Assisi Embroidery and Assisi Embroidery Patterns

Assisi embroidery is a unique form of counted stitch embroidery.  It is based on an old Italian needlework style where the design is outlined and the background is stitched, leaving the design blank and the background filled in.

This embroidery style looks much like wooden cut-outs and is quite beautiful.

More information about Assisi embroidery below includes articles on the history of Assisi embroidery, historical samplers, and informative books and pamphlets with more history and sample patterns.

One can also find an Assisi embroidery pattern for machine embroidery, although nearly all Assisi embroidery is done as handwork. 

What is the history of Assisi embroidery?

Assisi embroidery originated in Italy in the 13th and 14th centuries. It was a simpler style compared to the traditional Italian bright and colorful embroidery. 

Assisi was worked on fine linen cloth with the outlines of the designs and the background embroidery done in colored silk.

Ancient Assisi embroidery had traditional designs of birds or other animals with intricate and elaborate scrollwork surrounding the designs.

Pattern for a simple Assisi bird motifAssisi embroidery. (2023, June 12). In Wikipedia

Most of the Assisi embroidery was used for religious articles such as altar cloths.

By the 16th century the Assisi embroidery became very popular and included a wider range of designs including mythical creatures and demons.

Later, the art of Assisi embroidery fell out of popularity until it was revived in the 20th century in the Italian town of Assisi, where this beautiful needlework gets its name.

What stitches are used in Assisi embroidery?

The Holbein stitch, also known as the double running embroidery stitch, is used most often to outline and emphasize the design.  It is also used to create the beautiful decorative scrollwork that surrounds these designs.

Another stitch used in the background of the Assisi work embroidery is the cross stitch, which is a simple X made with the embroidery floss.

The herringbone stitch and the long and short cross stitch are also used to fill in the background of the Assisi embroidery motif.

Two more complex stitches that may be used are the long-armed cross stitch, an asymmetrical cross stitch where long diagonal stitches are worked over twice the number of vertical threads and the Montenegrin stitch explained below.

This page is a wonderful collection of both Assisi embroidery free patterns and tutorials along with history of Assisi embroidery.

Some beautiful Assisi embroidery free patterns and projects below include:

  • Swan Needle Scissor Etui: An Etui is used to hold needlework tools
  • Tetris Heart: Inspired by the block-style video game, Tetris
  • Joy Pattern: The word “joy” outlined in red cross stitch
  • Bird Chart Pattern: A charming Assisi Embroidery free pattern of a bird at a bird bath
  • Other Assisi embroidery free patterns include shamrocks, bunnies, a gift pattern, and more
  • Other Assisi embroidery projects include spring, summer and fall bookmarks.  

Scroll down to learn more about this lovely and unique embroidery style and find some great Assisi embroidery free patterns, projects, and designs.

Assisi Embroidery and Assisi Embroidery Patterns

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Assis Joy Pattern

The word "joy" against a background color of red. The design is copyright of Kell Smurthwaite and Kincavel Krosses but can be used for personal use. Kincavel Krosses

Assisi Bird Chart

Download the free Assisi chart here. Giulia Punti Antichi

Assisi Embroidery

About assisi embroidery. Wikipedia

Assisi Embroidery

Assisi Embroidery #ad

The main part of the book is an astonishing collection of over 250 Assisi embroidery designs. This book includes a chapter exploring the real history of the Assisi embroidery style and a chapter about the definition of the style. by Jos Hendriks - Hardcover Affiliate Link to Amazon

Assisi Embroidery Charts

A post that tells about Assisi embroidery and also has two free charts. Cross-Stitch Club

Assisi Embroidery Designs

This page has a few free Assisi work designs. Petite Point Place

Assisi Embroidery Examples

This page presents many examples of Assisi Embroidery. String Or Nothing

Assisi Embroidery Pamphlet PDF

This DMC Library 20-page pamphlet has information on Assisi embroidery along with lots of designs. The University of Arizona

Assisi Embroidery Patterns

Assisi Embroidery Patterns

Several free assisi patterns - heart pattern, shamrock pattern, bunny pattern, gift pattern. Hobby Loco

Assisi Machine Embroidery Design

"Assisi" is traditionally hand embroidery, but you can try it on your embroidery machine with this free pattern. Advanced Embroidery Designs

Assisi Work Pattern - Rose

Assisi Work Pattern - Rose

Try this free Assisi Embroidery Pattern. Needlework Tips and Techniques

Autumn Bookmark PDF

This free Assisi-style bookmark design features Autumn leaves. Tor Rhuann Designs

Butterfly Border

If you like butterflies, this Assisi embroidery pattern is sure to please you. Magiedifilo Gallery

Christmas Wreath PDF

Here is a free Assisi-style design of a wreath with holly and beads. Tor Rhuann Designs

Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch #ad

Videos, pictures, and written instructions for two methods for the cross stitch. Affiliate Link to Annie's Craft Store



This pattern is a great Assisi-style embroidery for beginners. Hobby Loco

Double Running Embroidery Stitch

Double Running Embroidery Stitch

This video will show you how to do the double running embroidery stitch which is also known as the Holbein stitch.

How to do Assisi Embroidery

An article that explains designs and materials of Assisi embroidery along with stitches used. Arte Del Ricamo

Jack-O-Lantern Assisi Style PDF

This little design allows you to add a variety of pumpkin faces. Tor Rhuann Designs

Liberty Bell Pattern

Here is an Assis Liberty Bell pattern. To get the pattern, click the page link, click on the image, it opens in another window, then print or save. Vintage Crafts and More

Peace Sign PDF

This Assisi-style design is a peace sign in a ring of flowers. Tor Rhuann Designs

Rabbits Assisi Pattern

Here you will find a free assisi rabbit pattern along with instructions for finishing it into a pincushion. Bayrose

Snowflake Design PDF

A hexagon design with a snowflake in the middle. Tor Rhuann Designs

Spring Assisi Bookmark PDF

Here is a free Assisi-style bookmark design featuring spring flowers and a violet border. Tor Rhuann Designs

St. Patrick's Shamrock PDF

On this page, you will find two free Assisi Shamrock patterns. Tor Rhuann Designs

Stalking the Wild Assisi PDF

"Stalking the Wild Assisi" is an article written by Kathryn Goodwyn on the subject of Assisi needlework along with Assisi work samples. Flowers Of The Needle

Stitch - Long Armed Cross Stitch

This is an asymmetrical cross stitch where long diagonal stitches are worked over twice the number of vertical threads used for the short diagonal stitches. RSN Stitch Bank

Stitch - Montenegrin Stitch

Montenegrin Stitch is a form of cross stitch. It consists of one long diagonal stitch, crossed by a short diagonal stitch, a short vertical stitch and then by another short diagonal stitch. RSN Stitch Bank

Stitch - Two-Sided Italian Cross Stitch

This stitch consists of a cross stitch edged on two sides with a vertical and a horizontal straight stitch. RSN Stitch Bank

Summer Bookmark PDF

This is an Assisi-style bookmark with seashell motifs and a stylized wave border. Tor Rhuann Designs

Sunshine Assisi Pattern PDF

This free small assisi design can be made into so many things. Tor Rhuann Designs

Swan Needle Scissor Etui

The Assisi Swan Etui (an Etui is something that holds needlework tools) is a pretty little Assisi work pattern and it's FREE. Giulia Punti Antichi

Tetris Heart

Tetris Heart

This free Assisi heart design was inspired by the game Tetris. Dunmani Designs

Xmas Assisi Sampler

Posts about Xmas Assisi Sampler written by Lady Kell of Kincavel. Kincavel Krosses

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