Cross Stitch Pullover Bib Project Idea

Everyone needs a hobby.  For me, cross stitching is a rewarding needlecraft.  It’s a relaxing and calming needlework activity and helps me feel productive even when watching television in the evening. 

What do I cross stitch?  Toddler bibs are one of my go-to cross stitch projects along with hand towels and bookmarks.  Keeping a supply of completed bibs, hand towels and bookmarks make quick, thoughtful gifts for newborn babies, baby showers, hostess gifts, birthday and thank you gifts.

Cross Stitch Pullover Bib - fbHandmade cross stitch bibs are a cherished treasure! 

A self-made baby bib makes a caring practical baby shower gift for the mom-to-be or for the mom of a newborn. Make some for your baby too!

For a baby shower, the gender of the baby is not always revealed, which means gifting something more neutral. This is perfectly possible with cross stitch baby bibs since there are so many great neutral patterns out there.

Many companies have cross stitch bibs.  Charles Craft Velour Bibs are my favorite bibs to stitch and gifts to give; moms and grandmoms always love them.  

Many, many years ago these bibs were made with a velcro shoulder closure.  Then for a number of years, I couldn't find the bibs anywhere  - not at Joann's, not at Michael's, not at Hobby Lobby, not online, nowhere.  Finally, they reappeared on the market as pullover bibs.

So I was back in business cross stitching toddler pullover bibs as gifts.

Do you want to make a bib and need a cross-stitch baby bib design? Here is a link to our free cross-stitch bib designs or at the end of the post find links to cross-stitch bib leaflets. 

Check out and learn about my cross stitch bib project by watching this video and then continue reading this post for more bib information.

Watch our video tutorial below or click the link if you prefer to watch Cross Stitch Pullover Bib Project Idea in Youtube.

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BABY BIB TO CROSS STITCH Toddler Cross Stitch Bib Completed Bibs 2

How many bibs does a baby need?

The thing is there is no specific number of how many bibs you should get for your baby.

The number of bibs needed will depend on the type of bib, the feeding routine, the laundry schedule, the drooling capacity and the baby or toddler's age. 

Other considerations:
Will you use a burp cloth instead of a bib for newborns?
Do you own a washing machine or is a laundromat nearby?

If you’re an average family you’re likely to need anywhere between 10-20 baby bibs to ensure you always have some on hand while the others are in the wash.

How do you store all those bibs? Chari at Fresh Mom Life has simple and easy ways to organize baby bibs here.

Types of bibs?

Regular/Drool/Dribbler Bibs - Drool bibs are the regular bibs, and it is used when feeding bottle, to avoid clothes getting wet with dribble saliva and when feeding the baby solid food.

Bandana Bibs -  These bandana-style bibs are functional and stylish bibs that are triangles in shape.   The pleated style catches baby drool to prevent baby clothes from getting wet.

Feeding Bibs - When a child begins to eat solid food and begins feeding themself, about the 4 to 6 month mark, the feeding bibs are best to help catch fallen food and keep the baby clean from the food. 

Smock Bibs - Smock bibs are worn like a t-shirt. They are designed to cover the baby from the neck down to the knee; hence keeping clothes stain-free.

Disposable Bibs - Disposable bibs are usually made from strengthened paper and are handy when on the go and traveling. 

To make a cross stitch velour pullover bib you'll need:

  • Charles Craft Velour Pullover Bib
  • Cross Stitch Pattern
  • Embroidery Hoop
  • Embroidery Thread
  • Embroidery Needle
  • Scissor


These Charles Craft Velour Pullover Bib are ready for embellishments of your favorite cross stitch pattern. The velour fabric is soft and absorbent.

Pullover Cross Stitch Bib Favorite BibIt’s perfect for little ones from ages 6 months to 3 years.  The bib is 100% cotton and has a stretch cotton neckband that slips over the child's head easily.

