How to make a Stepping Stone

Do you need a gift idea for kids to make for mom, dad or grandparents?  Or are you looking for a project to do with your kids this summer?  How about a fun, DIY stepping stone.

With a stepping stone kit, your child can make a charming garden accent for any yard.    And once you make one, all you need to do is purchase stepping stone cement mix and some decorative items to complete more.Stepping Stone Tutorial - Facebook Ad

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Learn more about making stepping stones by watching our video or keep reading this post.

Watch our video tutorial below or click the link if you prefer to watch How to make a Stepping Stone in Youtube.

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Stepping Stone Tutorial - Multiple Stepping Stones in Garden



  • A Mold
  • Stepping Stone Cement Mix
  • Embellishments - Floral Gems, Seashells, Stones, Mosaic Tiles or Glass, etc.
  • Plastic Bucket or Plastic Container 
  • Trowel
  • Nonstick Cooking Spray
  • Measuring Cup
  • Newspaper or Drop Cloth

Stepping Stone Tutorial - Kit



A stepping stone kit contains everything you need to make the stepping stone.  The contents in the kit vary depending on the kit purchased.  Kits contain a reusable mold and all the material you need including detailed instructions, pattern ideas, and embellishments.  The type of embellishments will differ from kit to kit.

Before starting to make the stepping stone, thoroughly read the directions several times to familiarize yourself with the process.


Start by putting newspaper or a drop cloth on the work surface especially if you are making the stepping stone in the house.  If weather permits, making the stepping stone outside is an even better idea.

So the finished stepping stone will come out of the mold easily, spray the mold with cooking spray.


You can use the pattern that comes with the kits or make up their own pattern. In addition to the embellishments that come with the kit, you can use craft items such as floral stones, shells, small toys, sea glass, mosaic tiles and glass, broken flower pots, pretty stones and pebbles, etc.  Handprint stepping stones are a popular and wonderful option.

It is a good idea to lay out the design before the cement is mixed or even make a sketch of the idea or pattern.


The kit I purchased this time, had a plastic resealable bag for mixing the cement.  However, I found this method of mixing the cement very messy and would not do it that way again.  When I previously made stepping stones with my grandchildren, I used a plastic container and trowel to mix the cement.

Carefully place the cement mix into the plastic mixing container and add the recommended amount of water in the instructions. If you are using a plastic container, mix the cement with a trowel.  If you are using the bag method, seal the bag, remove air from the bag and squeeze the bag to gently mix the cement.

Continue mixing until the mixture is smooth and pourable like pancake batter. To get the right consistency more water may have to be added but only add one tablespoon at the time.  


After thoroughly mixing, pour the cement into the mold, squishing it down and spread evenly around.  Then, tap the mold to get the cement to settle and remove air bubbles.  


Stepping Stone Tutorial - Gems

As mentioned before, you can embellish the stepping stone with lots of things.  To use these items, such as mosaic glass, shells, floral stones, place them on the surface of the cement leaving a least 1/8 inch space between them and push them slowly but firmly until they are even with the surface of the cement. Continue adding elements to create the design.

If using a pattern provided in the kit, place the pattern on the wet cement and place the design elements into the cement as they appear on the pattern.  

Stepping Stone Tutorial - Decorated

How do you make a handprint stepping stone?
If making a handprint stepping stone, simply place the hand gently but firmly into the cement so it leaves a good impression.  Then, remove the hand and wash it with soap and water. Decorate as desired.

How do you add letters to a stepping stone?
The cement cannot be too wet or loose when adding lettering or the letters will not hold their shape.  The directions that came with my stepping stone recommended waiting 30 minutes to an hour before stamping it.  (I waited about 45 minutes.)  To test the cement to make sure it is ready, touch the cement with a paper towel.  If the paper towel soaks up water the stone is not ready and wait an additional 15 minutes.  Then try again.

Stepping Stone Tutorial - LetteringOnce the cement is ready, align the letters for a word in the order they will be used.  To stamp, start with the center letter of the word and push it into the cement and gently remove it.  Next, place a letter on either side and continue until the word is complete.

Stepping Stone Tutorial - Words


Once the stone is decorated, it has to cure (which means dry) undisturbed for 24 to 48 hours.  


Stepping Stone Tutorial - FinishedAfter completely cured, remove the stepping stone from mold and  place it in your garden to enjoy. Stepping stones will bring you years of pleasure. 

Stepping Stone Tutorial - Finished in GardenMaking and decorating garden stepping stones are a kid-friendly craft that adds a permanent and personal touch to any garden.
Stepping Stone Tutorial - Multiple Stones



If you have any questions about this project, contact us through the YouTube Video comments or our Contact Us page. We respond to questions in e-mails and YouTube comments regularly.

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Premium Stepping Stone Cement Mix, 8 lbs.

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Stepping Stone Kit - Round Stone Kit

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Stepping Stone Tutorial - Pin

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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