30 Free Loop Yarn Patterns and Projects

30 Free Loop Yarn Patterns and Projects

We have put together a list of 20+ free loop yarn patterns and projects you will LOVE!  Find blankets, scarfs, hats, sweaters, pillows, hats, and more!

Loop yarn is the new rage in knitting!

Walkthrough the yarn section of a craft store and you will see lots of this new type of yarn on the shelves - loop yarn. It comes in all different colors - solids and variegated.

Why has loop yarn become so popular?

It is popular because anyone can learn to knit with loop yarn - children to adults. This is a fun way to introduce knitting to children since cumbersome needles are not needed.  All that is needed is fingers.  After learning and understanding how to knit with loop yarn, the transition to knitting with knitting needles is easier.

What is loop yarn?

Loop yarn is amazing! It is a type of puffy yarn made with unique preformed loops. To make a loop yarn project all you have to do is loop the loops together.  It is so easy and so fast completing projects.

Do you need loop yarn project ideas?

What about a blanket, scarf, cowl, hat or home decor. On this page, you will find many FREE loop yarn projects.

If you do not know how to use loop yarn, check out our Loop Yarn Knitting Tutorials page.

Do you want to purchase loop yarn in the convenience of your home?  Amazon has an excellent selection of different brands and colors of loop yarn.

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Adult Loop Yarn Scarf

Adult Loop Yarn Scarf

Do you need a new scarf for this winter? Don't look any further than this fluffy loop yarn scarf. A free loop yarn scarf pattern and tutorial. Staff

Baby Blanket Pattern with Loopy Yarn

Make this EZ striped garter stitch baby blanket using pre-looped yarn and a free pattern from Yarnspirations

Bath Rug Loop Yarn Pattern

Bath Rug Loop Yarn Pattern

Learn how to make a fluffy, soft loopy bath mat using loop yarn. Our free pattern and tutorial will teach a new stitch.

Blanket - Textured Blanket Using Loop Yarn

Blanket - Textured Blanket Using Loop Yarn

Learn how to make this Loop Yarn Textured Blanket with our free pattern by watching our video or reading our photo tutorial with step-by-step instructions. Staff

Blanket Pattern

Click for a free loop yarn pattern for a cozy, loop yarn blanket. TL Yarn Crafts

Blanket Pattern - Loop yarn

Make a finger knitted blanket with loop yarn and a very simple finger knitting technique. Click for the free pattern. Make & Do Crew

Bunny Scarf

Do you know someone who like bunnies? Make this adorable bunny scarf using loop yarn for them. Quick and easy free project. Yarnspirations


Create a quick and easy cardigan fashion accessory with loop yarn and a free pattern from Yarnspirations

Cardigan from Loopy Yarn

Click to learn how to use the loop yarn to make a soft, comfy cardigan with a free pattern by The Hook Nook Life

Chunky Hat with loop yarn

Learn how to make a chunky hat with loop yarn and a free pattern from Sugar Bee Crafts

Criss-Cross Cowl with Loop Yarn and the Criss-Cross stitch

This wonderful bulky, soft cowl pattern is free from Joann

Criss-Cross Pillow from Loopy Yarn PDF

Create a beautiful and plush pillow with loop yarn and a free pattern from Yarnspirations

Criss-Cross Scarf

A soft and plush scarf that is easy to knit with loop yarn. No knitting needles necessary. The pattern is free from Yarnspirations

Doll Scarf

Doll Scarf

Make a quick and easy scarf for your doll using loopy yarn for an American Girl Doll or 18" doll.
This project is a wonderful way to use up scraps of leftover loop yarn from other projects. One skein of loop yarn could make many of these scarves!

Easter Loop Yarn Wreath

Easter Loop Yarn Wreath

Learn how to make a cute, easy Easter wreath with loop yarn and a free pattern from

Easy Loop Yarn Scarf

Learn how to make an easy loop scarf with this free pattern from Nicki's Homemade Crafts

EZ Baby Bear Hat from Loop Yarn

Make an adorable hat for a little one with this free loop yarn pattern. Yarnspirations

EZ Garter Ridge Pillow

EZ Garter Ridge Pillow

How to make a loop yarn pillow. This EZ Garter Ridge Pillow pattern is free from Yarnspirations. Watch our video to learn how to make the pillow with this loop yarn pattern.
Get the free pattern here. Staff

Heart Pillow (Loop Yarn Project)

Heart Pillow (Loop Yarn Project)

Learn how to make a heart pillow with loop yarn by watching our video tutorial and reading our step-by-step photo tutorial. Our free pattern is included with a chart. This is a fun, cute knitting project. No knitting needles required, just your fingers. Staff


Is it a wrap? wide scarf with pockets? chunky pocket shawl thing? It's Always Autumn

Loop Yarn Criss-Cross Scarf

Loop Yarn Criss-Cross Scarf

Learn how to make a fun criss-cross scarf using the new loop yarn with our video and photo tutorial.

Loop Yarn Hat

You don’t need to know how to knit to finger loop this cozy hat! Just use loop yarn and this free pattern from Red Heart

Loop Yarn Scarf for Kids

Loop Yarn Scarf for Kids

Finger Knitting for Kids! Kids will love to make a colorful loop yarn scarf with the Crayola Off the Hook Yarn. Using only their fingers, kids can create a scarf in a few hours with our free finger knitting scarf pattern and tutorial. Staff

Loop Yarn Throw Blanket

How to finger knit a throw blanket from loopy yarn and a free pattern from Everyday Jenny

Looping Stripes Throw Free Pattern

Want to snuggle up under a handmade blanket but don’t knit or crochet? Never fear, Loop yarn is the answer! Just start looping and you’ll have your very own throw in no time. Click for the free pattern by Red Heart

Loopy Corner Crochet Pillow PDF

This unique looking pillow would be a wonderful addition to your living room! Click for a free pattern and instructions to make this fun pillow from Loop Yarn. Yarnspirations

One-Ball Looped Cowl

Grab a ball of Loop-It yarn and get looping with this cowl pattern. Red Heart

Puffy Seed Stitch Cowl

Whip up a puffy, soft cowl as a fashion accessory with a free pattern from Marty Bird

Rainbow Blanket

This sweet little blanket is perfect for nap time! It’s easy to make, you don’t have to know how to knit or crochet, just pull the loops through and you’ll have a cute blanket when finished. Red Heart

Round Pillow

With this free pattern make a round pillow using loop yarn. The unique loops in this yarn makes this project quick and easy! Yarnspirations

Strawberry Waffle Loop It Scarf

With this free pattern, you will be able to make an super soft, chenille type scarf with loop yarn. My Hobby is Crochet

Striped Dog Mat from Loop Yarn

This super-soft dog mat can be whipped up in no time using loop yarn and a free pattern from Posh Pooch Designs

Valentine's Day Heart Loop Yarn Wreath

Valentine's Day Heart Loop Yarn Wreath

Learn to make a Heart Wreath for Valentine's Day from Loop Yarn (loopy yarn). This is a fun, quick and easy DIY Wreath project that takes less than 30 minutes to make.

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