The bib dimensions are 11 1/2' x 19 1/2".  A 14 count Aida x-stitch fabric band is woven into the bib with a stitchable area of approximately 11 1/2" x 2 1/4" or 31 stitches high and 159 stitches wide.

Currently, a FREE "Enchanting Dancing Elephants " pattern is included.

Cross Stitch Bib Pattern on Package


The bib designs used to stitch these bibs were from one of these leaflets.   These cross stitch bib leaflets were purchased over 20 years ago.   

Cross Stitch Bib Booklets

Some of the cross stitch designs in two of my leaflets are too large for the stitching area on today's Charles Craft Velour bibs.  Charles Craft must have changed the stitching area size when the pullover bibs reemerged on the market.

By redesigning the cross stitch patterns slightly I can still use many of them.

At the end of this post find current pamphlet links to baby bib designs to cross stitch.


The cross stitch chart is accompanied by a color key.  These indicate the color of floss by a specific manufacturer to use for each stitch on the chart.  If you don't have that manufacturer's floss, find embroidery thread conversion charts to many different brands of thread here.

For some designs, only a small amount of an embroidery thread color is needed.  I substitute thread that is leftover from completed cross stitch kits which have been wrapped on bobbins and stored in an embroidery thread box for thread in the color key.


These cross stitching bibs don’t require too many supplies and are a great take-along craft. 

Cross Stitch Bib Supply BagJust keep the project with the pattern, needle, thread, hoop and scissor in a bag to take along on long car rides, to informal meetings, to appointments and to simply have handy while watching favorite shows or listening to music.

Cross Stitch Bib Completed Bibs 1The bibs are useful for playtime, snacks and meals which makes them a good addition to the little one's wardrobe.

Cross stitch bibs are a great way to create a soft, durable and personalized item for a lucky baby or toddler you love! 


If you have any questions about this project, contact us through the YouTube Video comments or our Contact Us page. We respond to questions in e-mails and YouTube comments regularly.

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Baby Bibs

Baby Bibs #ad

Perfect for prefinished bibs with even weave stitching areas, designs include teddy bears entwined with ribbon and eyelet lace, holding tulips and balloons, and surrounded by mini motifs of favorite foods. Affiliate Link to Leisure Arts

Baby Burps & Bubbles Bibs & Towels

Baby Burps & Bubbles Bibs & Towels #ad

Make an adorable hand-made gift with these patterns from Stoney Creek! This volume features 15 different baby patterns plus a color conversion chart and tassel-making instructions. Affiliate Link to JOANN

Baby's Best Bibs

Baby's Best Bibs #ad

Linda Gillum has created 24 great designs featuring cowboy teddies, a l'il monster, rabbits, fruits and veggies, pins and bottles, a collection of animals (cat, penguin, dog, cow, pig, sheep) and more. Affiliate Link to Leisure Arts

Bibs By The Bunch

Bibs By The Bunch #ad

There's a bib for every baby in this collection of 34 cross stitch designs by Linda Gillum. All were stitched on baby bibs with 14 count Aida inserts. Motifs include blocks, bears, trains, trucks, nursery rhymes, clowns, hearts, flowers, cats, cows, and more. Affiliate Link to Leisure Arts

Charles Craft Pullover Velour Toddler Bib

Charles Craft Pullover Velour Toddler Bib #ad

Shop Charles Craft Pullover Velour Toddler Bib - This comfortable, stretchy cotton neckband slips easily over toddler's head. Affiliate Link to JOANN

Lil' Monster Bibs Cross Stitch Book

Lil' Monster Bibs Cross Stitch Book #ad

The monsters will become their mealtime pals and cherished characters of their childhood. Designs include: polka dotted monster, green monster, peek-a-boo, monster group, and more. 12 pages, soft cover. Affiliate Link to Leisure Arts

Special Bibs for Special Babies

Special Bibs for Special Babies #ad

Choose from 14 simple cross stitch designs; all with space for adding a name. Affiliate Link to Leisure Arts

Cross Stitch Pullover Bib - pin

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