60+ Free Crochet Scarves, Cowls & Glove Patterns

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

The cold weather has finally hit, and it’s time to get cozy by the fire, put some music on, and crochet some scarves, cowls, and gloves. 

I’m constantly looking for new and original free crochet patterns for winter scarves and gloves.  I love them for myself and kids, but I also like to give them as handmade gifts for the holidays. 

Lovely crocheted scarves, both for winter weather and for fashion make quick (some can be finished in a day) and easy gifts and are welcomed and appreciated.

Free patterns for winter gloves and mittens are also something I’m always looking for.  Hey, you will definitely want to check out our page with 40+ free crocheted hat patterns as well!  You'll find some great patterns for winter hats as well as decorative hats.  Don't miss it!

In the beginning, I shied away from crocheting gloves and mittens; they looked so difficult and time consuming.  I found that is not at all the case, especially with the free crochet glove and mittens patterns we’ve found.

On this page you will also find many links to free crochet patterns to make fashionable accessory pieces, such as crocheted cowls and crocheted infinity scarves.

We searched for the prettiest free crochet patterns for the cowls and scarves; just take a look at the links below.  They are lovely.

Scarves and Cowls

I have found that even the most complicated looking crocheted scarves and cowls are not difficult and can be made quickly. That’s good news for those last minute gift-givers!

The free crocheted scarf and cowl patterns below range from bulky and chunky to delicate and delightful.

Much of this is due to the various yarns and hook sizes that are available today, and the patterns will guide you in finding the perfect type of yarn and hook size to replicate the exact scarf or cowl.

Crochet Scarf by Chris

We encourage you to experiment with different hooks and yarns. You can easily change up the look of the scarf or cowl by doing this.

You have the option of simply trying a variegated yarn, or you could try using a chunkier and thicker or a lighter and finer yarn.

And, one of the best things about crocheting is if you don’t like the look of something, you can just rip it out and start over. I know, it’s sometimes painful to start over, but I think just knowing this is an option takes the pressure off those of us who are perfectionists.

Gloves and Mittens

Personally, I love both crocheted gloves and mittens.  It depends on my mood as to which I prefer to wear on any given day.  

We have a variety of free crochet gloves and mitten patterns.

One of the most helpful things for me was finding the sources with clear directions on how to create the glove to match the hand size. I have to admit, when just starting out, I did make some gloves and mittens that wouldn’t fit anyone I know! LOL. 

The finished size of your crocheted piece depends on the yarn, the hook, and your personal crochet.  The article explains how to make adjustments no matter what yarn or hook you are using in order to make the glove, hand warmer or mitten size you prefer. 

There are many original free crochet patterns for fingerless and texting gloves and mittens in our line-up. 

I especially like the mitten pattern that has holes to allow the index finger and thumb to poke out for texting, then retreat back to the inside warmth of the mitten when texting is complete.

You will find great crochet patterns for arm and wrist warmers, which leave the fingers completely free. 

These are very useful when you need those fingers free to buckle in car seats, change a tire, or anything you can imagine that requires your fingers to be unencumbered by a glove or mitten but still keep you warm.

Now it’s time to cruise on below to find the next pattern you will use to create a gorgeous scarf, cowl, gloves or mittens!

60+ Free Crochet Scarves, Cowls & Glove Patterns

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3 in 1 fair isle hand warmer free pattern. These hand warmers can be finished in three different ways - fingerless mittens, convertible mittens and mittens. Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations

Around the Post Double Crochet Scarf

Around the Post Double Crochet Scarf

If you’re looking to take your scarf game to the next level look no further. With one simple change to the double crochet stitch you can take basic to fantastic and whip up an Around the Post Double Crochet scarf in no time at all. Chicken Scratch NY

Beginner Friendly Crochet Scarves

Beginner Friendly Crochet Scarves

This is literally the easiest ‘pattern’ you’ll ever see for a scarf! Check out this free scarf pattern. Chicken Scratch NY

Beginner’s Wrist Warmers with Ridges

This fast and easy free crochet fingerless glove design pattern keeps hands and wrist warm. Designed to fit snug. Crocheted as rectangle that is sewn together. Crochet Spot


