40+ Free T-Shirt Yarn Crochet Patterns and Project Ideas

Crocheting with T-shirt yarn is such a fun and eco-friendly way to create unique projects! T-shirt yarn, a jersey knit fabric also known as "tarn" or "T-yarn", is made by cutting old t-shirts into strips and then stretching them to create one long continuous yarn. 

Making t-shirt yarn is not difficult at all! Be sure to check out the page with a great tutorial.

Here are some tips for crocheting with t-shirt material:

  • Choose the right size of crochet hooks: T-shirt yarn can be very bulky, so it is important to use a larger crochet hook size than what is recommended on the yarn label. Experiment with different hook sizes to find the one that creates the tension and texture for the project.
  • Start with simple stitches: Because T-shirt yarn is thick, it works well with simple crochet stitches like single crochet, double crochet or half double crochet.
  • Tension counts: Because T-shirt yarn doesn’t have the kind of stretch that traditional yarn has, it is important to pay attention to the yarn tension. The tension may need to be adjusted so the stitches are even.
  • Joining new yarn: There is a special way to join T-shirt yarn without tying knots which just adds more bulk to projects.

What can I make with T-shirt yarn?

T-shirt yarn is great for making sturdy and durable crochet projects such as:

  • rugs
  • totes
  • baskets
  • coasters
  • pillows
  • blankets
  • backpacks
  • bath mats
  • and more!

Because of the thickness and bulkiness of T-shirt yarn, fragile and delicate items are not made with it.

Crocheting with T-shirt yarn is a creative and sustainable way to make one-of-a-kind projects while reducing waste. Find more projects using recycled materials!

Scroll down for free t-shirt yarn projects and have fun experimenting with different stitches to see what you can create with homemade T-yarn or Tarn!

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 T-Shirt Yarn - How to Make T-Shirt Yarn

T-Shirt Yarn - How to Make T-Shirt Yarn

Learn how to make one continuous strip of t-shirt yarn from old shirts using our video tutorial and step-by-step photo tutorial. T-shirt yarn is also known as T-yarn. Upcycle old tee shirts into yarn and have fun crocheting, knitting, macrame and weaving with it.

T-shirt yarn is a suitable substitute for elastic when making cloth face masks.


This post guides you through making a small crochet backpack from t-shirt yarn and leather kit accessories. Knitz N Purlz

Ball Toy for Cat

Crochet toy balls for your cat using t shirt yarn with this free pattern. Toma Creations


A great way to use t-shirt yarn is to make storage baskets for throughout the home. Here is a free crochet basket pattern. Nadzeya Blog

Basket and Coaster Set

This easy, chunky crochet basket is great for beginners. E' Claire Markery

Basket and Placemat Set

This textured basket and placemat use the garter stitch and t-shirt yarn. Knitz N Purlz


A free pattern for a t-shirt yarn bathmat rug. My Recycled Bags


T-shirt yarn isn’t just for totes, you can knit adorable baby bibs with it. Here is a free tutorial. Petite Purl at Web Archive

Bowl Pattern

This round t-shirt yarn bowl will add softness and texture to your home decor. BHooked

Circular T-Shirt Rug

No crochet hook needed. This t-shirt rug is finger crocheted. Sustain My Craft Habit



This crochet t-shirt yarn cowl is worked flat and joined at the end. Pattern Princess

Crochet T-Shirt Yarn Potholder

A beginner's crochet pattern that even tween and teens can make. Teach them how to make t-shirt yarn and crochet a potholder. Vickie Howell

Diagonal T-Shirt Yarn Baby Bib

A cute bib using tee shirt yarn. My Recycled Bags

Double Waves Beach Bag

Double Waves Beach Bag

With this free pattern, crochet this strong and sturdy bag with t-shirt yarn. Blackstone Design

Easter Bunny Basket

Easter Bunny Basket

T-shirt yarn makes this Easter bunny basket a very quick project to make. Create a great gift for kids by adding Easter grass and toys. Easy Crochet

Everyday Clutch Pattern

Everyday Clutch Pattern

This t-shirt clutch is just right for taking a few things with you on an evening out. Pattern Princess

Floor Poufs

In this tutorial, you can make a beautiful ottoman or floor pillow using T-shirt yarn. Gleeful Things

Grab 'n Go Purse Pattern

Try your hand at the easy-to-make Grab 'n Go Purse, a free crochet pattern that makes the most of t-shirt yarn! Hands Occupied


Recycled your old tee-shirts into a cute handbag with this free pattern. My Recycled Bags

