Knitting Topics

Lots and lots of knitting information including basic knitting information, guides to knitting stitches, other knitting techniques, knitting needle charts, yarn guides, finger knitting, glossary of knitting terms, loom knitting, knitting in languages other than English and lots more.

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Knitting - Video Tutorials

Learn how to knit with these video tutorials. A knitting video tutorial is an easy way to learn to knit because you will see the actual demo of the knitting technique.

Beginners Guide to Knitting

Learn how to knit. The basic knitting information - casting on, yarn gauge, knit stitch, purl stitch, weaving yarn ends and more.

Knitting - Left-Handed Knitting

If you are left-handed, have you been wanting to learn to knit but don’t know where to start? Left-handed knitting is simply a mirror image of right-handed knitting and with a few modifications, a leftie can learn to knit.

We have researched online. . .(more)

Abbreviations & Terms

A list of knitting terms, abbreviations and their meanings, and techniques.

Knitting Apps

Many helpful knitting apps to include knitting stitch counter apps, pattern readers to knit, pattern creation apps and magazines apps.

Free Online Knitting Calculators

We have a collection of knitting calculators. Find yarn calculator, knitting yardage calculator, hat calculator, substituting yarn calculator and more.

Knitting Embellishments

Learn how to add and make embellishments to a knitting project. Some topics are adding beads to a knit project, how to knit a buttonhole, adding fringe, making I-cord and more.

Knitting Finishing Techniques

Have you ever asked the questions, "How do I stitch the seams together on my finished knit project?" can help with the links below.

Problems - Solving Knit Problems

Ideas and techniques for solving knitting mistakes.

Knitting Stitches and Knitting Stitch Patterns

A full library of knitting stitches and knitting stitch patterns can be found here, to include the basic knitting stitches you need to create beautiful projects!

Knitting Techniques

More useful knitting information.

KnittingTools & Accessories

Knitting needles, hooks, stitch markers... These are a few of the supplies used in knitting. Product reviews.

Knitting Tutorials/Lessons

Knitting how-to instructions. A great way to learn to knit.

Knitting - Other Languages

Learn how to knit in French, Spanish and German.

Shows and Events

Knitting Shows, Festivals and Events

One of the biggest reasons for heading to a knitting event is it is a great place for knitters to get knitting inspiration. Knitting and crochet events can be found everywhere and every month. . . .(more)

Tips and Tricks

Helpful knitting tips and hints.

Yarn Guide

About yarn.


Hundreds of free online knitting patterns. Find free knitting patterns for beginners through advanced knitters.

Free Catalogs for Knitters

Do you still like to thumb through catalogs to shop for knitting and crochet supplies such as yarn, kits, notions and patterns?  Or to get inspiration for creating a unique knitting or crochet project?

Here’s a comprehensive alphabetically. . .(more)

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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Knitting Topics


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Profile Photo

Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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