Over 150 Free Plastic Canvas Patterns and Projects

When I was a young girl, I remember seeing a tissue box topper at my great aunt’s home.  I thought it was the most amazing and ingeniously creative idea. She told me it was a plastic canvas craft and showed me how it was made.

For many years, I thought plastic canvas was only used to create tissue box covers!  Later, it became obvious that this craft was so versatile.  Crafters could make things as complicated or as simple as they wanted!

What are plastic canvas crafts?

Plastic canvas can be purchased at any hobby or craft store.  It is a craft material made of lightweight plastic with holes spaced evenly across it.

Plastic canvas, or vinyl weave, is a foundation for needlepoint or embroidery.  A variety of stitches can be used with the acrylic or wool knitting yarn that is worked on the plastic canvas. For tutorials and a directory on a variety of plastic canvas stitch guide, follow the link.

The great thing about plastic canvas crafts is that the finished items can be made three-dimensional!  The possibilities of creating things with plastic canvas are endless!

Who can do plastic canvas crafts?

Almost anyone can learn the art of plastic canvas crafts. The canvas is made to hold its rigidity, making it much easier than needlework on fabric.

A grid on the plastic canvas ensures even stitches, so young children find this craft simple to do and are very successful.  And this makes them want to craft more!!

Parents will love to work on this easy craft with their kids. The whole family can get involved!  Even teenagers enjoy making plastic canvas crafts, especially when they need a quick weekend project or something to do on a rainy day.

Plastic canvas work can be taken along on those boring car rides as a fun way to keep the kids busy and content.

To top it off, it is an inexpensive craft. The cost can be minimal by using scrap yarn or even yarn found at thrift stores. Needles and the plastic canvas used can also be found at a very low price.

What can you make with Plastic canvas?

The free plastic canvas patterns below provide various projects to create.  There are great things for every age and every occasion!  

We’ve included some quick and easy patterns to make and more complex projects that take more time. The plastic canvas crafts make great gifts!

Below are some categories of free plastic canvas patterns.  Each category contains many projects to enjoy!

Free Plastic canvas patterns Included on this page

  • Tissue box covers- the free plastic tissue box patterns range from floral designs to crayon covers for kids, and also many holiday designs
  • Accessories- free plastic canvas patterns for hair accessories, key fobs, luggage tags, and more
  • Basket and Boxes- use the free plastic canvas patterns to make a keepsake box for babies, crafty storage boxes, kids’ totes, and more
  • Seasonal Patterns- there are wonderful patterns for every holiday.  Make a gingerbread house or some Halloween treat bags.  There are baskets for Easter and even a St. Patrick’s Day door hanger.  So much more to see in the holiday theme section, so take a look!
  • Kitchen items- use the free plastic canvas patterns for coasters, napkin rings, and more
  • Outdoor and Gardening- stitch up fun twirlers and whirlers for the garden or even a windsock to decorate your yard
  • Purses, Totes, and Bags—Check out the free plastic canvas patterns for cute lunch bags, clutches, and even a bunny tote for Easter!
  • Magnets- create environmental magnets to show your love for the earth or stitch up some summery dessert magnets.
  • There are many more themes—check out home decor, desk accessories, jewelry, toys, and other miscellaneous plastic canvas crafts!

Browse the wonderful free patterns using plastic canvas below!

Over 150 Free Plastic Canvas Patterns and Projects

More Categories Below

Click the links below to find more projects in those categories.


Plastic canvas accessory projects.


Plastic canvas desk accessory projects - FREE PROJECTS.


Bookmark pattern with plastic canvas sheets - FREE.


Creative ideas for making baskets and boxes from plastic canvas sheets. Free Projects.


Create your Christmas decorations this year with free plastic canvas patterns. Decorate your tree, mantel, and table. Hang them from garland or give them as gifts or hostess gifts.


Easter, Halloween and other holidays with plastic canvas.


Accent the home with plastic canvas projects.


Jewelry items made with plastic canvas.


Learn how to make plastic canvas keyrings and zipper pulls.


Coasters, placemats and more in plastic canvas.


Plastic canvas magnet projects.


More plastic canvas projects - FREE.


Outdoor plastic canvas ideas...


Create patriotic theme projects in plastic canvas.


There are loads of hard-to-find free plastic canvas bag patterns, such as free plastic purse patterns and free plastic canvas tote patterns. They are contemporary and stylish and sure to please!


Plastic canvas projects to cover tissue boxes. A wide variety of tissue box topper patterns from holidays to every day.


Make Toys with plastic canvas including baby patterns and children patterns.


These plastic canvas Valentine patterns will show the love this February. There are hearts-galore on totes, baskets, bookmarks, classroom mailboxes and so much more!

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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