Free Crochet Applique Patterns

If you love to crochet, you will find that one of the easiest and fun things to make is a crochet applique!  They are small, use very little yarn, and are the cutest things to embellish your projects!

We have many cute and pretty appliques here, to include crochet applique animals and crochet teddy bear appliques that are perfect for that adorable baby blanket you’re working on!

The crochet flower appliques are very popular, and we have many for you to choose from.

This page is devoted to free crochet applique patterns that you can use in so many ways!

Ways to use crochet applique patterns

When I think of crochet applique, I immediately think of using it as an embellishment for something I have crocheted. 

This is very short sighted of me, if I say so myself!

Crochet applique patterns can be used in so many different ways.  The small crochet applique projects are perfect embellishments for almost anything, such as hats, scarves, pants, skirts, scarves, sweaters, and much more.

Don’t be afraid to use the crochet appliques to embellish items that you have purchased in order to add your own unique touch!  We have a wonderful page with instructions on how to attach your appliques.

Here are just a few ideas for using the free applique patterns that we have collected for you:

  • Bookmarks: Make a crochet chain and tie or sew it to your applique
  • Magnets: Add a piece of adhesive magnetic strip to the back
  • Head band: Sew them together from side to side 
  • Wall decorations: Attach them to a frame or art canvas
  • Gift embellishment: Attach to a wrapped present
  • T-shirt embellishment: Sew onto a T-shirt for added flair
  • Baby blanket embellishment: Add cute crochet applique animals 
  • Fabric clothing embellishment: Sew onto store-bought clothing
  • Pins: Add a pin to wear your crochet applique proudly
  • Much more! Get creative!

Crochet applique patterns below

Our free crochet applique patterns are so versatile, and you are sure to find the perfect one on our page.

  • ANIMALS:  fox, angel fish, bunnies, flamingos, sloths, elephants, llamas, frogs, mice, owls, penguins and more…
  • HOLIDAYS: angels, Christmas lights, bats, hearts, Christmas trees, spiders, bunnies, pumpkins, shamrocks and more…
  • INSECTS: lady bugs, dragonflies, butterflies, spiders and more…
  • FLOWERS: aster nosegay,  a flower video and more…
  • FRUIT: apples, pears, and more…
  • OTHERS: pizza, feathers, teddy bears and more…

As you can see, we have an extensive list of free crochet applique patterns, including so many more than those listed above. 

By making simple shapes with your yarn and a hook, you can create amazing flat shapes of all kinds. Crochet applique patterns are stunning projects that have been around a long time, and the designs just keep getting cuter and more complex.

Scroll down to find the quickest accessories and embellishments for your projects!

Free Crochet Applique Patterns

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Angel Fish Applique

Head under the sea with this applique angel fish. Susan's Creative Designs

Apple Crochet Applique

An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Well, maybe not these crocheted apples. But the apple applique will be a cute embellishment on some crochet projects. Raffamusa Designs

Bat Applique

Bat Applique

Craft Bits

Bunny Applique

Make adorable bunny appliques with this free pattern for spring and Easter. String them together to make an Easter bunny garland. Sew Historically

Butterfly Motif

This is a vintage butterfly motif pattern. Free Vintage Crochet

Butterfly Motif

This butterfly motif can be sewn on to a handkerchief or other project. Free Vintage Crochet

Christmas Light Applique

Christmas Light Applique

This little crochet Christmas light pattern is so useful for your holiday crocheting! Get the free applique pattern here. Christa Co Design

Christmas Tree Applique

Decorate the tree or embellish many crochet projects with one of these three crochet applique Christmas tree patterns. Natalina Craft

Crochet Flamingo Applique

This super cute flamingo will be an embellishment on lots of crochet projects. Get the free pattern. Passionate Crafter

Crochet Heart Angel

Crochet Heart Angel

This is an easy, quick crochet angel pattern. The body and wings of this Angel are made in the shape of hearts. Golden Lucy Crafts

Crochet Sloth Applique

The Crochet Sloth Appliqué is about 6×7 inches and makes a great addition to many crochet projects. A free applique pattern! Repeat Crafter Me

Delicate Crochet Butterfly

This is a 1970s crochet pattern to make this beautiful decorative crochet butterfly. Use as is or as an appliqué. Crochet Doilies

Dragonfly Applique

The free dragonfly applique crochet pattern can be used as the cutest embellishment for accessories. Donna's Crochet Designs


