50+ Free Knitting Patterns for Hats, Mittens, Cowls & Scarves

A Bushel and a Peck of Free Knitting patterns for hats, scarves, cowls, mittens, and more.

Endless Free Knitting Patterns

You won’t believe the line up of free knitting patterns we have for you!  You will find loads of free patterns for knitted hats, scarves, cowls, mittens and hand warmers. Let us tell you what we have in store for you!

Fun and Free Knitted Hat Patterns

Do you think you’d like to knit up a winter or fashion hat this season?  You’ve come to the right place.

You will find some unique fashion hats, such as a knitted floppy woven summer cap with a garter stitch brim to keep you cool and protected from the sun. 

This hat is really cute and oh so unexpected!

If you like our crocheted pattern for a chemo hat but prefer to knit, you will love the free knitted pattern for a beautifully knitted hat made with chinchilla yarn.

This would be a great charity project or a special gift for someone who needs a lovely hat during a difficult time.

We have some really cute and novel free knitted hat patterns for kids.  Check out the floppy bunny eared hat and the little chick hat for babies and children.

The hat having the bunny ears will keep your kiddo warm and festive at Easter, but it, of course, would be a huge hit anytime you need a warm and fun hat. This hat has instructions to fit a newborn, toddler or child.

Check out these cute free knitted patterns we found that have matching hats and socks!  One of the free knitted kids hat and socks patterns is for the funniest frog you’ve ever seen. 

For a sweet winter-time matching hat and sock pattern, we found one that looks like the round peppermint swirl candies.

Now for the winter hats!!

We have so many free knitted winter hat patterns for all ages and genders on this page that we just can’t put them all in the description here.  We can give some lovely ideas, and you can browse the list of links we have to see more.

Knit Hat by AnnetteKnit Hat by Annette from Needlepointers

One of our favorites is the seaman’s cap.  It is an iconic rolled brim cap that fits snuggly over the head. 

Match this up with a pea coat, and you will have the perfect winter look.

There is also a wonderful snowflake hat pattern.  The colorwork is quite simple and easy enough for a beginner to try. 

This snowflake hat has a leafy pattern that is fairly easy to hold in your memory, and you will love to watch the snowflakes as they appear as you knit.

Simply a lovely winter hat!

Another fun and free knitted hat pattern is done circularly.  It’s a bicolor brioche that is simply spectacular to look at. 

No back and forth knitting here! 

The pattern is for two contrasting colors, but you could easily make it more subtle using two colors of yarn that are more similar.

We found a free pattern for a guy-friendly design with cables that will be his go-to in frigid weather, especially if you use cozy wool.

It’s not the usual ribbed design of many winter hats and can be knitted up fairly quickly as well. And of course, women will want one of their own, since cable hats are in fashion for everyone.

Have long hair that you don’t like to frizz up with a hat but find headbands not quite warm enough?   We found several different free knitted patterns for a wonderful and playful knitted hat with an opening at the top for a ponytail or bun.

Moms love it for a quick on-the-go winter hat.

How about showing off your patriotic side with the free pattern using red, white and blue yarn, with “USA” knitted into the hat?  

We always want to get the kids involved in crafting, and this finger knitting and yarn work skill will easily prepare them for knitting with needles.

Kids will love creating hats using the finger-knitting technique.  Below you will find a free pattern to finger knit an adorable Santa cap as well as a finger knitted beanie hat. 

This technique is so fun and enjoyable that you will want to work along with the kids!

Free Knitted Scarf and Cowl Patterns

Like the hat patterns we found for you, there are also many different free knitted cowl and scarf patterns for warmth as well as accessorizing.

Knit Scarf by Annette from NeedlepointersKnit Scarf by Annette from Needlepointers

Fashion scarves are popular as accessories, and with the airy mesh yarns, we have a free pattern or two that will show you how to create beautiful scarves with ruffles.

It takes about a skein of yarn to knit one, and you can complete it in a few hours!

One of our favorite winter scarves is braided and looks so stylish and warm. Three separate flat and narrow lengths are knitted, and then the lengths are braided to create a unique and pretty winter scarf. 

Use a nice soft yarn, and the lengths will curve easily as you braid them.

You will also find a free knitted pattern for a cowl-scarf combination.  It is fashionable AND functional!  This scarf has a nice button closure to add to the classy chunky lace look you’ll be able to create.

Like the finger-knitted caps, we have a great free scarf pattern that you knit with your fingers to make a warm and cozy winter scarf.  Once again, this technique is easy for kids and fun for everyone.

Our free knitted scarf and cowl patterns are an extensive list, so please take some time to look at them below.  You’ll find many more than can be mentioned here.

Another Knit Scarf by Annette from NeedlepointersAnother Knit Scarf by Annette from Needlepointers

Free Knitted Mitten Patterns

You will find mitten patterns for everyone in the family in our list of links below. 

Some are fingerless palm and arm warmers.  We have a cute pattern for mittens that have a flap that opens to free your fingers when necessary as well.

Many of the patterns feature long cuffs, which are a winter must to keep little hands warm while playing in the snow.

Please browse our list below for more free knitted hats, scarf, cowl, and mitten patterns.  You won’t be disappointed!

50+ Free Knitting Patterns for Hats, Mittens, Cowls & Scarves

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Anja Snowflake Hat

Create an easy iconic snowflake hat conjuring chills from winters past. Knitty

Baby Tart

This adorable baby hat features the bobble berry pattern. So cute, you could eat it! Knitty

Beginner Pattern: Unisex Knitted Scarf

Beginner Pattern: Unisex Knitted Scarf

Thinking of getting into knitting? Then this easy knitted scarf is perfect for beginner knitters like you! It can be made in three simple steps. And better still, both men and women can wear it!

