Needlepoint Yarns, Threads, and Tools

Needlepoint, which is enjoying a resurgence in popularity, is an enjoyable needle work art where yarns or threads are sewn onto a canvas.  

Needlepoint is related to embroidery, and with needlepointers becoming more comfortable with leaving unfilled space on the canvas, the lines between needlepoint and embroidery are becoming blurred.

For more information, please check out our page on the needlepoint for beginners!

Needlepoint work does have its own tools and supplies list.  Needlepoint yarn or thread, a needle, and a needlepoint canvas are the absolute minimum items necessary to needlepoint.

However, there are various other tools such as tapes to prevent fraying, needlepoint stretcher bars, laying tools, and more that can enhance the needlepoint experience!

What type of thread is used for needlepoint?

One basic supply is the needlepoint thread.  There are four different and various types of thread that can be used for needlepoint.

Wool: This is the most popular needlepoint yarn used.  It is strong and long lasting, especially for projects that will receive a lot of wear.

Some wool threads are designed to be used as a single strand, which makes the needlepoint project easy for beginners.  

Others are very light-weight for making details. The threads can be separated in this light-weight yarn as well to provide shading with two or more colored threads through the needle.

Cotton: Like wool, cotton thread is also strong. Perl cotton comes in various sizes and works well for beginners.  Embroidery floss is another cotton thread that can be used, but there are complex techniques involved in using this.

Silk: This thread is not as strong and durable as the two above, but it makes a lovely shine on the finished work.  Silk thread can be expensive as well. When using silk thread, it is important to use a needlepoint tool called a laying tool.

Novelty: To add sparkle and extra texture to needlepoint projects, novelty yarns such as metallics, fuzzy, shiny or matte textiles (to name a few) can be used.  These threads are not as easy to work with as the other threads mentioned but they do make for interesting needlepoint art.

Like silk thread, this type of thread will require the use of a laying tool.

Why is needlepoint so expensive?

When purchasing supplies for needlepoint, it is sometimes a shock to see how expensive these supplies can be.

The wool or cotton for needlepoint is not usually too costly, but it is the hand-painted canvases that push the price of this craft up.

It requires a very skilled artist and takes much time to hand-paint a canvas. Painting just one canvas can take several hours!

Costs can be cut by purchasing plain canvases and painting them at home or working with special charts made for needlepoint and cross stitch.

This page will give many resources for needlepoint yarn, thread and tools to use. There are useful yarn calculators, tips for choosing the best needle, ways to start and end thread, and information on needlepoint stretcher bars.

Scroll down to see all of these helpful hints!

Needlepoint Yarns, Threads, and Tools

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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