Weaving and Braiding Art Crafts for Kids

Do you remember that wonderful plastic potholder weaving loom that was so popular back in the 70’s and was still popular 30 years later when I had my first child?

Once my daughter started in on the craft, I did actually learn what it felt like to have many, many woven potholders that didn’t work.  I loved my plastic square loom with the circular nylon weaving materials and made a ton of those potholders!  (My poor mom:)Potholder Loom

Truth be told, those old potholder looms were great fun and a perfect start to weaving for kids. We have put together exciting free weaving and braiding crafts for the kiddos that go way beyond the potholder weaving!

You’re going to learn about finger weaving, creating your own looms, braiding friendship bracelets, and using new and exciting textiles in weaving. Your kids are going to be so lucky that you found this page!

Handmade Weaving Looms

Let’s start with teaching your kids to create their own weaving looms!  We have several sites below with various instructions on how to make a loom for weaving with kids.

Most of the looms are made of cardboard, some with great hacks to make weaving for kids easier.  Check out the DIY Cardboard Loom from The Weaving Loom site.

It’s very simple and has an extra step in its creation that makes it a bit easier for little fingers to use. 

I remember weaving by grabbing the end of the yarn with my fingers and pushing it under and over the vertical strings. Some sites show you how to make an easy weaving needle that makes weaving for kids easier.  Brilliant!

Unique Ways to Weave

Many of the sites below have some interesting ways for kids to weave.  One way is the finger weaving technique. Once kids learn how to weave using just their fingers, they can enjoy weaving on the go!

View our Finger Knitting Tutorial to get started!  It’s a great video with step by step instructions to make learning to finger knit easy.Finger Knitting - Wrapping Yarn 

This video shows how to finger knit with one, two, three, or four fingers depending on the thickness of the cord you want to use to make your project.

Other sites have video tutorials as well, and some sites have detailed numbered visuals to help with finger weaving.

If you enjoy finger weaving, check out our finger weaving project page!

Braid Friendship Bracelets

Kids love to braid these pretty bracelets for their special friends, and we have some great braided friendship bracelet projects for you to check out.

When my daughter was younger, I remember one of the kids braiding friendship bracelets and putting them on cute cards as a Valentine gift at the elementary school Valentines Day party!  So cute!

One great place to start is the Beginner Friendly Friendship Bracelets for Kids. This free friendship bracelet pattern features both the candy stripe friendship bracelet and the fun fishtail braid bracelet designs.

There are other project patterns to braid friendship bracelets that use beads to add bling and personalization to this rainy day craft. 

When the kids were young, I had their parties at home (what was I thinking?!)  I had a theme for each party, and the kids always had a craft to do.  These bracelets would have been a perfect craft for the upper elementary kids.Loom Projects

Be sure to scroll down to see all of the wonderful weaving projects that we found for you. Learn to make a paper basket, a woven dreamcatcher, keychains, and more.

Time for a wonderful weekend of weaving!

Weaving and Braiding Art Crafts for Kids

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 Finger Knitting Tutorial

Finger Knitting Tutorial

Learn how to Finger Knit with these instructional tutorials.
This video tutorial and written photo tutorial has step-by-step instructions on how to finger knit which can also be called finger weaving.

Beginner Friendly Friendship Bracelets for Kids

Beginner Friendly Friendship Bracelets for Kids #ad

Kids have fun as they learn creative knots and braiding with this free pattern that features a classic candy stripe friendship bracelet and fishtail braid bracelet design. Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations

Box Loom Weaving

How to make a simple box loom and weave with it. Tinker Lab

Braided T-shirt Keychain

Upcycle t-shirt into a braided keychain with this free tutorial. Crafts by Amanda

Cardboard Loom

Learn how to weave on a cardboard loom. All Fiber Arts

Circle Weave Wall Art Hanging

Let the kids express their creativity by circle weaving with beads. Hello Wonderful

Cute Baby Turtle Tutorial

Kids can weave cute tutorials using the God's Eye weaving pattern. Pink Stripey Socks

DIY Cardboard Loom

For those that want to try weaving, but don’t have to spend money on a loom before they know if you like it. With this post, learn how to make a temporary loom or a second loom. The Weaving Loom

Dog Toy

Dog Toy

You can turn old jeans into a chew toy your pet will love by braiding this DIY denim dog toy! Single Girls DIY

Easy Braided Friendship Bracelet with Letter Beads

This friendship bracelet pattern braids three colors of embroidery thread. Alphabet letters and beads are added in the middle of the bracelet and it is fastened with a simple knot loop and button. Projects with Kids

Finger Knitted Friendship Bracelet

Finger Knitted Friendship Bracelet

A video on how to make a simple finger knitted friendship bracelet. Kids can make for themselves and exchange with to friends.

Finger Knitting - Beaded Friendship Bracelet (Video)

Finger Knitting - Beaded Friendship Bracelet (Video)

Learn how to finger knit a bracelet with beads.

