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Help support this site! Purchase crochet supplies from our affiliates? By purchasing merchandise from an affiliate you support this site and allow us to provide free crochet information and free crochet projects. Our affiliates offer crochet hooks, yarn, kits, patterns and lots more.

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Shop Crochet Stores - Do you need crochet supplies? Shop for supplies at these stores. We earn a small commission when you purchase supplies through one of these affiliates (see affiliate statement below). This allows more time for us to find free patterns. . .(more)

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Crochet Supplies - Crochet hooks, yarn, kits, pattern and more. These supplies are offered through affiliates (see affiliate statement below). We earn a small commission when you purchase supplies from one of these merchants. This allows more time for us to. . .(more)

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Crochet pattern for sale. Help keep our site free! Purchasing merchandise through our affiliate supports this site, allowing us to provide all the free craft information and free projects to you.

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Crocheting books by category - from crocheted afghans to crocheted babywear to gift ideas. In addition, find books on bead crochet, broomstick crochet, thread crochet, crocheted edging and more.

2022 Crochet Calendars

The end of the year is fast approaching and it’s that time again.  Time to give and get calendars for the new year. 

However, you may think that in this digital world with smartphones, laptops, and tablets, it may seem like the lowly. . .(more)

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Surprise your crochet enthusist with a year-round gift of a magazine. Lots of choices!

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