How to Needlepoint for Beginners

Click to learn how to needlepoint.  Below are many resources for getting started in needlepoint from stitches to selecting needles and fiber through finishing your projects.

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 Needlepoint Basics eBook

Needlepoint Basics eBook #ad

Welcome to the wonderful world of needlepoint! Whether you’re a beginner or have some experience, this leaflet is designed to help you understand the basic techniques that make the difference between a piece of needlepoint that is just ordinary and one which is outstandingly beautiful! Affiliate Link to Leisure Arts

 Needlepoint Made Easy

Needlepoint Made Easy #ad

This book is a step-by-step guide to needlepoint simplified for beginners. by Nancy Moore - Paperback - Published 2022 Affiliate Link to Amazon

A Left-Handers Beginners Guide to Needlepoint

This simple guide will have all you lefties on your way to needlepointing in no time. Grey Stone Needlepoint

Anchor Thread or Yarn

In this post by Serendipity Needleworks learn two ways to anchor needlepoint thread or yarn - the waste knot or the pin stitch. Serendipity Needleworks

Beginner's Guide to Needlepoint

Here’s a complete post detailing my beginner’s guide to needlepoint: where to start, tips and tricks. Adored By Alex

Beginner's Guide To Needlepoint

Here is a beginner's guide to needlepoint - needlepoint stitches, free patterns and easy projects. Discover Hubpages

Beginner's Guide to Needlepointing

This post helps beginning needle-pointers figure out how to get started! So here’s your one-stop-shop for how to needlepoint! Claire Alison

Essential Needlepoint Supplies

Just a few easy-to-find needlepoint supplies are all you need to get started with this creative craft. Here is an article with tools and accessories for getting started with needlepoint. World of Needlepoint

Free Needlepoint Booklet

This free booklet contains easy instructions on how to start with needlepoint, how to select stitches, and a library of needlepoint stitches, with the respective instructions on how to stitch them. Unwind Studio

How to Select Needlepoint Needle & Fiber

This video tutorial has information on selecting a needle and selecting fiber for needlepoint projects. Monkey See on YouTube

How to Tape Needlepoint Canvas Edges

If you're stitching a needlepoint kit or other canvas that has not been taped, then binding the edges will stop them from fraying and catching on your threads. Here are some ways to bind the edges. Needlepoint For Fun

Learn How To Needlepoint

Simply Elegant shares resources on all the information a beginner needs to get started with needlepoint. Simply Elegant

Learn how to Needlepoint Tutorial

This how-to needlepoint video and tutorial is perfect if you are new to needlepoint, a needlepoint beginner, or maybe you just need a refresher. Needlepoint

Multi-Color Thread

An article on how to work with multi-color thread and starting a needlepoint project using a waste knot. Just String

Needlepoint Basics

These instructions and tips will help you start your needlepoint project. Ziva Needlepoint Designs

Needlepoint Charts

Learn how to read a needlepoint chart pattern. Unwind Studio

New to Needlepoint

Here is a quick guide to getting started that is just what you need. Keep reading to uncover the basics of beginning a needlepoint project. Needlepoint

Painted Needlepoint Canvas

How to approach a hand-painted needlepoint canvas. This blog post has some guidelines for stitching them which make it easier to do. Nuts About Needlepoint

Plunge Thread

How to secure thread after couching. Needlepoint Teacher

Pre-Package Kits

You purchased a pre-packaged needlepoint kit. Now, what do you do? Here is an article to help you. Needlepoint Teacher

Stitch Tension

Ten tips for getting even needlepoint stitch tension. Needlepoint For Fun

Taping Needlepoint Canvas Edges

You have a new needlepoint canvas. Tape or Untape the edges. Create Needlepoint

Thread - Starting & Ending Thread

Learn how to start and end needlepoint threads. Needlepoint Teacher

Waste Knot

Waste knots are used to start and secure a new thread in needlepoint. Learn how to use a waste knot when needlepointing. Needlepoint For Fun

What is Needlepoint?

Learn about needlepoint - what it is, the thread, the canvas, the stitches and more. Abigail Cecile

Where Do I Start Stitching?

This post by Poppy Monk Needlepoint explains where to start stitching on a needlepoint canvas. Poppy Monk Needlepoint

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