Here you will find a free pattern for an adorable elephant applique. Natalina Craft


With the free instructions, make easy, colorful feathers to embellish a crochet project. by Teenie Crochets at Ravelry

Fish Applique

Crochet the day away with this cute and easy free crochet fish applique. Crochet Crochet 'N More

Flower Applique - Video

How to crochet a flower applique. Wonder How-to

Fox Crochet Applique

Fox Crochet Applique

The adorable crochet appliqued fox's face is made in the shape of a heart. Then add the tail, face and flower for a very unique applique. Golden Lucy Crafts

Frog Applique

Frog Applique

Frogs are very popular among little kids. If your kids love frogs, this cute frog applique will brighten their faces with joy. At it as a bedroom decoration or as an embellishment on clothes. Golden Lucy Crafts

Heart Applique

Heart Applique

This crochet heart pattern works up quickly and easily. Use this crochet heart to appliqué on to your hats, scarves, blankets and some other crochet project. Christa Co Design

Lady Bug Appliques

This pattern is for a crochet applique of an adorable ladybug that can be affixed to a blanket or any other item you choose! Donna's Crochet Designs

Ladybug Applique

Ladybug Applique

A beautiful crochet Ladybug Applique for all Ladybug lovers! Free crochet pattern, easy to make and perfect for any embellishment! Golden Lucy Crafts

Little Pear

An easy and quick free applique pattern is cute, a Little Pear Crochet Applique. Raffamusa Designs

Little Spider

Quick, adorable spider which can be made into a pin, appliqued on a doily or simple a Halloween decoration. Crochet Doilies

Llama Applique

Find here a free pattern to make an adorable llama appliqué. Natalina Craft

Mouse Applique

Mouse Applique

This adorable crochet Mouse applique is perfect to embellish kid’s clothes, baby blankets, hats, scarfs, or bags! Golden Lucy Crafts

Owl Applique

Owl Applique

This cute crochet Owl applique will be perfect for anybody who loves this wise bird! Golden Lucy Crafts

Penguin Applique

So cute! So adorable! Do you like or do you know someone who likes penguins? Here is a free crochet applique pattern for you to enjoy. Natalina Craft

Pizza Heart Applique Pattern

Pizza Heart Applique Pattern

You can use this heart-shaped Pizza applique as a little gift or can be used as a cute clothes embellishment. Golden Lucy Crafts

Pumpkin Applique

Enjoy these pumpkin applique patterns - two sizes. Raffamusa Designs



The Rooster is a fun bird and this cute heart-shaped Rooster applique is the perfect embellishment for a farm theme crochet item. Golden Lucy Crafts

Shark Family

Kids just love the Shark song. So make them a crochet shark family for them with this free applique pattern. Olya T Cozy Crochet

Star and Shamrock Appliques

Star and Shamrock Appliques

These crochet appliqués shapes are versatile and can be used to embellish many different seasonal and Christmas theme projects. Craft Bits

Strawberry Applique

This crochet strawberry applique is just fun, little, and quick to make. Get the free pattern. Raffamusa Designs

Sunflower Applique

This sunflower applique works up real quick and is easy peasy to crochet. Raffamusa Designs

Sunflower Crochet Pattern

Sunflower Crochet Pattern

Use this free pattern as an applique to attach to a hat, clothing, a purse or a bag. Single Girls DIY

Teddy Bear

his applique is a really fun little item to make. You can use it to adorn lots of different projects such as hats, sweaters, cardigans and baby blankets. Maisie and Ruth

Teddy Bear Applique

An adorable Teddy Bear Crochet Appliqué! With this free pattern, you can use this cutie for so many different projects. Repeat Crafter Me

Teddy Bear Crochet Applique

This cute, simple teddy bear face applique will delight any child, use it on bags, sweaters, blankets, etc. Crochet n Create

Tiger Applique Pattern

Tiger Applique Pattern

Are you doing a zoo-themed nursery? This free tiger applique is perfect to add to the nursery or as an embellishment on kid's clothes, blankets, etc. Golden Lucy Crafts

Tiny Angel Fish Applique

Crochet embellishment idea - angel fish applique. Susan's Creative Designs

Whale and Shark Applique

These lovely whale and shark appliques will look great attached to a hat, blanket, sweater and more! Repeat Crafter Me

Whale Applique

Enjoy this free whale applique pattern. Raffamusa Designs

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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