Finishing Ideas & Techniques for Cross Stitch

Cross stitch is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable needlework that I do. 

And yes, I have ended up with lots of cross stitch pieces that I loved making, love the design, and have no idea what to do with them now.

What is a unique way to finish cross stitch?

One piece that I made was done with various strands of floss through the needle at the same time.  It made a lovely picture of townhouses with the shadow of a black tree circling round the houses.

I was intent on framing this cross stitch piece.  I found an antique frame with glass, and I actually made this into a piece of art. 

You really can’t tell if it’s a painting!  One of my TaDa moments!  It made for a wonderful Christmas gift for my parents.

But there are so many more creative cross stitch finishing ideas!

We are Needlepointers have done an extensive search for cross stitch finishing techniques that will actually make you want to cross stitch even more! 

On this page you can find various instructions for framing a cross stitch you’ve completed, how to complete the back of a cross stitch piece, and other exciting ways to finish your cross stitch work.

You will leave this site with more cross stitch finishing ideas than you have pieces to finish! 

And like I said, you will want to create more cross stitch works just so you can make the ideas we have for you.

Our family does an ornament exchange every year, and we have many different ideas to make your small cross stitch pieces into creative holiday ornaments.

Try the no stitch bias tape ornament or the mason jar lid ornament. Learn how to add an elegant braid and tassel to finish your ornament. 

The sweet and trendy farmhouse style ornament with a homespun fabric backing, twin, and rustic little bells is a must see!

Many, many more ideas to finish your cross stitch as a unique ornament can be found!

If you’ve never seen a biscornu as a cross stitch finishing idea, we have three sites with lengthy and detailed written instructions along with picture tutorials for making this eight-sided pillow.  

Your smaller cross stitch pieces will result in a fairly small biscornu which is usually used for pincushions, ornaments or scissor fobs.

Larger pieces can be made into unique eight-sided pillows.  They really are lovely and very unique.  Check them out!

Wanting a unique way to hang your cross stitch piece? 

The bell pull tutorials are great and the finished cross stitch bell pull will look perfect on your wall.  We even found instructions for a doll house door pull!

There are so many ways to frame your cross stitch piece. Purchasing frames at yard sales and thrift stores keeps the cost down. 

Learn how to best frame your fabric; you can use padded or non-padded mounting boards, with or without glass. 

Ironing your piece for framing, using ScotchGuard for protection, and using various spray adhesives are all explained in the tutorials below.

Once you’ve finished your cross stitch with our ideas below, check out our page of over 600 free needlework patterns and projects!

You can just keep going and going!  Enjoy your needlework adventure!









Finishing Ideas & Techniques for Cross Stitch

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Bell Pull

Step-by-step tutorial on finishing a counted cross stitch bell pull. Learn to Finish with the Twisted Stitcher

Bell Pull Tutorial

How to finish a bell pull. Punch Needle Tips

Biscornu (Eight-Sided Pillow)

After cross-stitching a biscornu or biscornu kit, it's time to stitch it together. This article shows how to finish a biscornu with instructions and photos. The Finishing School

Biscornu - Finishing Directions

An article explaining how to finish a biscornu. Kitty and Me Designs

Book Cover

Needlework pieces can be used as a book cover. Here is a tutorial on how to make a book cover with one. Focus on Finishing


Instructions on finishing up a cross-stitch bookmark. Sew In Love

Bookmark - Finished with Frayed Edge

The frayed edge finish is used to add a 1/2" frayed border around your finished bookmark. Cyber Stitchers

Bookmark Finishing

Needlework bookmarks are great quickie projects. They make nice gifts for teachers or someone in your life who likes to read. Here are finishing ideas for needlework bookmarks. Stitching the Night Away

Braid and Tassel

This finishing technique is most often used to create ornaments but can also be used to complete any project. Cyber Stitchers

Christmas Card

How to make cross stitch Christmas card with a finished cross stitch design. Includes a free cross stitch pattern. Hannanah Hand Makes

Christmas Ornament

Finishing instructions for a cross-stitch Christmas ornament. Focus on Finishing

Cleaning Your Finished Cross Stitch

So, once you are done stitching, how can you clean your cross stitching to prepare it for framing or other finishing? Learn how here. Tiny Modernist

Creative Ways to Finish Your Cross Stitch

Here is a list of nine creative ways to finish your cross stitch pieces. Cross Stitching Supplies

Cross Stitch Bookmark

Cover the back of a bookmark with felt by reading this step-by-step photo tutorial. Naughts & Cross Stitches

Cross Stitch Bookmark Back

Step-by-step instructions on how to back a cross stitch bookmark. Handmade by Hannah

Cross Stitch Mounting And Framing Techniques

Displaying your cross stitch creations! Learn several attractive ways to mount and frame your projects. RLROUSE Directory

Embroidery Hoop Finish

This article shows you one way to finish cross stitch or hand embroidery pieces by using an embroidery hoop. Two Little Kits at

Farmhouse Christmas Pillow Ornaments Tutorial

This tutorial shows how to finish an ornament in the trendy farmhouse style. The Twisted Stitcher

Felt Mounted Ornament

What a beautiful way to finish a cross-stitch design into a Christmas ornament. Twisted Stitcher

Finishing and Framing in Hoops

Here you will learn several ways to finish your cross-stitches and embroideries in a hoop. Jessy Ratfink at Instructables

