Brazilian Embroidery

What is Brazilian Embroidery? How do you do Brazilian Embroidery. Learn more about Brazilian embroidery at these sites.

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 Brazilian Three-Dimensional Embroidery

Brazilian Three-Dimensional Embroidery

by Rosie Montague, Linda Macho (Photographer) - Paperback - Published 1983 Affiliate Link to Amazon

 Three Dimensional Embroidery Stitches

Three Dimensional Embroidery Stitches

Illustrated throughout with diagrams and step-by-step photography, this book combines techniques with inspiration. French knots, tufting, stem stitch, whipped spider's web, woven picot and more. by Pat Trott - Paperback - Published 2005

What is Brazilian Embroidery?

An explanation of Brazilian Embroidery. Wikipedia

Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery International Guild, Inc. (BDEIG)

This webpage was created to help keep individuals informed about what is happening with our Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery International Guild (BDEIG). To learn more about this guild, click the above link. Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery International Guild, Inc.

Designs - Brazilian Embroidery

Free small designs to stitch in Brazilian Embroidery technique. Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery International Guild, Inc.

EdMar Company

EdMar Co. manufactures the highest quality rayon embroidery thread which is used in Brazilian Dimentional Embroidery. EdMar Company

Stitches - Brazilian Embroidery Stitches

At this site you can learn the basic Brazilian Embroidery stitches. Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery International Guild, Inc.

Yahoo Group - Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery Group

This group was created to people who share an interest in Brazilian Dimensional Embroidery. Yahoo Group

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