Loop Yarn Scarf Pattern (Bernat Alize Blanket-Ez Loop Yarn)

Do you need a new scarf for this winter?  Don't look any further than this fluffy loop yarn scarf.  Anyone can make this finger knitted scarf using this super easy loop yarn pattern.   This Bernat Alize Blanket-ez scarf pattern can be made in less than two hours.

Loop Yarn Adult Scarf Pattern - fb

Are you interested in other loop yarn patterns?  Be sure to check out some of our other favorite patterns near the end of this post.

Keep reading for a written tutorial on how to make the loop yarn scarf.  A video tutorial is also available below on YouTube.

COMPLETE VIDEO TUTORIAL AVAILABLE! The video below is a preview with no audio, to watch the whole video tutorial, click the link Loop Yarn Scarf Pattern (Bernat Alize Blanket-Ez Loop Yarn) to watch in Youtube.

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WHAT YOU NEED to make a Loop Yarn scarf

  • Bernat Alize Blanket-Ez Loop Yarn - 1 skein 
  • Scissors

Easy Loop Yarn Scarf Supplies

About the Loop Yarn

We used Bernat Alize Blanket-Ez Loop Yarn for our scarf but other brands or types of loop yarn can be used.  This yarn has 18 yards and weighs 6.4 oz / 10 g. 

Loop yarn comes in many different sized skeins, just like regular yarn.  When purchasing another brand or type of loop yarn, be sure to check the length and or weight of the yarn to make sure you have enough.  More than one skein may need to be purchased depending on the brand or type of yarn.

So, have fun and pick a nice fluffy loop yarn for this project!

INSTRUCTIONS to make a loop yarn scarf

This loop yarn scarf from the Bernat Alize Blanket-Ez Lop yarn will be 8" wide and approximately 72" long when complete.  

You can customize this scarf pattern by changing the number of loops in the foundation chain to make the scarf thinner or wider.  Stop stitching when the scarf is to your desired length.  72" is the longest scarf that can be made using the pattern in this tutorial.

Pattern Alterations

The pattern we use for our loop yarn scarf alternates three rows of stocking stitches with one row of garter stitches.  This pattern can be changed if you would like a slightly different look.

Keep in mind, when altering the pattern, do not stitch all stocking stitches for all rows.  Stitching all stocking stitches will cause the scarf to curl up on itself as you see in the photo below.Loop Yarn Scarf Curling Up

In order to keep the scarf from curling up, alternate a garter stitch at least every 5 or 6 rows.  

Some alternate patterns are:

  • Alternate between stocking and garter stitch
  • Alternate two stocking and one garter stitch
  • Alternate four, five or six stocking and one garter stitch
  • Alternate stocking stitches with multiple rows of garter stitches in any pattern.

Take your yarn and experiment with different patterns to find one you like the best.  Loop yarn is easy to take out so you can try multiple patterns.  Then go for it!

Row 1: Count Foundation loops

To start the finger knitted scarf, count out 10 loops for your foundation row.  If you are altering the pattern, count out the number of loops you will be using.Easy Loop Yarn Scarf 1 Count 10 Loops

Above, my finger is pointing to the 10th loop in the yarn.

Row 2: Stocking stitches

The next row is a row of stocking stitches that are worked into the foundation row.  To make the stocking stitch, take the next loop in the working yarn and put it through the 10th loop in the foundation row from BACK to FRONT as shown below.Easy Loop Yarn Scarf 2 Stocking Stitch

Next, insert the next loop from the working yarn into the 9th loop in the foundation row.  Continue across the row until all foundation loops have been stitched. Easy Loop Yarn Scarf 3 Stitching

The completed row 2 will look like the photo below. Easy Loop Yarn Scarf 4 Row 2 Complete

Do not turn your work.  For loop yarn, keep the same side facing towards you at all times.

Row 3: Continue Stocking stitches

The next row will be the 3rd row of stocking stitches.  Working back across the row into the previous stitches, continue inserting the loops from BACK to FRONT.  The finished 3rd row is shown below.Easy Loop Yarn Scarf 5 Row 3 Complete

Row 4: Garter stitches

The next row will be a row of garter stitches.  This is what keeps the scarf from curling upon itself.  To make the garter stitch, take the next loop in the working yarn and insert it into the last loop in the previous row from FRONT to BACK.Easy Loop Yarn Scarf Garter Stitch

Continue working across the row, inserting the working yarn loops from FRONT to BACK until all loops in the previous row have been stitched.  The finished garter row is shown below. Easy Loop Yarn Scarf 6 Garter Stitch Row Complete

Row 5 - 7: STocking stitches

Continue stitching rows 5, 6, & 7 with stocking stitches.  

Row 8: Garter stitches

Row 8 is a row of garter stitches.  After row 8 is complete, your work should look like the photo below.Easy Loop Yarn Scarf 7 second garter stitch row

Row 9 - 63: Continue Stitching

Continue stitching following the pattern in rows 5 - 8 with three rows of stocking stitches and then one row of garter stitches until your loop yarn scarf reaches the desired length.  

The scarf we made has 63 rows and this uses up almost the whole skein of yarn with only a few loops remaining.

If you purchased different yarn and need to add another skein of yarn to complete your scarf, please see this tutorial "Loop Yarn - Attaching a new Skein" for a video and photo tutorial.

Bind Off

Your scarf is finished except it has a bunch of loops in the last row which need to be finished off.  Finishing off is called the "bind off".  

The photo below shows work in progress, and we will demonstrate the bind off.  Your work will be much longer than my sample!Easy Loop Yarn Scarf 7 Three more rows

To bind off, start on the opposite side of the scarf from the working yarn.  I am pointing to two loops below and will start with those loops.Easy Loop Yarn Scarf 8 Bind Off Loops

Take the loop on the right and pass it through the first loop of the row on the left as shown below.  Pull up the loop.Easy Loop Yarn Scarf 9 Bind Off Pass Loop Through

Continue across all loops in the row, passing the next loop in the row through the loop to the left.Easy Loop Yarn Scarf 10 Continue Bind Off

The bind off is complete.

Finish the Loop Yarn Scarf

To finish off the loop yarn scarf, cut open the next loop in the working yarn as shown below.  Cut carefully between the loop base being careful to not cut the yarn itself.Easy Loop Yarn Scarf 11 Finished Bind Off

This will leave a piece of yarn as shown below.  Use this yarn to tie to the last remaining loop in the row with a double knot.Easy Loop Yarn Scarf 12 Cut Open Loop

The remaining part of the yarn after it's been tied off can be woven between the loops of the last row.Easy Loop Yarn Scarf 14 Weave In

Below I am pointing to the woven in yarn tail.Easy Loop Yarn Scarf 15 Finished Weave In

The loop yarn scarf is finished!  Have fun finger knitting this fluffy loop yarn scarf and keep warm this winter.Easy Loop Yarn Scarf Finished Scarf

We hope you enjoyed this project and make a loop yarn scarf for yourself or for your family.  These loop yarn scarves would make a great gift for the holidays or for a birthday.Loop Yarn Scarf Finished Hanging

If you would like a tutorial for a kids size scarf pattern, visit the link.


If you have any questions about this project, contact us through the YouTube Video comments or our Contact Us page. We respond to questions in e-mails and YouTube comments regularly.

We have a list of over 30 free loop yarn patterns available through the link. Below are some of our favorites.

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Loop Yarn Adult Scarf Pattern - pin

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