Crochet Basics

Learn how to crochet with these crochet tutorials, crochet lessons and basic crochet information.

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Crochet Tips & Tricks #ad

Shortcuts and Techniques Every Crocheter Should Know by Lily Chin - Published 2009 Affiliate Link to Amazon

Crocheting School: A Complete Course #ad

This book is an excellent reference for beginner and advanced crocheters. by Sterling Publishing Company - Paperback - Published 2004 Affiliate Link to Amazon

Single Crochet for Beginners #ad

More than 30 projects offer crocheters a variety of projects, from square mats to mittens and hats by Cindy Crandall-Frazier - Paperback - Published 2005 Affiliate Link to Amazon

Back Loop

Learn what is a back loop when crocheting with this illustration. Annie's Attic

Back Loop (Video)

A video on how to crochet in the back loop of a crochet stitch. You Tube

Back Loop and Front Loop

Learn how to crochet in the back loop or front loop of a crochet stitch. Stitch Diva Studios

Back Loop Crochet

How to work back loop crochet. The Spruce Crafts

Basic Crochet Charts

Getting Started. Basic crochet terms with definition and abbreviation/symbol. Crochet Memories

Basic Crocheting Instructions

The instructions below will show you how to make a foundation row and a single crochet stitch. If you follow them exactly, you’ll complete a 7" by 9" block. Craft Yarn Council

Blocking - Crochet Blocking

An article on how to block a crocheted afghan. The Tardy Homemaker

Blocking - Crochet Blocking (Video)

A video on how to block a crochet item. You Tube

Blocking A Sweater

ow and Why Blocking a Sweater or other Hand Knits and Crocheted Garments is Important. Big Serious

Blocking Crochet

Blocking crochet is the process of “molding” your finished work into the shape that you desire. Learn how! Crochet Spot

Blocking Template

Eight section template to use when blocking a project. Crochet Memories

Blocking Template

Six and twelve section template - use them blocking your project. Crochet Memories

Cast On - Left-handed Version

Cast on is simple - here are instructions for a left-hander. Hobby Loco

Casting on - Right-handed version

Crochet cast on for the right-hander. Hobby Loco

Changing Color - Double Crochet Color Change

Learn how to change yarn color when double crocheting. Annie's Attic

Changing Colors in Crochet

A diagram and instructions for changing colors.

Crochet Appliques - How To Attach to Crochet Piece

There are different ways to sew crochet appliques to crochet pieces. This guide shows how to attach them so the stitching doesn't show on the back of the item. Associate

Crochet Lessons For Right-Handers

It's easy! It's FUN! Yes, YOU can LEARN HOW TO CROCHET Crochet Guild of America

Detailed Crocheting Instructions

Helpful Crochet Abbreviations, Instructions and Tips Craft Designs for You

Fastening Off - Crochet

Instructions on how to end or fasten off yarn when crocheting. Annie's Attic

Fastening Off - Crochet

How to fasten off yarn in crochet.

Fastening Off - Crochet (Video)

How to fasten off yarn in crochet. You Tube

Fastening Off - Crochet (Video)

A video on how to fasten off yarn in crocheting. You Tube

Front Loop

An illustration of the front loop of a crochet stitch. Annie's Attic

Front Loop (Video)

A video on how to crochet in the front loop of a crochet stitch. You Tube


Gauge means the number of stitches per inch and rows per inch. Learn how to determine the correct gauge when crocheting. Annie's Attic


Crochet gauge is important. Learn how to crochet a gauge swatch.


How to measure gauge for pattern. Smart Knit-Crocheting

How to Crochet

A comprehensive printable booklet, "Learn to Crochet" from Lions Brand Yarn. Lion Brand Yarn

Magic Circle

How to crochet a magic ring. Petals to Picots

Magic Circle - Crochet

How to make a crocheted magic circle - instructions and photos. Planet June

Magic Circle - Crochet (Video)

This technique is an alternate way of beginning a crochet project instead of chaining - A video. You Tube

Magic Circle - Crochet (Video)

A video demostration of how to to the magic circle crochet loop. You Tube

Magic Circle - Crochet - Left-handers

Left-handed instructions with photos for doing the magic circle. Planet June

Magic Ring

Magic ring, magic loop, adjustable ring - or even the "finger wrap" method... take your pick Crochet Leaf

Markers - Crochet Markers

How to use vinyl-coated paper clips as stitch markers. Future Girl

Reading A Crochet Pattern

This article explains how to read a crochet pattern. Craft Yarn Council

Reading Crochet Pattern

Examples of crochet instructions and explanation of instructions. Crochet Crochet 'N More

Slip Knot - How to make a slip knot - 3 methods (Video)

A video on how to make a slip knot for crochet or knitting. Instructional tutorial for making slip knots. This tutorial shows three different ways to make slip knots.

Yarn - Adding New Color or New Skein

Learn how to change color or add new skein when crocheting. Annie's Attic

Yarn - Adding New Skein

Learn how to join a new skein of yarn during crocheting.

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