Free Crochet Bookmark Patterns

Never lose your place in a book again! Crochet a bookmark for yourself or as a great gift for a bookworm with these free crochet bookmark patterns.

I have a confession to make: I am a true book nerd.  I love to read, and even as a kid, I’d have a book in my hand.  I remember my mom asking me to set the table, and I did it while holding a book in one hand reading!

The library is my favorite place, followed closely by a bookstore. Second-hand bookstores are the best!

If you happen to find me in a bookstore, I do spend half of my time there looking at the bookmarks.  (I told you I am a book nerd!).

Nothing compares to the lacy crochet bookmarks that I have received as gifts. This page is devoted to free crochet bookmark patterns.

The fun thing about making crochet bookmarks is that they take very little yarn and just a little time to create something nearly everyone will enjoy. 

The bookmarks on this page range from silly, like the caterpillar bookmark, to sweet, like the bunny bookmark, to lacy like the celebration bookmarks

The Christmas tree bookmark would make a great stocking stuffer, and I think a bookmark is perfect to add when giving a book as a gift.

Some of the free bookmark patterns are simple and can even be used to teach a child to crochet! If a tutorial is needed to help with the crochet stitches, check out our thorough crochet stitch guide.

Crochet, stiffen (if desired) and block your bookmark, and it is ready to use or give as a gift to someone special.

What can I use to stiffen crochet?

There are several ways to stiffen crochet, and all of them are easy to do.

  • Starch: Powdered starch can be dissolved in water or pressurized spray starch in a can be used.  
  • If the dissolved powdered starch is used, just dip the crochet bookmark in, remove, and squeeze out the excess.  Lay the bookmark flat on wax or parchment paper, making sure to block it in the same shape and size as it was before starching.
  • An easier way to starch the crochet bookmark is to place it on a smooth surface such as parchment paper, wax paper or even a paper plate.  Simply spray the bookmark with the spray canned starch that can be found in the laundry section.
  • Glue: A simple glue such as Elmer’s school glue can be diluted and used the same way as the liquid starch.
  • Mod Podge: Mod Podge can be diluted like glue, or purchase the Mod Podge Stiffy product made specifically for stiffening textiles.  Stiffy works well, but is a more expensive technique.
  • Hairspray: If the item will not be getting wet or need to be washed, hairspray can be used.  It is a light stiffener and is good for items that you want only slightly stiffened.
  • Corn Starch: A natural fabric stiffener and can be made by mixing 1 tablespoon of cornstarch with ¼ cup of cold water and adding it to ¼ cup of boiling water, whisking until the mixture bubbles.  Be sure to let the stiffener cool before using.

Take a look all of the creative crochet bookmark ideas that have been gathered on this page by scrolling down.  This list surely has a bookmark that you would love to crochet!

If you’re feeling generous, I’d like one of each!!

Free Crochet Bookmark Patterns

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Angel Bookmark

Crochet an angel bookmark for your bookworm friend. Ravelry

Beaded Bookmark

Yarn, pony beads and a crochet hook are all that is needed to make this bookmark. tn crochet lady

Bookworm Bookmark

This adorable crochet bookmark is so much fun for kids to make. Adults will like this crochet project also. Free Craft Unlimited

Bunny Bookmark

Any kiddo will love this adorable bunny bookmark. It will make reading fun! Get the free pattern at Ravelry. by Banga Vaicekauskiene at Ravelry

Celebration Bookmark

Here are lacy, romantic, vintage bookmark designs. Draiguna

Christmas Tree Bookmark

For a book lover, crochet a tree bookmark using this free crochet pattern. Suzies Stuff

Crescent Bookmark

With this free pattern crochet a delicate lace bookmark. Rich Textures Crochet

Crochet Flower Bookmark

This bookmark is SOOO adorable with the button center. Find a free video and step-by-step crochet instructions here. Lakeview Cottage Kids

Dainty Crochet Bookmark Pattern

Gather that leftover yarn and crochet up some beautiful delicate bookmarks in different colors with this free pattern. Crochet 'n' Create

Daisy Bookmark

In this post, you’ll learn how to crochet a quick and easy textured bookmark using the star stitch. This Pixie Creates

Diamond Lace Bookmark

In this post, learn how to make a gorgeous crocheted lace bookmark that can easily be made with scrap yarn. Rich Texture Crochet

Dr. Seuss Bookmark

Dr. Seuss Bookmark

Learn how to crochet a quick striped top hat bookmark project for the readers in your home with this free pattern. Christa Co Design

Elegant Lace Crochet Bookmark

Elegant Lace Crochet Bookmark

In this post, learn how to make a delicate and elegant crochet bookmark with this free pattern to make a beautiful gift for Mother’s Day, for teachers, or for any book lover in your life! Golden Lucy Crafts

Flower Garden Bookmark

Try out the flower garden stitch by making a flower garden bookmark using the free pattern provided in this post. Rich Textures Crochet

Happy Monster Corner Bookmark

Happy Monster Corner Bookmark

This Happy Monster Crochet Bookmark is a super quick little project that boys and girls will love. It requires minimal amounts of both yarn and time. A Crocheted Simplicity

Just One More Page Bookmark

This free crochet bookmark pattern is the perfect gift to make for someone who likes to read. Blist This By Amber

Lavender Bookmark

With some scrap yarn, crochet up this simple lacy bookmark. Scrap Yarn Crochet

Lotte Lace Corner Crochet Bookmark

This crochet bookmark is an easy bookmark pattern that even beginner crocheters can make. Blue Star Crochet

Oval Bookmark

Learn how to crochet the perfect oval bookmark. Crochet n More

Oval Bookmark

Kids can learn to crochet and make a simple oval bookmark at the same time. Bubamara Design

Spiked Granny Bookmark

Rich Textures Crochet has this free pattern called the Spiked Granny Bookmark which is a little geometric bookmark. Rich Textures Crochet

Star Bookmark

This is a free crochet book mark pattern that is easy to follow and works up super fast, with pictures to help making your own bookmarks. Fosbas Designs

Starflower Bookmark

Starflower Bookmark

This free starflower crochet bookmark is fairly simple to make. Craft Bits

Striped Bookmark

Free tutorial on how to crochet a striped fabric bookmark. Pine Tree Crochet

Sunflower Bookmark

Know Anyone Who Likes Sunflowers? Crochet them a special Sunflower Bookmark as a gift with this easy free pattern. Meladora's Creations

Suzette Stitch Bookmark

Here you will learn how to crochet a simple and small bookmark using Suzette stitch. Sweet Bee Crochet

Teachers Bookmark

Teachers Bookmark

Show your kids’ teachers a little appreciation by making this fun apple and pencil bookmark as a gift. Craft Bits

Textured Bookmark

Learn how to crochet an easy, textured bookmark using this free pattern. This Pixie Creates

Very Shelley Bookmark

Get the free pattern and chart for the very Shelley bookmark here. by Labours of Love Crochet on Ravelry

Woven Stitch Bookmark

Bookmarks are a fun way to learn a new crochet stitch. Learn the woven stitch by making this bookmark using the free pattern provided. Sunflower Cottage Crochet

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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