Free Crochet and Knit Amigurumi Patterns

“Amigurumi?  What in the heck is that?”

That was my comment when I first learned about the wonderful world of making cute little cuddly toys, animals, holiday decorations, and even pretend food for play!

You are going to be truly delighted with the huge collection of free amigurumi patterns that we have collected here to explore.

amigurumi knit or amigurumi crochet?

Many folks think of crochet when they think of creating amigurumi figures.  Although there are many amigurumi crochet patterns, we have found some adorable amigurumi knit patterns as well!

If you would like a refresher on crochet or knitting, please be sure to check out these pages.

If crochet is not yet in your skill set, never fear!  Check out the cute Mini Mermaid pattern from Red Ted Art.  A young beginner wanted to make a mermaid, but all of the patterns that she and her mom could find were amigurumi crochet mermaid patterns.

The 10-year-old daughter had not yet mastered the art of crochet, so the creative mom came up with her own amigurumi knit mermaid pattern.  This is a project that all amigurumi beginners who have mastered the basic knit and purl stitches can make!

Hopefully this inspires both those who amigurumi crochet as well as those who want to amigurumi knit to scroll down and see the wonderful free amigurumi patterns on this page.

Some of the patterns you will find are:

  • Dolls such as baby dolls, mermaid dolls, and tall doll figures
  • Sea animals such as the octopus, jellyfish, sea horse, and many more
  • Land animals like the adorable hedgehog, cute cows, peacock, and many more
  • Teddy Bears galore
  • Mystical animals like the beautiful unicorn, the narwhal, and the flying pigs
  • Food such as carrots and strawberries
  • Holiday ornaments 
  • Winter patterns for snowmen and penguins
  • Mini kitchen items like the chocolate fountain and cute teapot
  • And even more!!!

Some of the patterns are amigurumi crochet patterns and others are amigurumi knit patterns, but all of them are simply adorable!

As a side note, the Tiny Chickens from Mochimochi Land took me back to Easters long ago when I was intrigued by my great grandmother’s adorable chicken egg covers.

I didn’t know it then, but that was my first introduction to amigurumi.  At four years old, I had no idea how they were made, but I knew they were amazing and something I had never seen before.

Scroll down to see the wonderful collection of free amigurumi crochet and amigurumi knit patterns!

Free Crochet and Knit Amigurumi Patterns

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Dumpling Kitty Free Crochet Pattern

This is the pattern I used to crochet the kitty. Sarah Sloyer's Ravelry Store

Ragdoll Llama Free Crochet Pattern

Spin a Yarn Crochet

Amigurumi BB Doll

With this pattern, make a cute doll. AmigurumiBB's Blog

Amigurumi Doll

Another amigurumi free doll pattern. Stitch

Amigurumi Inspired Baby Doll

Here is a free step-by-step pattern with photos to create a complete crochet doll. Mama Smiles

Amigurumi Octopus

With simple crochet stitches and techniques, you can create this adorable octopus.

Amigurumi Ornaments

Introducing Amigurumi ornaments for your Christmas tree with this free pattern. Yarnspirations

Amigurumi Seahorse

The seahorse is worked in continuous rounds, from the tail all the way up to the head, so it’s no different. One Dog Woof

Amy, The Amigurumi Doll

Amy is 6 1/2" tall. Download the free pattern from Tales of Twisted Fibers. Tales of Twisted Fibers

Baby Gators

Knit up a gang of little gators as a toy for the little one with this free pattern. Mochimochi Land

Bear and Cat

A tiny little bear and cat pattern to knit. Knit by Sachi

Buttercup and Daisy

Buttercup and Daisy are two little knitted cows. They stand about 4” tall. by Frankie Brown at Ravelry


Stitch some carrots up for Easter decorations. Or stitch some up for kids to feed to their toy bunnies. The Kim Six Fix

Chill Pills Amigurumi Pattern

Simple step-by-step instructions to crochet a giant amigurumi chill pill. Includes modification instructions to make them any size you want! The Kim Six Fix

Chocolate Fountain

This Amigurumi pattern shows you how to make an adorable chocolate fountain which is great for calorie free pretend play for kids and grownups. Craft Bits

