Free Needle Felting Projects

Needle felting is a fun technique where wool fibers are bound together using a special barbed needle.  With this craft, the wool is sculpted into figures or designs as it is poked. The possibilities of what can be made are endless.

For information on how to needle felt, visit our main needle felting page. Needle felt tutorials, needle felting tools and supplies, simple and easy beginner felting designs and more can be found there.

This page is full of needle felting projects that range from easy needle felting ideas to projects for more seasoned felters.

What are the common mistakes of needle felting?

Beginners often felt too deep, which is a major mistake in needle felting. The needles for felting have barbs on the tip, so only short, quick stabbing is necessary. 

Stabbing too deeply or pushing the needle in sideways (not perpendicular to the shape) can cause the fragile needles to break. Felting needles are made specifically for felting, and once they are damaged, they cannot be reused.

Is needle felting easy?

The best thing about needle felting is that it is an easy craft, and it is not necessary to purchase a long or expensive list of supplies and tools. 

As with most crafts, there are some essential tools, but the tools for needle felting are few and inexpensive. The most impressive tool is the crafter’s imagination!

What can I make with needle felting?

Needle felting projects can be as simple as designs made within small cookie cutters to more difficult and realistic looking sculptures of animals. Some ideas for needle felting projects on this page:

  • Animals: fox, owls, hummingbirds, and penguins
  • Holiday projects: heart garland, Christmas trees, shamrocks, pumpkins, ghosts
  • Miscellaneous: teacup pincushion, pointy-eared gnome, ladybugs, bumblebees, an apple, large button embellishment, cherry keyring, and more 

Needle felting may look difficult at first and, due to the very sharp needles, is a craft for mature teens and adults. For those intimidated by the craft, start with a kit that includes the mat and felting needle along with the wool.

Get started with the projects on this page and become a master of needle felt in no time!

Free Needle Felting Projects

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This articles shows how to make a needle felted apple sculpture. The Felted Ewe

Blossoms, Buds & Twigs

This needle felting tutorial is ideal for adding to your spring time decorations. The Makerss

Bumble Bee

In this video tutorial, learn how to make a needle felted bumble bee. It's an easy DIY craft that is perfect for beginners or experienced felters. The Felt Hub with Lincolnshsire Fenn Crafts



How to make a big felt button. My Poppet

Cherry Keyring

Learn how to needle felt a cherry keyring to hang on your bag with this free tutorial. Gathered How

Christmas Tree

Learn to make your own needle-felted Christmas tree with this needle-felting tutorial. Gretel Parker at Gathered How

Design - Needle Felting Surface Design

Learn how to make this needle felting project. Get creative! Living Felt

Dryer Ball

How to make a fun needle felt design on a homemade wool dryer ball. Fiber Artsy

Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

This Easter craft project is the perfect needle felting project for a beginner. My Poppet

Elbow Patch

Needle felt isn't just for décor and animals. So grab your supplies and learn how to make a heart-shaped felted elbow patch. Honestly WTF

Felted Macaron Garland

Felted Macaron Garland

Make these super easy needle felted macarons in just 15 minutes. All you need is some carded wool, a felting needle, felting mat. A Beautiful Mess


Here is a video on how to make a needle felted fox. Binc Bonc on YouTube


These little needle felted ghosts will be so much fun to make for Halloween with this free tutorial. The Makerss

Heart Bookmark

Heart Bookmark

This is the perfect needle felting project for a beginner - a heart bookmark. Red Ted Art

Heart Garland

Heart Garland

This is a very easy and pretty Heart Garland project for those new to needle felting. My Poppet


Needle felt a hummingbird with this tutorial. Living Felt


Make a really easy colorful ladybug in a short time even as a beginner! The Markerss

Needle Felt a Ladybug

An interesting needle felt project. Mielke's Fiber Arts


Needle felt yourself some adorable miniature owls using this tutorial. Lia Griffith


Learn to make this cute owl and learn to needle felt with this video tutorial. Shayda Campbell


Here you will find step by step instructions along with photos to help you needle felt a penguin. Acorn Felting

Pointy Ear Gnome

Learn how to make this super cute, quirky, pointy eared gnome with this YouTube video tutorial. By The Felt Hub with Lincolnshsire Fenn Crafts


Create fabulous needle felted pumpkins for your Winter decor in under 30 minutes with this fun video tutorial. The Felt Hub with Lincolnshsire Fenn Crafts

Pumpkin Tutorial

Learn how to needle felt a pumpkin with this easy-to-follow video tutorial. Super cute to make and perfect for beginners. Little Blue Artworks


Make a cute needle felted raccoon by following along with this YouTube video. Binc Bonc



This tutorial takes you next step-by-step to create a needle-felted shamrock for St Patrick’s Day. Red Ted Art


A super easy-to-follow needle felting workshop on how to make a snowman. The Felt Hub with Lincolnshsire Fenn Crafts

Teacup Pincushion

Use this needle felting tutorial to make a mini teacup pincushion. Gathered How

Teddy Bear

Who doesn't like teddy bears? Here is a Youtube video on how to needle felt a teddy bear. Binc Bonc on YouTube


Learn how to make your own mini felted whale with Nicky Cairney's free needle felting project. Gathered How

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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