Finger Weaving

Instructions for finger weaving a belt. Native American Technology and Art

Finger Weaving

Learn how to finger weave with step-by-step instructions and photographs. wikiHow

Fingerloop Braiding

Instructions and illustrations on fingerloop braiding. Phiala's String Page

Fishtail Braid Friendship Bracelet

Inspired by fishtail hair braiding, this free friendship bracelet tutorial is sure to please your kids. Very easy to do. The Stripe

Harrisville Designs Potholder 7" Traditional Size Potholder Loom Kit with Cotton Loops

Harrisville Designs Potholder 7" Traditional Size Potholder Loom Kit with Cotton Loops #ad

Make 2 Potholders, Weaving Crafts for Kids & Adults-Multi Affiliate Link to

Heart Coat Hanger Weaving

This woven coat hanger heart craft is another creative way to show your neighbours, community and city some love during difficult times without having to leave your home. With a coat hanger, yarn and some basic weaving skills, kids can weave these coat hanger hearts to hang in the front yard or in a window to send a message of hope and love to friends, neighbors and your community. Happy Hooligans

Homemade Braiding Board

Make a homemade braiding board to teach kids how to braid! Happy Hooligans

How to Weave Using a Loom

How to Weave Using a Loom

A very basic tutorial on how to start weaving with a Melissa & Doug weaving loom. This is an excellent tutorial for teaching a beginner or child how to weave using a loom.

Interlace Braiding

Text instructions and diagrams on interlace braiding. Phiala's String Page

Melissa & Doug Wooden Multi-Craft Weaving Loom

Melissa & Doug Wooden Multi-Craft Weaving Loom #ad

Includes adjustable wooden loom, oversize wooden needle, craft materials, illustrated design booklet, 91 yards (83 m) of rainbow yarn. Instructions for making four projects. Affiliate Link to

Mini Wall Hanging

Using a cardboard loom, kids will love making mini DIY wall art hangings to brighten up their room or any room in your house. Art Bar

Newspaper Basket Weaving

Perfect for spring cleaning and organization! Make baskets out of newspaper. Recycle newspapers and organize stuff with the baskets you create. Assembly Gather and Create

Paper Basket Weaving

Paper Basket Weaving

How to reuse a brown paper bag into a paper basket. Single Girls DIY

Paper Weaving Bookmark

A nice project for kids. Things To Make and Do

Paper Woven Basket Tutorial

A great free project to make usable paper baskets out of recyclable newspapers, magazines, paper and so much more. Get started with this tutorial. Craftionary

Pipe Cleaner Weaving

Pipe Cleaner Weaving

Here is a weaving activity for toddlers. This will develop a child's motor skills and the very basic concept of sewing with a plastic canvas and pipe cleaners. My Poppet Makes

Rainbow Paper Plate Weaving

With simple household supplies, kids can make this project. Cut a paper plate in half, paint the sky and weave the rainbow. Pink Stripey Socks

Round Braided Leather Friendship Bracelet

Another grown-up friendship bracelet that uses a four-strand round braid style pattern. A video tutorial along with a written materials list. Learn this technique. Curly Made

Soda Straw Weaving

Children can learn to weave with this easy technique. The Imagination Factory

Stick Loom Weaving

Looking for an easy-yet-fulfilling craft for all skill levels? Try weaving with branches! Here are some instructions. Hand Woven Magazine

Stick Weaving

For this easy stick weaving activity, all you need is a sturdy Y-shaped stick, colorful yarn and a sewing needle. Free Tutorial. Happy Hooligans

Straw Weaving Bracelet

Make a colorful bracelet with straw weaving. There's Just One Mommy

Straw Weaving Bracelet

Straw Weaving Bracelet #ad

Straw weaving is a fun way to make friendship bracelets. Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations

Straw Weaving Bracelet Tutorial

Straw weaving is a great way to make bright chunky bracelets that are perfect for the kids. Design Dazzle

Straw Weaving Instructions

How to weave with drinking straws and yarn. One Little Project

Weave It!

Weave It! #ad

15 Fun Weaving Projects for Kids! Weave It featuring 15 projects with clear step-by-step instructions and colorful photography. This book teaches kids one of the oldest craft traditions, weaving. by Maria Sigma - Paperback - Published 2020 Affiliate Link to Amazon

Woven CD Dream Catcher Craft

Upcycle unused CD into an attractive dream catcher. Pink Stripey Socks

Woven Heart Basket

Instructions for making a heart basket with paper. KinderArt

Yarn Butterfly Craft

Kids can make gorgeous yarn butterfly crafts using this simple weaving technique and this tutorial. The Craft Train

Yarn Coil Basket

Yarn Coil Basket

Older Kids will love to make these coil baskets. Made by wrapping yarn around a cord, these budget friendly baskets use up scrap yarn. Associate

Yarn Weaving on a Cardboard Loom

With simple supplies, kids can learn how to weave. Childhood 101

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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