How to Prevent Crochet Stitches From Unraveling

How to Put Down Your Crochet Project

As you crochet, the telephone rings, something needs your attention or you are just ready to stop crocheting.  You toss the project into the bag and later pull it out to discover that some of the crochet stitches have unraveled.  So frustrating!  Right? It use to happen to me.

But not anymore!!!!

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How do I prevent it? Here's my crochet tip.  A quick and easy way to keep my work from unraveling when I put it down or stick it in my basket is a simple crochet stitch marker.

It's simple!  It's easy!  And definitely ensures that the completed crochet stitch and/or stitches won't unravel. 

What is a crochet stitch marker?

Crochet stitch markers are small useful tools used to mark someplace or something of importance when crocheting.   

Unlike knitting stitch markers, which are closed bands, crochet markers are small plastic or metal rings or clips with open slots so that they can be attached, removed and repositioned at a new location as one crochets.

Keep reading this post or watch our video to learn how to use a crochet stitch marker to prevent crochet stitches from coming undone.

Plus you'll discover in this article how to use crochet stitch markers in other ways.  And, also, alternatives to store-purchased crochet markers.

Watch our video tutorial below or click the link if you prefer to watch How to Prevent Crochet Stitches From Unraveling in Youtube.

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To Demonstrate this stitch unraveling prevention technique, I am using:

Before putting the crochet project away, use this technique to prevent the last stitch/stitches from unraveling. Crochet Unraveling Tip Store When traveling, this is definitely important as a safe way to put the project on pause.

Ordinary crochet stitch markers are available online and in brick-and-mortar craft and hobby stores but you can find beautiful stitch markers on Etsy.

how to use the crochet stitch marker as a stitch unraveling preventer

You're ready to end the crochet session and put the project aside.  Remove the crochet hook from the last crochet stitch crocheted. Crochet Unraveling Tip Last Stitch

Pick up the handy dandy crochet stitch marker and slip it through the working loop of the last stitch made. Crochet Unraveling Tip Add MarkerThen, secure this single loop that is left on your unfinished project by pulling the working yarn to draw the working loop down around the stitch marker. Crochet Unraveling Tip Plastic Stitch Marker

This allows you to set the project aside without worrying that when you're ready to start crocheting Crochet Unraveling Tip Project In Basket you'll have to re-crochet stitches that have unraveled.

When you're ready to resume crocheting, remove the marker, reinsert your hook into the loop and crochet.

What if you don't have a stitch marker handy?

Here are a few alternatives: Crochet Unraveling Tip Stitch Markers

Paper Clip Crochet Unraveling Tip Stitch Marker Paper Clip

Safety Pin Crochet Unraveling Tip Stitch Marker Safety Pin

Twist Tie Crochet Unraveling Tip Stitch Marker Twist Tie

Bobby Pin Crochet Unraveling Tip Stitch Marker Bobby Pin

Long-Loop Method Crochet Unraveling Tip Long Loop Some people don't use a marker and just pull the last working loop out really long.

What do you do?  Do you use stitch markers to prevent your project from unraveling?  

How to Use Crochet Stitch Markers?

Crochet stitch markers can be used for so many purposes.  They are really, really a must-have tool in your crochet arsenal.  The following are some ways crochet stitch markers will help you when crocheting.

  • Help to Count Chains - The project calls for a long foundation chain.  Pop a crochet stitch marker in every 30 chains. This saves you from having to count the chains all over again when you lose count.
  • Mark Continuous Rounds - When you are working in continuous rounds, it is important to use a crochet stitch marker to mark the beginning of each round.
  • Counting Stitches or Rows - Use as a way to count stitches or mark the first row in a set of row repeats.
  • Color Changes - Use the marker to indicate when or where a color change will happen.
  • Identify Turning Chain - Place a stitch marker into the top of the turning chain to identify it.
  • Mark Increase and Decrease Points - Use a stitch marker to indicate where you want to increase or decrease stitches.
  • Pinning for Joining - When joining two crochet pieces together use crochet stitch markers as pins.
  • Indicate Placement of Crochet Elements - To mark and position the correct locations for attaching pieces to a project such as amigurumi pieces, appliques, buttons and buttonholes.
  • Mark the right and wrong sides of work - If you have trouble distinguishing the right and wrong sides of the crochet fabric piece, use a stitch marker to designate which side is which.

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