How to Attach A Crochet Applique Invisibly

If you want to create something truly unique and add some flair to a crochet scarf, hat, blanket, afghan, clothing or another accessory, use crochet appliques.  There are so many cute free crochet applique patterns - animals, symbols, flowers, hearts, etc

Have you ever wondered how to sew a crochet applique to a project?

There are several different ways to sew crochet embellishments to crochet pieces. This guide is an applique how-to on attaching an applique to a crochet piece so the stitching doesn't show on the back of the item. It's really easy to do.

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What is a crochet applique?

Crochet appliques are simple flat shapes made with a crochet hook and yarn.  They are small crochet embellishments that are crocheted separate from the rest of the project and sewn to the project as the final step.

Crochet appliques are quick, fun and easy. Adding a crochet applique to crochet hats, scarves, blankets or any plain crochet item is a low-cost and easy way to personalize it.  Making crochet appliques is a great way to use leftover yarn, too, as these embellishments require small amounts of yarn.

The car applique in this applique how-to is from a free crochet pattern by Premier Yarn called Motorway Blanket.

Besides free applique patterns, we have a collection of hundreds and hundreds of free crochet patterns from clothing to home decor,  pet things to crochet to toys, to much more.  

Learn how to sew an applique embellishment to a crochet item invisibly by watching this video or keep reading for written instructions.

COMPLETE VIDEO TUTORIAL AVAILABLE! The video below is a preview with no audio, to watch the whole video tutorial, click the link How to Attach A Crochet Applique Invisibly to watch in Youtube.

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some ways to use crochet APPLIQUES

  • For clothing embellishments
  • Make them into magnets
  • To liven up a plain purse or bag
  • As a gift embellishment
  • As bookmark
  • Use to dress up store-bought items 
  • Create wall art


Crochet Attach Applique Tutorial Applique 2

WHAT YOU NEED for sewing applique to something:

  • Crochet Applique
  • Crocheted Item
  • Yarn
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Pins or Safety Pins
  • Scissors

Important notes 

Before getting into the actual demonstration of attaching the applique, we need to discuss two important things.

Note #1
When you are attaching the applique invisibly, you only want to work in the top loops of the crochet stitch. Refer to the following picture. Attach Crochet Applique Tutorial Weave Needle between stitches

If you flip the piece over you can't see the needle on the back of the project and you won't see the yarn on the back when you attach the applique. Sewing applique Attach Applique Tutorial Closeup Of Back

Note #2
Your applique may be crocheted with more than one color as the car applique below.  If this is the case, you will have to change the colors of the yarn as you sew the applique to the piece. Crochet Attach Applique Tutorial Applique Sewn On To attach the car, I first used gold yarn when attaching the body of the car.  After that was attached, I threaded the needle with black yarn to sew the wheels down.

INSTRUCTIONS for attaching applique to piece

STEP 1: Applique Placement

First, decide where you want to attach the applique to the crochet piece.  Check the placement by moving it around until it is exactly where you want it.

After positioning it, you’ll pin your appliqué in place with a safety pin or two to hold it so it doesn’t shift while you’re sewing it down. Crochet Attach Applique Tutorial Completed

STEP 2: threading needle

When making the applique it is best to leave a long tail. Crochet Attach Applique Tutorial Applique Pinned If you remember to leave a long tail, thread the yarn tail into the eye of the tapestry needle.  If you didn't remember, then just thread the tapestry needle with a length of yarn in the same color as the applique.

Have trouble threading the needle?  Watch our quick tip video on an easy way to thread the needle.

STEP 3: sew applique in place - first stitch

With the needle threaded, you can start sewing the applique to the crochet item. Crochet Attach Applique Tutorial Needle Through Blanket StitchesWith the yarn behind the applique, peek underneath and pick up only the top loop from the crochet item so it won't show on the backside;

Crochet Attach Applique Tutorial Up Through Appliquethen come back up through the applique.  Pull the yarn completely to the top.

The first stitch is completed.

STEP 4: continue sewing

Crochet Attach Applique Tutorial Down Through Applique Continue sewing the applique to the project by going down into the next stitch of the applique, be sure to pick up only the top loop on the crocheted item a little under the edge of the applique and come back up through the applique. Crochet Attach Applique Tutorial AppliqueAgain pull the yarn completed though so the applique lays flat on the crochet piece.

Continue stitching in this manner until it is completely sewn down. Crochet Attach Applique Tutorial Applique3

Here is a peek at the back of the blanket. Crochet Attach Applique Tutorial Back Of Quilt

STEP 5: weaving ends

Finally, be sure to remove all safety pins or pins.  You can remove them as you go along sewing the applique down.

Weave in ends and trim yarn. Crochet Attach Applique Tutorial Applique 5

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Happy Crocheting!


If you have any questions about this project, contact us through the YouTube Video comments or our Contact Us page. We respond to questions in e-mails and YouTube comments regularly.

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