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Knitting Tips & Tricks

Shortcuts and Techniques Every Knitter Should Know by Lily Chin - Hardcover - Published 2009


One way to get rid of the "stair steps" when binding off over several rows is When you bind off each group of stitches, always slip the first stitch of the group. This makes for a much smoother edge. Maggie's Rags


Do you need a marker when knitting or crocheting? You can use a bread tag as a marker.

Don't Lose Your Place in a Pattern

Which row did I finish? Learn how to keep track of the row being worked on a crochet or knit pattern. This is a simple, easy quick tip. Staff

Double Pointed Needle Tip

Learn how to prevent stitches from sliding off double pointed needles. Needlepointers Staff


Always check the gauge listed on the yarn against the gauge required for your pattern to make sure you are buying the right yarn. Wonderful Things


Knit swatch test - Measure it well in all directions and wash it the way you would wash your finished garment. Measure again carefully to compare to the original. You now know how it will look after washing, without jeopardizing your whole garment. Wonderful Things


Be sure that you know, if your instructions were written in America or in Europe! There IS a difference. Wonderful Things


During breaks in knitting, I put a rubber band on the tip of the needle to keep work from slipping off. By Alice Best Lions Yarn


Store double pointed needles in travel toothbrush holders and mark size with indelible marker. Lions Brand


Store knitting needles in tubes for cross-stitch cloth. Ben Franklin Crafts

Label Your Handmade Crochet & Knit Projects

HOW? WHY? Just as an artist add their name to their artwork, your handmade crochet or knit creations are works of art and a personalized label should be added to all finished projects. Learn more here. Associate

Long-Tail Cast On Knitting Tip

In knitting, the long-tail cast-on is a popular method of casting stitches onto a needle. A problem with this cast-on method is determining the length of the tail. Watch our YouTube video for a quick tip on how to decide the length of the tail. Needlepointers Staff


Keep a pen and paper handy or a row counter to keep track of how many rows are completed. This is particularly helpful with more difficult patterns. One extra row in one sleeve of a sweater will result in a horrible mismatch. By Judy Coates Suite101


Put plastic or rubber knitting needle points on the tips of scissors so that they won't damage other things in your knitting bag. The Knitter's Bag


Make stitch markers out of pieces of a different colored yarn, make a slip stitch and put on the needle where you want to mark an area. Karen's Left-Handed Knitting Page


Use a latch hook for attaching tassels, it keeps the yarn secure as you pull it through the edge. Prayer Shawl Ministry


When adding another skein of yarn leave enough tail to knit it in with next row. It will save the effort of weaving in the small hanging pieces after the project is finished and it will also stay put during use. By Lee Levy Lions Yarn


When knitting and joining a new skein of yarn, knit 3 stitches using both the end of the old skein and the beginning of the new skein. Drop old skein, and continue with new skein. The Knitter's Bag


Learn how to keep yarn from rolling away by putting it in a bowl. This also helps keep yarn clean. Watch video.


Turn an ordinary oatmeal canister into a yarn holder. No more tangled yarn. Associates

Yarn Holder

Don’t let your yarn get crossed. Use an empty baby wipes container to keep yarn clean and tangle-free. Real Simple

Yarn Organization and Storage

No More Messy Yarn Stash! Yarn storage with plastic bins, egg cartons, shoe boxes, scotch tape and hair clips are a few excellent yarn storage solutions. Learn how with this tutorial. Associate

Yarn Storage Tip

Every morning I get a daily newspaper delivered in a long narrow plastic sleeve. To keep some of these plastic bags out of the landfill, I am repurposing them into yarn storage bags. Learn more and watch a video.

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