Bargello Needlepoint and Free Bargello Needlepoint Patterns

You must be ready to try Bargello needlepoint if you’ve found yourself on this page. This is one of the most unique forms of needlepoint as it uses just a simple straight stitch to create striking patterns and designs. 

What is Bargello needlepoint?

Bargello is a type of needlepoint embroidery.  It consists of upright stitches placed in a mathematical pattern which requires very precise counting of squares. These distinctive patterns are built up from rows of straight stitches.

Sample of Bargello Patterns - public domainTwo examples of Florentine Bargello (needlework)
curved and flame stitch motifs (2021, December 27).
In Wikipedia

Bargello needlepoint patterns are mostly geometric, but they may also be found as very stylized flowers or fruits.

Traditional Bargello needlepoint patterns are very colorful, and they use many hues of one color. This technique results in very intricate shading effects. The varying shades and colors of yarns add movement to these unique Bargello needlepoint patterns.

History of Bargello Needlepoint

The exact origins of Bargello are not well documented.  There are beautiful chairs in the Bargello Museum in Florence which identifies them as being made in the 17th century.

These chairs were done in what is known as Hungarian Point. Both Bargello needlepoint and Hungarian Point have very intricate patterns and use many hues of a single color. 

Queen Maria Theresa of Hungary was known to stitch Bargello needlepoint.  Her beautiful work is preserved in the Hungarian National Museum.

What is Bargello needlepoint used for?

Traditional Bargello work was wool stitched on canvas.  This embroidery is very durable and most often was used on pillows, upholstery and carpets.

Modern Bargello is still used on pillows, and if you scroll down on this page, there are wonderful Bargello needlepoint patterns for iPhone cases, belts, Christmas stockings, a wallet, and even a planter!

Interestingly, Bargello is not relegated strictly to embroidery.  Quilters have begun using the patterns found in Bargello embroidery by sewing together strips of fabrics that are the same height but of different widths.

These Bargello quilts are strip-pieced, which is where the fabric is cut into long strips and sewn together in groupings of various hues of a single color.  

The strips are then cut into rows of either squares or rectangles and sewn together to form the intricate Bargello patterns. Learn more about this beautiful quilting by visiting our Bargello quilt page.

Scroll down this page to find much more about Bargello, such as supplies needed, tutorials for stitches such as the zigzag and wave stitch, traditional Bargello motifs such as the flame, diamond, ribbon and medallion motifs, and so much more.

Be sure to check out the free Bargello needlepoint patterns also found below. This style of needlepoint will catch the eye of anyone interested in the art of needlework.

Bargello Needlepoint and Free Bargello Needlepoint Patterns

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