How to Sew a Hair Scrunchie (Easy Sewing Project)

This tutorial will show how to make hair scrunchies.  Scrunchies are used to tie back your hair in a ponytail and can give an extra pop to your outfit.  They are so easy and inexpensive to make that they can be made to match any outfit.

This is a perfect project to teach a child to sew and they will want to make them for their friends. Our scrunchies are Valentine's Day themed but by using different fabrics you can make scrunchies for any occasion or fashion outfit.

How to Sew a Scrunchie Tutorial - fb

Our scrunchies are made in 7 easy steps and this project only requires straight stitches.  You can make a scrunchie in less than 20 minutes!

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Watch this video tutorial and read the following easy step-by-step picture tutorial to learn to sew hair scrunchies.

COMPLETE VIDEO TUTORIAL AVAILABLE! The video below is a preview with no audio, to watch the whole video tutorial, click the link How to Sew a Hair Scrunchie (Easy Sewing Project) to watch in Youtube.

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What Fabrics Can You Use for Hair Scrunchies?

Many different fabrics can be used to make scrunchies.  For a beginner, we recommend using cotton fabric which comes in many different prints and can match any theme.  Cotton fabrics are easy to sew and handle so it makes them ideal for this project.  

Once you've mastered making these with cotton, try some of the other fabrics listed below.  This hair scrunchie project is great for using up fabric scraps.  

  • Cotton - comes in many colors, patterns, and themes.  Will soften after washing.
  • T-shirt knits - very soft and stretchy.  Knits can be more difficult to stitch.
  • Velvet - super soft but also harder to work with as it's thick and slippery.
  • Minky - also super soft but thick which can make it harder to work with.
  • Silk - thin but slippery and more expensive.

How to make Hair Scrunchies - Two Finished Scrunchies

WHAT YOU NEED to make hair scrunchies

  • Fabric 18" x 4"
  • 8" piece of 1/4" or 3/8" elastic
  • Safety Pins
  • Basic Sewing Supplies
  • Tube Tuner (Optional)

INSTRUCTIONS for making hair scrunchies


For this project, you need fabric and elastic.  From your fabric, cut a rectangular piece of fabric 18" x 4". Measure and cut the 1/4" or 3/8" wide elastic to be 8" long.How to make Hair Scrunchies - Gather Supplies


Fold the fabric in half lengthwise with right sides together as shown below. Place a pin 1-1/2" from each end. You will be sewing between the pins.How to make Hair Scrunchies - Fold Fabric


Using the edge of the presser foot as a stitch guide, begin sewing at the pin, 1-1/2" from the top and stop at the other pin, 1-1/2" from the bottom.  We used a 1/4" seam allowance but the width of your presser foot works as well. Hair Scrunchie Tutorial - Sewing Scrunchie Tube


Next, the tube will be turned right side out.  My favorite method for turning tubes is the Dritz Quick Turn because it makes the process easy.  I have a tutorial on using this quick turning method available through the link.Hair Scrunchie Tutorial - Turning Tube

If you do not have a quick turn, the tube can be turned with the safety pin method.  Place a safety pin at one end of your tube catching only one layer of fabric.  Insert the safety pin into the center of the tube, pushing it through. 

You will have to feel the pin and push the fabric along until the pin comes out the other side. 

Another way to turn a tube is to start pushing the fabric into the center of the tube at one end.  Take a pencil eraser end and use it to help push the fabric through to the other end. 


With right sides together, align two short edges together and pin in place. Hair Scrunchie Tutorial - Pin Ends together

Sew together using the edge of the presser foot as the seam guide. Finger press this seam open.Hair Scrunchie Tutorial - Sew ends together

Then, press the scrunchie flat tucking the raw edges of the opening to the inside. The scrunchie will look like the photo below. Hair Scrunchie Tutorial - Scrunchie Flat


Attach a safety pin to one end of the elastic and feed the elastic through the tube making sure not to lose the other end of the elastic in the tube. To make sure the other end of the elastic does not slip accidentally into the tube, use a safety pin to pin the end of the elastic to the fabric of the scrunchie.How to make Hair Scrunchies  - Insert Elastic

Once you have the elastic through, overlap the ends of the elastic and stitch them together by hand or with a sewing machine.How to make Hair Scrunchies  - Overlap ends of elastic and sew

STEP 7: Stitching the Opening Closed

Close the opening by either hand stitching it closed with the ladder stitch or edge stitch around the outside edge of the scrunchie.Hair Scrunchie Tutorial - Edge Stitch

The red scrunchie below is edge stitched with a heart decorative stitch. A decorative stitch or straight stitch close to the edge can be used. 

If you are not sure how to edge stitch, our Edge Stitch Tutorial would be helpful. 

The hair scrunchie is finished and ready to wear!

Hair Scrunchie Tutorial - Finsihed


If you have any questions about this project, contact us through the YouTube Video comments or our Contact Us page. We respond to questions in e-mails and YouTube comments regularly.


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How to Sew a Scrunchie Tutorial - Pin

How to Sew a Scrunchie Tutorial - Pin2

Valentine's Day Hair Scrunchie Tutorial - Pin Valentine's Day Hair Scrunchie Tutorial - FAcebook

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