Over 30 Yarn Crafts For Kids

Kids love projects with yarn.  All of the colors and textures to choose from and all of the fun and simple projects add up to super yarn crafts for kids!

Yarn crafts are some of the easiest and most decorative craft projects to make!

Needlepointers has scrounged the internet and included our own yarn crafts, putting them all together on this page, organized and ready to get the kids making their own projects with yarn.

What is the easiest thing to make out of yarn?

The projects on this page include very easy yarn crafts that are perfect for beginners.  

The yarn crafts for kids range in difficulty from super-easy for the littlest crafters to more complex for teens who love projects with yarn.

Yarn lacing is a very easy project that even toddlers can enjoy.  This yarn craft for kids is both fun and promotes hand-eye coordination for the little ones.

An older child can make the form, punch holes around the form, and the little crafters lace the yarn through the holes that have been punched. 

A special hint for this project: wrap the beginning end of the yarn with masking tape to make it stiff for lacing and to prevent unraveling. 

Check out the Easter Foam and Yarn Weavings below to get started on this fun project!

Another very simple yarn project for kids can be done with toddlers as well.  Below is a heart tutorial, that with help getting started from an older child or adult, the little one simply wraps the yarn around a medium sized cardboard heart shape until the cardboard is covered.

How do you make a pom pom?

Kids of all ages (and even adults!) enjoy making yarn pom-poms.  Several of the projects below involve making pom-poms to use in yarn projects. 

Check out our yarn craft page for tutorials on making these puff balls of yarn along with lots of pom-pom projects! 

The supplies are simple, and the activity is lots of fun!  Just wrap, tie and cut!  This will keep the kiddos busy for a long while.

If you’re in need of yarn crafts for the older crowd, try making the yarn doll or the God’s Eyes.  The God’s Eyes make cute Christmas tree ornaments too!  Scroll down to find two different tutorials to make these woven designs.

Young teens really enjoy yarn crafts, especially using the yarn to make bracelets.  Check out the Rainbow Friendship Bracelet and the Straw Weaving to get kids started making beautiful bracelets to wear and trade with friends.

Check out the fun yarn crafts for kids below.  There is something for every kid of any age!

(Don’t forget to let them join you on the trip to the craft or fabric store to pick out yarns in bright colors and varied textures!  That’s half the fun!)

Over 30 Yarn Crafts For Kids

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Christmas Ball Ornament

With this free tutorial, kids can learn how to wrap around a styrofoam ball to make an adorable tree ornament. Caron Collection

Easter Foam and Yarn Weavings

Easter Foam and Yarn Weavings #ad

Simply print the free patterns, cut them from foam, and let the kids weave yarn through the holes for cute Easter decorations. JOANN

Easy Yarn Dolls

Here is a cute, fun and easy yarn doll tutorial. AOK Corral

Glue Yarn Ball

Follow this simple tutorial to learn how to make glue yarn balls. Make and Takes

God's Eye

Make an God's Eye craft with this tutorial. Caron Collection

God's Eye

A craft that kids love - fun & easy. Aunt Annie



Need a Valentine’s Day craft for kids? Check out this DIY Yarn Hearts tutorial. Drugstore Divas

Heart Bookmark

Heart Bookmark

The perfect little Valentine’s Day Gift for Kids to make are some heart bookmarks using this free tutorial. Red Ted Art

Kitty Cat Pompom Pencil Topper

Kitty Cat Pompom Pencil Topper #ad

It's kitty cat pencil toppers. A cute idea for kids. Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations

Pencil Can Holder

Pencil Can Holder #ad

Cover a can with yarn to use for pencils, brushes, scissors, etc. Great gift idea for kids to make! Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations

Rainbow Friendship Bracelet

Rainbow Friendship Bracelet

Using these free instructions and scrap yarn, you and the kids can make colorful friendship bracelets. My Poppet Makes

Rainbow Yarn Dangler

Rainbow Yarn Dangler #ad

Learn how to make Rainbow Yarn Dangler with these free instructions. JOANN

Shamrock Craft

Shamrock Craft

Kids will enjoy wrapping yarn around cardboard Shamrocks. Fun and easy craft. Red Ted Art

Shamrock Lacing Craft

Shamrock Lacing Craft

Kids will create an eye catching shamrock as they improve their motor skills with this free craft project. Mess For Less



Yarn wrapped stars are super simple to make and enjoyable for kids of any age. Red Ted Art

Straw Weaving Bracelet

Make a colorful bracelet with straw weaving. There's Just One Mommy

Straw Weaving Instructions

How to weave with drinking straws and yarn. One Little Project

Teen Wall Tapestries

Teen Wall Tapestries #ad

Teens can make this DIY yarn tapestry to add a splash of color to their room. JOANN

Yarn Art

Fun-free project using yarn. This project is quick, easy and inexpensive. Long sticks make a large design, short sticks make a small design. Use many colors of yarn or just a few; be creative.

Yarn Bottles

Yarn Bottles #ad

Recycle clean plastic bottles by decorating with yarn. Free recycling craft project. Affiliate Link to Blick Art Materials

Yarn Bowl

Make a yarn bowl with yarn, glue and this tutorial. Crafty-Crafted

Yarn Butterfly Craft

Kids can make gorgeous yarn butterfly crafts using this simple weaving technique and this tutorial. The Craft Train

Yarn Christmas Tree Ornament

Yarn Christmas Tree Ornament

Kids will have fun making yarn Christmas trees ornaments to hang on the tree. Red Ted Art

Yarn Filled Christmas Ornaments

Yarn Filled Christmas Ornaments

Kids will have fun making these cute Christmas ornaments. Golden Lucy Crafts

Yarn Monster Craft

Yarn Monster Craft

This fun monster craft can double as a puppet due to the opening on the bottom that allows hand to be put in. Moms & Crafters

Yarn Stick Craft

For hours of fun and entertaining activity, find the sticks during a nature walk, and then return home to do the yarn wrapping. Kristaii

Yarn Sticks

Gather a twigs, leftover yarn, and your kid/kids. With this project tutorial, teach them how to make yarn sticks. Hodge Podge Craft

Yarn Wrapped Letters

Yarn Wrapped Letters #ad

This tutorial teaches how to make yarn wrapped letters. JOANN

Yarn Wrapped Love Letters

Yarn Wrapped Love Letters #ad

Yarn Wrapped Love Letters are a great DIY project to add to your mantle or entry table as Valentine's Day Decor. JOANN

Yarn Wrapped Snowman Craft

Yarn Wrapped Snowman Craft

For this snowman craft, yarn is wrapped around a ball made from newspaper. It's inexpensive, it's fun and it's eco friendly too! Red Ted Art

Yarn-Wrapped Easter Eggs

Yarn-Wrapped Easter Eggs

A fun way to upcycle plastic Easter eggs is by wrapping them with yarn for an Easter or Spring decoration. Great craft for kids too! Associate

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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