Hanging Herb Garden Baskets

With this free crochet pattern create a hanging herb garden. You'll need t-shirt yarn, crochet hook, mason jars, dowel and hooks. Heart Hook Home


Crochet a comfortable bucket hat with t-shirt yarn using this free pattern. My Recycled Bags

Heart Pattern

This free adorable crocheted heart pattern is made with upcycled t-shirt yarn. Sustain My Craft Habit

Mesh Bag

This Crochet Mesh Bag made with long strips of t-shirt yarn is perfect for running to the market or carrying your lunch to work. Look What I Made

Nautical Basket

Nautical Basket

With t-shirt yarn, crochet handy nautical-themed baskets. Blackstone Design

Nesting Baskets

Nesting Baskets

Use purchased or make your own t-shirt yarn to make colorful beautiful baskets that stack together. My Poppet Makes

Pencil Case and Pencil Cup

With this pattern, you can crochet cute DIY back-to-school supplies, a pencil case and a cup to hold pencils. by Showroom crochet at Ravelry

Pet Bed

A perfect project for your pet is to crochet a tshirt yarn bed for your four-legged friends. Crochet Concupiscence

Placemat and Coaster Pattern

In this post, you will find complete patterns and instructional photos for a crochet coaster and placemat made with T-shirt yarn. Winding Road Crochet

Plant Holder

Plant Holder

You can make this easy and quick crochet plant holder with the free crochet pattern and t-shirt yarn. Easy Crochet

Rag Rugs

Rag Rugs

This t-shirt rag rug project is a great one to start with when using homemade t-yarn. It has a rustic look. My Poppet Makes

Shaggy Bag

This shaggy bag can be crocheted with t-shirt yarn. Craft Passion

Simple Bag

Instructions for making a simple t-shirt yarn bag. By nellbacala at Instructables

Small T-Shirt Basket

Small T-Shirt Basket

If you also sew, this small notions basket is adorable and uses just a bit of t-shirt yarn. The Kim Six Fix

Stool Seat Cover Pattern

Crochet some DIY comfortable, cushioned stool covers with t-shirt yarn. Micah Makes

Storage Baskets

This free pattern will show how to crochet rectangular storage baskets with t-shirt yarn. Sustain My Craft Habit

T-Shirt Yarn Crochet Bag

This crochet bag is made with two colors of t-shirt yarn and has faux leather handles. The Craft Patch

T-Shirt Yarn Crochet Bowl

Perfect centerpiece for your table. This free bowl pattern can be made with any type of t-shirt yarn - homemade or purchased. BHooked

T-shirt Yarn Frisbee

To make a crocheted t-shirt yarn frisbee that can fly, you only need to know some basic crochet stitches. Allison Dey

T-Shirt Yarn Hanging Basket

Made from sturdy t-shirt yarn, these crochet toy baskets are perfect for storing stuffed toys. One Dog Woof

T-Shirt Yarn Heart Purse

This sweetheart purse was made with 2 pieces of flat heart-shaped motifs sewn together, and each heart-shaped piece is made up of just 9 rounds. Gwenstella Made

T-Shirt Yarn Rug

A rug project crocheted with a couple of old t-shirts. My Recycled Bags

T-Shirt Yarn Rug

Learn how to make yourself a beautiful and functional crochet rug with t-shirt yarn. Evelyn & Peter

T-Shirt Yarn Tote

Here is a free tote bag pattern to make with t-shirt yarn. Hands Occupied

T-Yarn Pot Handle Cover

With this free pattern and t-shirt yarn, create a cover for the handle of cast iron skillet or other pot. My Recycled Bags

Target Practice for Baseball, Football

Whipped up a Crochet Target Practice using t-shirt yarn, a tomato cage, and PVC pipe so your kid can practice his baseball or football skills. Heart Hook Home

Tennis Balls Dog Toy

This free dog toy crochet pattern is perfect for your furry friends! Heart Hook Home

Toy Basket

Do you have some t-shirt yarn you want to use? Why not try this lovely FREE crochet toy basket pattern where the back loop single crochet stitches are the “magic” stitches which separate the bottom of the basket from the sides. Thoresby Cottage

Trivet Hot Pad

Free t-yarn motif hot pad crochet pattern. My Recycled Bags

Wheelchair / Walker Tote Bag

Wheelchair and walker users need some sort of bag for carrying personal items. Here is a free crochet pattern for a bag. Make some and donate to senior centers and facilities. My Recycled Bags

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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