Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch

Learn how to cross stitch. Cross stitch is a form of counted thread embroidery or printed fabric cross stitch Learn all about cross stitching from the fabrics used, to the stitches, to the notions and tools of cross stitches. Learn the basics and advanced techniques.

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Cross Stitch Basics

For the beginner, basic guides to cross stitching from needles to thread to helpful tips.

Advanced Techniques

Advanced technique and how to for cross stitching.

Alphabet Patterns & Text Generators (FREE)

Do you have a great cross stitch or needlework pattern with text that you would like to customize?
Do you have a favorite poem or saying that you would like to stitch?

Needlework alphabet patterns and text generators are some of the most sought-after resources.  So, we have searched the internet and found some terrific FREE pattern and text makers online for charting words for counted thread techniques such as cross-stitch, back stitch, blackwork, needlepoint, and other needle art projects.   With these resources let your personality shine.  

With them, you can:

  • Personalize gift items
  • Monogram clothing and other items
  • Chart your own words
  • Stitch favorite poems, quotes or verses
  • Create wedding and birth samplers
  • Sign and date your finished projects

These alphabetic patterns and text generators are provided free by various websites.  If you have any questions on how to use the alphabetic patterns and text generators, please contact the person in charge of the website. 


Cross Stitch Calculators

Handy cross stitch calculators for determining the size of project to how much fabric is needed.

Cross Stitch Notions and Tools

Learn about the tools, notions and other items used in cross stitching.

Cross Stitch Tutorials

Learn how to cross stitch with tutorials and lessons

Cross Stitch Software

Software, shareware and video for cross stitching.

Cross Stitching for Left-Handers

Information on how to cross stitch for left-handed individual.

Embellishment Ideas

Want to add pizazz to your needlework projects. Try these embellishments!

Finishing Techniques

Need ideas for finishing your cross stitch project, check these ideas.

Free Cross Stitch Patterns

Links to websites with free cross stitch patterns.

Glossary of Terms

A glossary of cross stitch terms and cross stitch fabric.

Perforated Paper

Ideas, hints and suggestions for using perforated paper in cross stitching.

Stitch Glossary

Learn how to do all types of cross-stitch stitches with illustrations and videos.

Tips and Hints

Cross stitching tips, hints, words of wisdom.

Washing, Blocking & Care

Learn how to care for your heirlooms, including instructions on blocking a project.

Waste Canvas & Cross Stitching

Learn all about the use of waste canvas in cross stitching.

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