embroidery is an ancient form of embroidery that has stayed quite popular. 

New patterns are being developed at a surprising rate, and it is easy to get started with the beginner kits available at craft and hobby stores. Check out our page for punch needle embroidery supplies and kits.Punch Needle Supplies

How to use a punch needle

The punch needle technique requires a special needle made specifically for this purpose.

The first step is to thread the needle.  Follow the manufacturer's instructions, as not all needles are threaded the same way.

Once the needle is properly threaded, push it down through the fabric.  The stitching begins on the line of the pattern. Punch Needle

Push the punch needle all of the way down, keeping the stitches uniform.

Pull the needle back up through the fabric until the tip of the needle is at the surface of the fabric. This is the first “punch” stitch.

Keeping the needle close to the fabric, move along the fabric on the pattern line and insert the needle for the next stitch.  Begin by pushing the needle through the fabric, then follow the steps above.

For most punch embroidery, a full space is filled in to give the project lots of texture.

Most often, the pattern calls for turning the fabric over when complete, as that is where the loops are.  In this way, the working side of the fabric is actually the back of the project.

What is Bunka embroidery?

Bunka embroidery is known as Bunka shishu in Japanese.  It is a form of Japanese embroidery informally called Bunka. Bunka is a true art form and is done much like punch needle embroidery.

A special Bunka embroidery needle is used along with rayon threads.  This technique is used to create very detailed pictures that look similar to oil paintings.

This Japanese punch needle embroidery often uses the subjects of traditional Japanese scenes, people and animals.  Because Bunka embroidery is so detailed, it is quite fragile and used solely as artwork.

Scroll down this page to find punch needle embroidery books, punch needle tutorials, and other helpful information. Be sure to check out our page of free punch needle embroidery patterns too!

Enjoy this form of embroidery that is easy and yields beautiful results! Our punch needle embroidery Pinterest board is a great resource as well!

Happy needle working! 

How to Punch Needle Embroidery

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 Punch Needle Friends

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