This is a free crochet pattern for a cowl with a large cable pattern. Click to see this pretty cowl! A Crocheted Simplicity

Blushing Shells Cowl

Blushing Shells Cowl #ad

Gorgeous color and a bit of matching sparkle take this yarn into the realm of dreaminess. Click for this free pattern by Red Heart. Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations

Boa Scarf

Simple but beautiful free crochet scarf pattern that can be made in about two hours! Craft Designs for You

Bright Granny Square Scarf

A fashionable scarf project using colorful granny squares joined together. CrisCraft

Cable Wrist Warmers

Advanced beginner free crochet pattern for wrist warmers with lovely cables. Crochetville


These are pretty mittens featuring a chevron design. Fits most adult women. Free easy crochet pattern! A Crocheted Simplicity

Chuncky Crochet Teal Scarf With Fringe

Chuncky Crochet Teal Scarf With Fringe

Quick and easy crochet scarf with fringe. Easy enough for beginners.

Chunky Crochet Cowl

Cowl that's perfect for getting all warmed up for the cold weather. A simple scarf to crochet, you’ll love how fast you can make these using chunky yarn Make and Takes

Chunky Ribbed Cowl

A quick, chunky ribbed cowl that twists to lay beautifully and effortlessly. Little Monkeys Crochet

Classy Crochet Cowl

Classy Crochet Cowl #ad

Brighten your world with an easy crochet cowl in Red Heart Boutique Swanky. Click for a free pattern! Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations

Cowl a la Mode

Cowl a la Mode #ad

As fluffy as a cloud, changing textures and a cluster stitch pattern keep this elegant cowl interesting, yet easy, to make. FREE PATTERN! Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations

Cozy Striped Crochet Gloves

Keep your hands toasty warm this winter by crocheting this free glove pattern. BH Hooked Crochet

Crochet a Braided Scarf (Broomstick or Cardboard)

Crochet a Braided Scarf (Broomstick or Cardboard)

Try out this fun crochet pattern. easy to make and beginner friendly! This scarf makes a perfect Christmas gift as well using cardboard or broomstick!

Crochet Cowl

Crochet Cowl #ad

FREE PATTERN! Combine a bright color with this stunning cowl design and you'll look great while staying warm. Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations

Crochet Ribbed Cowl

Pattern for a Rib Cowl as lush and dramatic, cascading and gorgeous, as any knit counterpart. Seriously cozy too. Purl SoHo

Crochet Super Simple Scarf

Crochet Super Simple Scarf #ad

Crochet this simple scarf in our thick Red Heart Grande yarn. FREE PATTERN! Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations



Get cosy this winter with my free crochet mittens pattern. They feature a ribbed double cuff and a thick textured stitch pattern. Hooked on Patterns

Diagonal Cape

A pattern for a cape using the diagonal stitch. Crochet Crochet 'N More

Diamond Crochet Cowl

With only 18 rows, this diamond crochet cowl works up in a few hours and comes in two sizes. Moogly Blog

Drop Stitch Crochet Cowl

Drop Stitch Crochet Cowl #ad

Make this bulky weight cowl with crochet drop stitch rows that allow it to drape and make it comfy to wear! Drop stitches are done with the assistance of a large knitting needle. By Red Heart. Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations

Easiest Fingerless Gloves: Crochet Pattern

Easiest Fingerless Gloves: Crochet Pattern

This free crochet pattern shows you how to make your own fingerless gloves using this very easy pattern.

Easy Reversible Crochet Boot Cuffs Free Pattern CRAFTS & DIY

Easy Reversible Crochet Boot Cuffs Free Pattern CRAFTS & DIY

I absolutely love making handmade gifts and these reversible crochet boot cuffs are my favorite thing I’ve made this holiday season! Must Have Mom

Fall Shawl

A great warerobe accent. Craft Yarn Council

Fingerless Gloves

Keep your hands cozy on a chilly day with these fingerless gloves. The gloves help to keep a large portion of your hand warm while giving your fingers more freedom. Dabbles and Babbles

Fingerless Mitts

The griddle stitch used in the free crochet pattern creates a pebbly textured glove. It makes for a really beautiful fabric where the rows are almost indistinguishable. Kaper Crochet

Fisherman’s Rib Super Scarf

Fisherman’s Rib Super Scarf

This giant scarf or stole is very easy to knit and super warm, though it is not a fast project. It will be well worth the effort on the coldest days of winter!


