Tips and Hints

Plastic canvas tips, hints, etc.

Tips and Hints

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Covering Plastic Canvas Edge

If you want heavy coverage along the canvas edge, use a double strand of yarn for overcasting. The Needlecraft Shop

Duplicating Pieces

If you need several of the same shape for a design or project, i.e. coaster, tree, flowers, key chain holder, tissue box sides. Cut two and save one for later. This makes cutting easier and no need for markings.

How To Count Plastic Canvas Holes

If you have to count a large number of holes when making a plastic canvas project, a handy tool is to use a hole scaler or counter. The Needlecraft Shop

How to Make Plastic Canvas Tip

An ideal marking tool for plastic canvas is a fine-point overhead projection marker, available at office supply stores. This marker is dark and easy to see and washes off with water. The Needlecraft Shop

Neat Embroidery

For neat and precise embroidery and small french knots over stitched plastic canvas, use a #18 or smaller tapestry needle.

Problem - Almost Out of Yarn

If you have barely enough yarn to finish a section, you can prevent having to start a new strand for only a couple of stitches by using a crochet hook to pull the yarn through. The Needlecraft Shop

Removing Marks

If you mark the canvas with a grease pencil, a used dryer fabric softener sheet removes marks easily.

Repair Mistake - How to Fix A Cut or Torn Bar

If you accidentally cut or torn a bar or two on your canvas, glue the bars with a tiny drop of craft glue, super glue or hot glue. The Needlcrat Shop

Whip Stitching Edges Tip

When whip stitching the plastic canvas edges, cut canvas corners diagonally to allow a better converge when whip stitching edges. Debi's Plastic Canvas Site

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