600+ Free Needlework Patterns and Projects

CONGRATULATIONS!  You have found our free needlework projects and patterns page.

We have created a list with over 600 of the best free needlework projects and patterns for you to enjoy. 

Look below and you will find free cross stitch projects and patterns, free patterns and projects for Assisi embroidery, and free bargello needlepoint projects.

We also gathered up free patterns and projects for blackwork and whitework embroidery (candlewicking), free chicken scratch patterns, and free hardanger patterns and projects.

You will definitely find wonderful and free hand embroidery patterns and projects, free felting projects, and free needlepoint patterns and projects.

We have free plastic canvas work projects and ribbon embroidery patterns that are free, along with free Swedish weaving, tatting, and textured embroidery patterns and projects.

Yes, we have it all!

Let’s Start With Cross Stitch  

I love it!!  (I know, I say that about a lot of crafts, but it’s true!) Cross stitch is a form of counted thread embroidery on a printed fabric with a design to cross stitch upon. 

There are simple patterns to begin with, and I have completed many simple cross stitch designs and even used counted cross stitch to create art that looked like paintings. I had to use two to three different colors of floss through the needle to produce that effect!

We have several alphabet charts, angel patterns, animal patterns, baby items, beach themed patterns, and projects of awareness and support. 

We have over 300 free cross-stitch projects and patterns for you to enjoy and use.

Want to Try Assisi Work?

Assisi work is a type of counted-thread embroidery and was named after the village of Assisi in Italy where the method originated. For this technique the main design is left blank and the background is composed of filled embroidery stitches. 

Check out the free patterns for Assisi snowflakes, bookmarks, flowers, gift patterns, a free pattern for a stocking, and a free Assisi Christmas Sampler.

Up Next is Bargello or Florentine Embroidery

This embroidery, using long straight stitches arranged in bright and bold zig-zag patterns, is a very early form of needlework.  You will find free bargello patterns with wonderful textures, lively colors, and creative designs.

There are several books on the subject listed below, along with free bargello needlework patterns for two different bargello Christmas stockings, a Santa, a Christmas bell, along with a bargello sampler, and several more free bargello patterns. 

Interested In Free Blackwork Patterns?

Blackwork is a form of embroidery that is sometimes known as Spanish Blackwork. Like bargello, it is an antique needlework, and it was traditionally done on white or off-white linen or cotton fabric using black silk thread.  

We have found you lovely free blackwork patterns; One is especially unique having been graphed from sixteenth century Tudor samples.

Free Projects and Patterns for Candlewicking and Whitework

Candlewick is an embroidery technique using white thread on white fabric; hence the alternate name of whitework. Large knots, known as the colonial knot, are embroidered using heavy thread such as Perle cotton or crochet yarn.

The fabric is most often heavy-weight cotton or linen embroidery fabric.  You will find this type of embroidery easy to learn and quick to stitch!

Chicken Scratch Embroidery

Also known as Snowflake Embroidery, Amish Embroidery, Depression Lace, and Gingham Embroidery.

Chicken scratch utilizes many of the stitches of cross stitch, both using squares to count the stitches. This simple embroidery technique on gingham gives a very lacy and sophisticated look.

It is used to decorate items such as aprons, table cloths, place mats, pillows and much more. Traditionally this was worked on gingham fabric, which is a checkered fabric, which makes keeping the counting of stitches quite easy.

Don't be intimidated by the lovely finished work that appears to take so much time and energy!  

Hand Embroidery

This art uses many decorative stitches with embroidery flosses that can be found in hundreds of colors to make embellishments on fabric.  Hand embroidery most often involves the use of an embroidery hoop and a special embroidery needle.

This is one of the first needlework techniques that I learned, and I’ve found that many of the stitches are useful in other types of needlework.

Hardanger Embroidery

Hardanger or “Hardangersom” is a type of embroidery where a portion of the fabric threads are removed and embroidered around to form a lacy effect. It is most often worked with white thread on white even-weave linen or cloth and is very similar to whitework embroidery.

Needle Felting 

This is the technique of using felting needles, either by hand or machine, to interlock and compact wool fibers.  These felted fibers are worked into a pattern or design, usually on felt, but can be also worked on other fabrics. 

The felting needles are special needles with barbs that are pushed into the wool and pulled, causing the wool fibers to tangle and lock together.  It has become a very popular activity in recent years and can be enjoyed by crafters of all ages.

Interested in Needlepoint?