Finishing Ideas for Your Cross Stitch Project

This post has 5 unique ideas for finishing a cross-stitch project.
1. Make a lampshade with it
2. Make a canvas frame
3. Stitch onto your clothes
4. Make a banner
5. Make a mug cozy
Hannanah Hand Makes

Finishing Ideas for Your Cross Stitch Work

What do you do with all your finished cross stitch projects. Here is a list of ideas. Lord Libidan

Finishing Options for Cross Stitch

You can do more than just frame a finished cross stitch. Here are some alternative ideas. The XStitching Runner

Flanged Pillow

Turn the finished cross-stitch project into a pillow as an accent to your home. Twisted Stitcher

Flat Finishes

Flat finishes are ideal for bookmarks and gift tags but they make very nice ornaments as well. The basic idea is to finish the back of the project with the same fabric as on the front of the ornament and to sew the two layers together. Pinwheel Ponders

Flatfold Class (Tutorial)

Flatfold is a finishing technique used to display stitched projects. It’s easel-shaped, stand-alone design is an alternative to framing. This step-by-step tutorial will explain how to make a flatfold. Meari's Musings

Frame Cross Stitch and Embroideries

How to frame cross stitch and embroidery with sticky board. Stitched Modern

Frame in Embroidery Hoop

How to frame a cross-stitch or hand embroidery project in an embroidery hoop. Bobo Stitch

Frame It

How to frame a cross stitch. lkoerper at Instructables

Framing Needlework

Framing cross stitch projects can work out expensive. But you can frame finished cross stitch, blackwork and embroidery yourself with these instructions. Needlework Tips and Techniques

Framing Needlework Piece

An article on how to frame an embroidery or cross stitch project after it is stitched. Needle N' Thread

Fringe Edge

These easy instructions show how to make fringe for cross stitch designs for pillows, bookmarks, ornaments and many other projects. Better Cross Stitch Patterns

Greeting Card

How to finish a cross stitch card. Needlework Tips and Techniques

Greeting Card

This finishing technique allows you to create greeting cards from either fabric or perforated paper cross stitched projects. Cyber Stitchers

Greeting Card DIY

How to mount cross stitch in a triple fold card. Gathered

Hemstitch - Needlework Finishing Technique

Once your needlework project is complete you may need to tidy up the edges of the fabric, especially if the item will need laundering regularly. Danish hem stitch is a lovely method of doing this. Needlework Tips and Techniques

Humbug (Ornament)

Learn how to finish a cross stitched humbug. Plush Cat

Jewelry Pin

This finishing technique can be used to turn small patterns stitched on Aida or similar fabric into jewelry pins. Cyber Stitchers

Needlebook Tutorial

Step-by-step instructions for making a needlebook to hold handwork or sewing needles. Meari's Musings


You've stitched a needleroll. Now it's time to finish it. Learn how here. Focus on Finishing

Ornament - Framed Ornament Tutorial

This tutorial uses card stock and fun foam to frame a cross stitch Christmas ornament. Pinwheel Ponders

Ornament - Tucked Pillow Ornament

Learn how to turn a stitchery into a tucked pillow ornament. Cyber Stitchers

Ornament Edge

This article uses the whip stitch and beads to finish the edge of an ornament. Snippets and Stash

Ornament Finishes

No stitch Bias tape ornament instructions and mason jar lid ornament instructions. Pinwheel Ponders

Palestrina Stitch

This tutorial uses the Palestrina stitch to join two pieces of linen together. What a wonderful, attractive way to finish a cross-stitch project. Needle 'n Thread

Perforated Paper Bookmark

This finishing technique describes how to create a bookmark from perforated paper. Cyber Stitchers

Perforated Paper Ornament

This finishing technique describes how to create an ornament from a finished perforated paper project. Cyber Stitchers

Perforated Paper Pin

This finishing technique can be used to turn small patterns stitched on perforated paper into jewelry pins. Cyber Stitchers

Perforated Paper Refrigerator Magnet

This finishing technique describes how to add a magnetic backing to a perforated paper cross-stitch project. Cyber Stitchers

Pillow - Rectangular Flanged Pillow

Instructions for applying a stitched design to a pillow. Advanced Embroidery Designs

Pillow Pincushion

With this tutorial learn how to turn your finished cross stitch design into a simple square pillow pincushion with tassels attached to all four corners. Cook on Strike

Pin Pillow

Make a small finished cross stitch design come to life by making it into a pin pillow. Learn how here! Focus on Finishing

Plastic Canvas, Cross Stitch & Perforated Plastic

How to finish a plastic canvas, cross stitch or perforated plastic project.

Refrigerator Magnet

This finishing technique is used to add a magnetic backing to a cross-stitch project turning it into a refrigerator magnet. Cyber Stitchers

Scissor Fob

A whipped stitch edge is a versatile way to attach two stitched pieces of fabric together and is the perfect stitch for finishing scissor fobs. Focus on Finishing

Scissor Pocket

Learn how to make a holder for scissors using a stitched piece. Becky

Tote Bag

How to make a finished cross stitch into a cross stitch tote bag. Cross Stitch In Time

Wash and Iron

How to wash and iron cross stitch and embroidery before framing. Stitched Modern

Wooden Embroidery Hoop Finish

One method for finishing a cross stitch and hand embroidery project is to use an embroidery hoop. Learn this method with these instructions. Stitched Modern

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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