The Retro Christmas Tree Scarf is fun to make, fun to wear, festive for this time of year, and very warm! A Crocheted Simplicity



This is a free crochet scarf pattern for a super chunky, ribbed textured, scarf with braided cable design pockets. My ?nished scarf measures approximately 8 feet long by 1 foot wide. You can adjust the length to suit the wearer. Hooked on Patterns


This is a pretty triangular shawl or scarf and a free pattern. A Crocheted Simplicity

Hand Warmers

A free crochet pattern for hand warmers. This pattern is on the intermediate level as knowledge of Around the Post stitches is necessary. The Crafty Tortoise

Hand Warmers

How to crochet fitted hand warmers with explanation how to make adjustments so they're the right size for the hands that will wear them. wikiHow

Happy Hands Mittens #ad

Crochet a pair of colorful mittens with child-pleasing colors to keep kids' hands toasty and warm. Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations

Hearts & Stripes Scarf by Red Heart

Hearts & Stripes Scarf by Red Heart #ad

Make this scarf for someone you love as a Valentine’s Day gift. Free crochet pattern. Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations

Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern

Infinity Scarf Crochet Pattern

This is a great adult craft project, allowing you to challenge your inner crochet skills. This scarf pattern is the perfect length to keep you cozy during the frigid months of January and February, plus the little hearts are just so pretty and perfect to wear on Valentine's Day. Crafts By Amanda


A perfect gift for the men in your life! This drink mitt is big enough for most men’s hands yet small enough for women too! Use it for your favorite glass bottled beverage, a travel coffee mug or even your favorite pint of ice cream. A Crocheted Simplicity

Littorina Shawl

Littorina Shawl

This rectangular shell and lace crochet shawl can be worn on the shoulders or secured around the waist. Get the free pattern. Christa Co Design

Madly In Love

Madly In Love Infinity Scarf and Cowl free crochet pattern on Moogly! Moogly Blog

Mittens for All

Mittens for All #ad

This free crochet pattern makes it easy to crochet fun mittens with cozy, long cuffs for the whole family. Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations

Puff Stitch Fingerless Gloves

These colorful and bulky gloves are with colorway (rainbow) sock yarn. Crochet up a pair with this tutorial. Hooked By Robin



This scarf 0f brushed yarn is so nice to wear and feels just as right whether you dress it up or dress it casual. Works up quickly. Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations



Free Pattern! This crocheted cowl adds a flash of fun to a kid’s style! Everyone loves the way this yarn reflects the flash of a camera or other light at night. Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations

Simple Crochet Fingerless Gloves

These textured fingerless crochet gloves use only the chain stitch and single crochet which makes them simply easy to make. Get the free pattern here. The Spruce Crafts


This scarf features a snowflake motif. A Crocheted Simplicity

Solomon’s Knot Scarf

Solomon’s Knot Scarf

Using a Solomon's knot, this is a very creative scarf that you can crochet at home.

Sweet Cupcakes Crochet Scarf

Sweet Cupcakes Crochet Scarf

This free crochet pattern shows you how to make an adorable sweet cupcake scarf.

Texting Gloves

Texting Gloves #ad

Make trendy crochet gloves with this free pattern. Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations

Texting Mittens

These fast and easy crocheted mittens allow you to text with your smartphone while keeping your hands warm! Left In Knots

Tulip Fingerless Mittens

A beautiful fingerless mitten features delicate tulips in whatever color scheme you want. Nomad Stitches via Ravelry

Vintage Arm Warmers

Vintage is always in! Vintage lace gloves with wooden buttons will be your go-to hand warmers this year if you crochet them with this free pattern. Whistle and Divy


This Winter’s Edge Scarf is the perfect project for a last-minute crochet gift. A Crocheted Simplicity

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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