Free Online Crochet Calculators and Conversion Charts

If you’ve found yourself reading this page, I’m guessing that you love to crochet. 

Like me, working with that hook and yarn is the part you love most; calculations and conversions that involve working math are a necessary annoyance, right?  

Not anymore! 

On this page, we have many links to free online sites with crochet calculators, charts, and conversions.

You’re going to love the links to the crochet hook conversion charts, crochet blanket sizes, yarn yardages, and many more useful crochet tricks.


Many of you have asked for links to crochet hook conversion charts that will convert crochet hook sizes from standard to metric.  We have one for you, and it even converts knitting needles; an added bonus!!


Have you ever wondered how big the size of your corner to corner blanket will be?  We found a link to a C2C blanket calculator that will do all of the math for you after you crochet a SMALL swatch. 

The calculator will determine the size based on your own gauge, yarn, and hook size!  

Another chart will help you determine the number of crochet stitches you will need for your C2C blanket based on the desired size of your finished project.

There are other helpful charts, giving you the size of crochet blankets from baby lovies to king size bed blankets.  Don't worry; they also have every other blanket size in between!

Thank you to those who love math!!


Interestingly, basic crochet stitches have different names in the UK and US.  Below you will find a link to a crochet stitch conversion chart.

Be sure to look at your pattern or the location where the pattern or book was published to determine whether the pattern is using UK or US terminology. The various names for the same stitch can become quite confusing for beginners.


You will also find another calculator that will allow you to choose any stitch you’d like to use in a project and enter the desired size of your finished project.  You’ll have to enter the stitch multiples, extra turning chains, and the foundation chain requirements, and then the calculator will tell you how many chains are needed to begin your project.

This calculator is great for designers, but many others may find it useful as well.

Let these great crochet calculators and charts do the work for you!! 

You will also want to be sure to check out our other calculators and charts for knitting and sewing!


Free Online Crochet Calculators and Conversion Charts

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Blanket and Afghan Sizes

Here you will find information and charts on all sizes of blankets and afghans. The Crochet Crowd

Blanket Size Calculator

The blanket size calculator will help you figure out how many stitches and rows you should either knit or crochet to create a blanket with any stitch combination. Joy of Motion Crochet

C2C Blanket Size Calculator Will Make You A C2C Pro!

Ever wonder how big your C2C blanket will be? Use this calculator to determine the size based on your tension, hook size, and yarn. Stardust Gold Crochet

Calculate chart/project size

This chart helps you to calculate the size of your finished project using a sample swatch of your own crochet work. Stitch Fiddle

Conversion Chart - Knitting Needles & Crochet Hooks

Convert chart of USA, English and Metric sizes for knitting needles and crochet hooks. You'll also find a handy crochet abbreviation chart. Crochet & Knitting

Conversion Charts - Yarn Yardage, Knitting Needles, and Crochet Hooks

Conversion charts for knitting needles and crochet hooks along with other handy knitting and crochet conversions, including a yarn yardage calculator. Sweater Babe

Crochet Blanket Sizes Chart

This size chart includes baby blanket sizes, toddler and children blanket sizes, adult throw sizes, as well as sizes for your beds. Crochet 'n Crafts

Crochet Conversions

United States to English conversions of stitch terms and steel hook conversion charts. Crochet Memories

Crochet Stitch Calculator – Calculate Your Stitch Multiples To Fit Your Desired Project Size

Are you a crochet designer? | Are you a beginner who wants to learn to create your own designs? | Do you love crochet, but not good at reading patterns? | Do you want to create a design without worrying about a pattern and just wing it! Stardust Gold Crochet

Decrease and Increase Evenly for Crochet and Knitting – Yarn Calculator For Knitters And Crocheters

The decrease and increase evenly calculator will help you figure out how many stitches you should either knit or crochet before you decrease or increase evenly. Joy of Motion Crochet

Free Yarn Yardage Calculator

Calculate the yardage needed to complete crochet or knit projects. Cozy Nooks Designs

How Much Yarn? A Guide to Yardage Requirements

This is a handy infographic reference sheet to give you an estimate of how much yarn you will need for different types of Crochet or Knit projects. It lists many types of Lion Brand Yarn. Lion Brand

International Conversion Chart

A conversion chart for yarns and needles from different countries including Japanese size needles.

Needle and Hook Comparison Chart

United States and United Kingdom needle and hook comparison chart. Wagtail Yarns

UK/Austrailian vs. American Stitches Conversion Chart

Stitch name with abbreviations in UK/Austrailian and American and stitch instructions (at bottom of page). Crochet Crochet 'N More

Yarn Calculators

Click for gauge calculators, increase and decrease calculators or calculate how long it will take to crochet a project. Joy of Motion Crochet

Yarn Comparison Chart

Substituting yarns is a snap with our handy chart! Knit Picks

Yarn Conversion Chart

Handy calculator to convert grams to ounces or ounces to grams. Bubamara Design

Yarn Conversion Charts

Yarn conversion charts for United States Yarn, United Kingdom Yarn and Australine Yarn. Laughing Hens

Yarn Sub

YarnSub is a free and independent tool to help knitters and crocheters find workable substitutes for discontinued or hard to find yarns Yarn Sub

Yarn Substitution Calculator for Projects

This calculator will help you figure out how much yarn is needed for your project when switching yarn types. The Crochet Crowd

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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