Learn to make a Criss-Cross Scarf with Loop Yarn

Loop Yarn Criss Cross Scarf Tutorial - fb

Learn how to make a fun criss-cross scarf using the new loop yarn with our video and photo tutorial.  This loop yarn criss-cross scarf or cowl is another project in our loop yarn series.  With loop yarn, you can knit with using only your fingers, no knitting needles are required!

Loop yarn is a new product which appeared in stores about a year ago, we have found this yarn fun to use to make projects like pillows, scarfs, blankets and more.   Visit our Loop Yarn Tutorial page for many tutorials and projects to make with this new loop yarn.

This criss-cross cowl is a more challenging stitch to make with the loopy yarn, so it may not be a good project for a beginner.  Please visit our links above for many other beginner loop yarn projects.

Watch our video tutorial below or click the link if you prefer to watch Learn to make a Criss-Cross Scarf with Loop Yarn in Youtube.

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INSTRUCTIONS For the Loop Yarn Criss-Cross Scarf or Cowl

STEP 1: Loop Yarn Foundation Row has a complete tutorial on stitching the Loop Yarn Criss-Cross Stitch.  Click the link to learn how to make this stitch.

For the scarf, start with 14 foundation loops in your main color of loop yarn.  If you are following using the tutorial above, start with the 14 loops and then continue as explained in the tutorial.Loop Yarn Criss-Cross Scarf - Stitched

To adjust the width of the scarf, remember to always start with an EVEN number of foundation loops.  This will ensure the crosses come out correctly.

STEP 2: Stitch First Section of criss-cross scarf

For the first section of the scarf, stitch 11 rows of the main color from loopy yarn.  This will give you the starting section of your scarf.

STEP 3: Stitch Stripes from the loop yarn

If you would like to add stripes to your criss-cross scarf, after the first 11 rows, switch to your alternate color and stitch four rows from the loop yarn.

Next, switch back to the main color and stitch three rows from the loop yarn.

Again, switch to the alternate color and stitch another four rows from the loop yarn.

An option is to make your scarf in all one color.  In this case, just continue stitching using your main color loopy yarn throughout the whole scarf or cowl.

STEP 4: Stitch Remaining Scarf or cowl

After completing the last four rows of the alternate color for the second stripe, switch back to the main color and continue stitching with the loop yarn until the scarf or cowl is the desired length.

For our cowl, we used most of the main color skein of loopy yarn.

STEP 5: Join ends for the cowl

If you are making a scarf, skip to step 7 Bind off.  

To finish the cowl, the two ends will need to be joined together.  To join them together, hold the two ends side by side and line them up.Loop Yarn Criss-Cross Scarf - Connect

Insert the loop ends through the foundation row so that they match up and look like they were continuously stitched.  See the photo below for a sample.Loop Yarn Criss-Cross Scarf - Ends Inserted Through

STEP 6: Turn the criss-cross cowl

Carefully turn the cowl so you can see the loops on the inside.  Pull the loops up so that they are all visible.  Count to make sure you have all 14 loops as you do not want to miss one.Loop Yarn Criss-Cross Scarf - Turn Scarf

Continue to the next step to bind off the criss-cross cowl.

STEP 7: how to Bind OFF with loopy yarn

Start to bind off the scarf or cowl.  We have a complete tutorial on binding off with loop yarn.  If the description below is confusing, please visit that page for a more complete tutorial.

To bind off, take the first and second loop.  Pass the second loop through the first loop and pull it up.  Then take the third loop and pass it through the second loop.  Continue across the row in the same way.Loop Yarn Criss-Cross Scarf - Bind Off

STEP 8: Tie OFF last loop

Finally, to finish the criss-cross scarf or cowl, carefully cut the last loop open.  Then take the open piece of yarn and tie it off to the previous loop.Loop Yarn Criss-Cross Scarf - Cut Loop

The scarf or cowl is complete!  Below is a photo of the joined section of our criss-cross cowl.Loop Yarn Criss-Cross Scarf - Connected

We hope you enjoyed this video and photo tutorial on how to make a Loop Yarn Criss-Cross Cowl or Scarf from Loop Yarn.  Find links for supplies to this project below and also other tutorials you may be interested in.

Loop Yarn Criss-Cross Scarf - Finished


If you have any questions about this project, contact us through the YouTube Video comments or our Contact Us page. We respond to questions in e-mails and YouTube comments regularly.

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