Tie Dyeing & Fabric Art

Learn how to tie dye. Learn how to fabric paint. Great ideas for personalizing garments.

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  Tie-Dye Tumble-Dye

Tie-Dye Tumble-Dye

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How to Tie Dye

How to Tie Dye

Learn how easy it is to tie dye with this tutorial. Tie dying techniques shown are Ombre method, Shibori method, spiral method, crumple method and painting method.
Tie-dying is a fun summer craft which you can do to keep your kids busy for hours.
By Staff

The Art of Tie Dye

Learn terrific tie dye techiques from supplies to special tie dye patterns. Rit Dye

Tie Dye - Cold Water Method

Cold water tie dye brings a classic craft back with a much safer and easier method.

Tie Dye Canvas Sneakers

Tie Dye Canvas Sneakers

Learn how to tie dye plain white sneakers into a fashion statement.
Tie dying is a fun summer craft which can keep kids busy for hours.
Needlepointers Staff

Tie Dye Lunch Bag

Free tie dye project. Fave Crafts

Tie-dyeing Mandalas and Stars

Instructions on tie-dyeing a mandala and star design. Paula Burch's Web Site

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