Dumpling Kitty

Learn about this cute crocheted cat called Dumpling Kitty. The pattern is by Sarah Sloyer of Critterbeans and is free. Needlepointers Staff

Geisha Doll

Make a 5" Geisha doll with this free amigurumi pattern. Craft Bits

Gingerbread Man

Hang the gingerbread man with his cute fringed hat on the tree for Christmas. Get the free pattern here. Red Ted Art


Free hedgehog Amigurumi crochet pattern here. Red Ted Art

Itty Bitty Crochet Kitty

These cute little kitties are a great beginner amigurumi project. Thores By Cottage


This free ocean-themed Amigurumi pattern is a jellyfish that measures about 6 inches from the top of the head to the bottom of tentacles. Loops and Love Crochet

Katerina Kitty Cat Lovey

This crochet cat lovey pattern is a simple amigurumi pattern. Christa Co Design

Kawaii Bunny

This free crochet Amigurumi pattern shows you how to make an adorable bunny. Craft Bits

Mini Mermaid

Knit up these mini mermaid amigurumi with this free pattern. Red Ted Art

Mini Pig Amigurumi

This is an adorable pink pig pattern to make as a gift or just for yourself or your kids. Amanda Maciel at Ravelry

Mommy and Baby Jellyfish

Crochet up this cute pair with the free Amigurumi pattern. Sweet Softies

Mother Nature Amigurumi Doll

It's spring, so craft a precious Mother Nature amigurumi. Yarnspirations

Mr. Sour Pickle

This small Amigurumi pickle can be made into a cute magnet for the refrigerator. Craft Bits


The crochet whale pattern is an easy and quick amigurumi pattern. Christa Co Design

Octopus Amigurumi

With this free pattern make a quick and fun amigurumi octopus. Loops and Love Crochet


A flying pink pig to knit. Free pattern. by Susan B. Anderson at Ravelry

Pablito the Penguin

Do you like penguins? Crochet a waddle with these instructions. Amigurumi Patterns

Pac-man and Ghosts

Now you can celebrate one of the most popular video games of all time by making Pac-man Amigurumi. And for Halloween make a bunch of ghosts using this free pattern. Instructables

Peacock Amigurumi

This peacock stands on it on and is pretty in a variety of yarn shades of greens, teals, blues. Measures 7.5” in width. Larah Uyeda at Ravelry


A penguin amigurumi pattern. Donna's Crochet Designs

Pocket Teddy

Pocket Ted is only 3” tall and sleeps in his own knitted bed in a tin. Learn how to make him. by Frankie Brown at Ravelry

Ragdoll Llama

This colorful ragdoll llama was recently crocheted by Chris with a free pattern by Spin a Yarn Crochet.
The Bernat Pipsqueak yarn gives the llama a fuzzy and cuddly fur. The charming decorative accents include a cute bobble necklace, bright multi-colored blanket and tassels on ears.
To learn more about this project and get the free pattern click the above link.
Needlepointers Staff

Rhino Pattern

This little crochet rhino is the perfect amigurumi pattern for a cuddle-sized little animal. The Friendly Red Fox

Seahorse Amigurumi

This pattern has instructions for making a mommy Amigurumi seahorse and a baby. Loops and Love Crochet

Snails and Slugs

The free snail and slug patterns are very fast and super cute. Mochimochi Land


A free Amigurumi snowman pattern. Red Ted Art

Strawberry Amigurumi Pattern

Make some crochet strawberry for pretend play or a fun embellishment. Craft Bits

String Bean Bunny

This free crochet pattern shows you how to make a fun little Amigurumi Easter bunny. Craft Bits


This Amigurumi teapot is so cute. It is inspired by the distinctive look of the Japanese tetsubin tea kettles. One Dog Woof

Teddy Bear

Make this teddy bear for your baby. Red Ted Art

Tiny Chickens

Cute little chickens to knit. Mochimochi Land

Unicorn Softie

The colorful mane makes this unicorn a super cute crochet unicorn amigurumi. Red Ted Art

Winter Penguins

These delightful little penguins are so cute with their pom pom hats. Thores By Cottage

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