The word needlepoint refers specifically to stitches worked on a stiff, open grid canvas. Brightly colored wool, silk or cotton yarn is used to achieve the effect of a totally new piece of fabric. The needlepointer uses these yarns to make stitches on a pattern that is either drawn or printed on the canvas to create a beautiful full design. We have many free needlepoint patterns for you to try!

Plastic Canvas Work

The plastic canvas that is the basis for this project consists of lightweight plastic with regularly spaced holes.  This plastic mimics typical embroidery cloth but is very stiff.

Acrylic or wool knitting yarn is most often used with a large needle to work the canvas.  Because of its rigidity, plastic canvas can be used to create 3-dimensional projects like tissue box covers, ornaments, totes, and so much more. Check out our free plastic canvas projects!

Punch Needle Embroidery 

This embroidery is related to rug hooking. Instead of making stitches through the fabric, the special punch needle pushes the thread or yarn into the fabric, usually monk’s cloth, burlap or linen, keeping the needle on the top of the fabric.

The end product is a very highly textured design made of loops of your thread or yarn. Some special tools are needed for this type of embroidery, but they are easy to find at fabric and craft stores.

Free Patterns for Ribbon Embroidery

In ribbon embroidery, as the name suggests, satin ribbon, and sometimes other types of ribbon, is used instead of traditional embroidery floss. It produces a lovely and intricate design using a few basic stitches. 

This ribbon and its stitches create beautiful embellishments, most often of florals and leaves. Ribbon embroidery is striking and looks very difficult, but you will find it much simpler than you expect, especially if you are already familiar with basic embroidery stitching.

Free Swedish Weaving Patterns and Projects

Swedish weaving, also known as huck weaving or huck embroidery, involves weaving beautiful designs on fabric using yarn, embroidery floss, or various threads. 

It is a type of embroidery that combines surface embroidery with weaving to create lovely afghans, wall hangings, towels, pillows, curtains, table runners, and much more. 


Tatting is a technique to create knotted lace, which is formed with thread and a tatting needle or a shuttle. Tatting involves making a series of loops and knots with thread over a core thread. 

It is a particularly durable lace used to make lace edging for pillowcases, clothing, collars, and accessories such as earrings and necklaces. Tatting can be a beautiful embellishment for all types of projects.

Textured Embroidery

Textured embroidery is a free-style surface embroidery that is formed by adding to or changing the customary stitches of hand embroidery to bring wonderful dimension and texture to your work. 

It is often used for filling areas of surface embroidery, but it can also be used to create very modern and abstract art.

There are many stitches for textured embroidery, and we have free patterns for this needlework that can be done by both beginning and advanced embroiderers. 

Have fun browsing through the categories below for the free projects and patterns.


600+ Free Needlework Patterns and Projects

More Categories Below

Click the links below to find more projects in those categories.


Free counted cross stitch patterns abound in this cross stitch directory. Included are over 300 cross stitch patterns and projects, including free cross stitch alphabet patterns.


Assisi embroidery patterns and projects.


Bargello is a type of needlepoint that used long straight stitches, arranged in a zigzag line. Find some free bargello needlepoint patterns below like a wallet, bell, needle case, and evening purse. 


Here are the best free blackwork embroidery patterns showing classic Elizabethan monochromatic designs. Used to adorn cuffs, collars and hems of garments, today they make lovely designs to display.


Look below for many free Candlewicking projects and patterns.

If you are looking for tutorials and history on Candlewicking & Whitework, follow the link.


Free chicken scratch patterns and projects.


Find vintage and modern free hand embroidery designs, including many free flower embroidery patterns plus so much more!


Learn hardanger and create these free projects.


Find needle felting projects for all levels! There are some wonderful and easy needle felting ideas, along with a wide range of needle felting projects for this fun craft.


Find free needlepoint patterns and projects, including bargello needlepoint patterns and stitch tutorials such as tent and diagonal needlepoint stitches.


This is the place for free plastic canvas crafts and patterns! See everyday and seasonal free plastic tissue box patterns, free patterns for accessories, organization, jewelry and much more.


Like to do punch needle embroidery? This is the place to find free punch needle patterns in so many categories!


Use these free silk ribbon embroidery designs to make romantic floral embroidery motifs with beautiful texture and dimension.


This page has many free project ideas for Swedish weave or Huck Embroidery.

If you would like to learn more about Swedish Weave or Huck Embroidery and the stitches, click the link. . .(more)


Free tatting projects.


Create textured embroidery projects with these free projects

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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