Bicolour Prime Rib (Brioche) Hat

This hat is knitted circularly, eliminating the need for a seam. You can make it bold and dashing or more subtle by using two colors nearer each other in tone. Megan Mills' Home Page

Bunny Ear Hat

Bunny Ear Hat

A hat with bunny ears is cute for kids of all ages, whether to help them warm up and still look festive at an Easter egg hunt or just for animal sweetness any time of year.

Button Hat and Scarf (Knit Project)

Make this beautiful ribbed button hat and scarf. Free PDF pattern. Brown Sheep



Are you looking for something to keep your little munchkin’s ears warm, yet she’s not ready for the full winter hat? Well, we’ve got the solution: a super quick and easy knitted headband pattern! Sustain My Craft Habit

Christmas Tree Scarf

Christmas Tree Scarf

This knitting pattern shows you how to knit a Christmas tree scarf for young children. Craft Bits

Cowl Knitting Pattern For Women in Debbie Bliss Paloma

Free instant download knitting pattern for a pretty cowl. Love Crafts

Drop Stitch Scarf

Drop Stitch Scarf #ad

This scarf knits up quickly and is perfect for everyone. Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations

Fair Isle Heart Gloves

Fair Isle Heart Gloves

Tiny heart fingerless gloves that are perfect for the one you love! FREE Fair Isle knitting pattern. Julie Measures

Faux Cable Infinity Scarf Pattern

This super soft infinity scarf can be worn as a scarf, a cowl, and even a head wrap. The striking ‘cable’ infinity scarf pattern and works up pretty quick. Crafts By Amanda

Finger Knitting Santa Hat Project

Finger Knitting Santa Hat Project

Finger knit this fun Santa hat with this free knitting pattern and tutorial. Red Ted Art



This is a simple fingerless glove pattern perfect for beginner or advanced knitters. Red Ted Art

Frog Hat and Slipper Socks

Adorable free knit pattern for a child. Create a fun froggy hat and matching socks! P2Designs

Hat - Beat the Bands Hat

Hat - Beat the Bands Hat #ad

A basic hat with simple ribbing, is all about warmth for the winter months that wears perfectly with any winter look. Here comes the cold! Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations

Hat - BERNAT ACORN HAT (Knit Pattern)

Hat - BERNAT ACORN HAT (Knit Pattern) #ad

Super easy and super stylish, this acorn hat is a beginner project you knit in Bernat Mega Bulky. Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations

Hat - Bucket Hat

A fun knitted hat that looks a lot like a crocheted hat. Shazzas Knits

Hat - Cabled Pompom Hat by Red Heart

Hat - Cabled Pompom Hat by Red Heart #ad

Gift a gender-neutral knit hat from Red Heart With Love. Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations

Hat - Chemo Hat

Knitting pattern for a beautifully textured chemo hat made with chinchilla yarn. Dawn's Dream Designs

Hat - Diamond Lace Hat

Free knit winter hat pattern with lacy diamond design. Brown Sheep

Hat - Double Knit Ski Cap

The Blue Blog Patterns

Hat - Flower Pot Hat

Free easy knit pattern to create a fun, stocking cap-style hat to fit kids around ages 4 to 9. Maggie's Rags

Hat - Men's Cable Hat Pattern

Free pattern for a man-friendly cable knit winter hat. This can be worn by the ladies as well. Quick project! 9 Stitches

Hat - Messy Bun Knit Hat by Red Heart

Hat - Messy Bun Knit Hat by Red Heart #ad

Wearing your hair in a bun while wearing a hat is not a problem with this trendy style hat. Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations

Hat - Ribbed Hat

An easy beginner winter hat pattern that is knitted into a rectangle and sewn together. The Knitting Site

Hat - Roll Brim Hat

A free pattern for a knitted seaman's hat. This fits snuggly over the head with a nice rolled brim. Needle Beetle

How to Finger Knit a Beanie Hat DIY

How to Finger Knit a Beanie Hat DIY

Learn to finger knit this cute beanie hat with this tutorial including videos! Red Ted Art

How to Knit a Messy Bun Hat

How to Knit a Messy Bun Hat

This tutorial for our messy bun hat (also known as the mom bun hat or the ponytail hat) is quite possibly the simplest version out there. This easy knitting pattern is worked flat and sewn with a seam, making it totally newbie friendly. Crafts By Amanda

Kid’s Chick Hat

Kid’s Chick Hat

This cute little hat is simple to knit and looks like a chick with a little embellishment. It's perfect for those spring days when there's still a little chill in the air.

Lace Slouchie

Lace Slouchie

Looking for a lacing hat pattern? Here is a pretty free knitting pattern for you. Lullaby Lodge

Loop Yarn Criss-Cross Scarf

Loop Yarn Criss-Cross Scarf

Learn how to make a fun criss-cross scarf using the new loop yarn with our video and photo tutorial.

Mittens - Burly Spun Mittens

Free knitting pattern for mittens that flip to allow freedom for fingers when needed. Brown Sheep

Mittens for Kids

Knit mitten pattern for children mittens with a crafty hack of holding together 1 strand of ww yarn and 1 strand of washable sock yarn for more warmth! Bev's Country Cottage

Mitts - Picot Edged Fingerless Mitts

Free pattern for knitted mitts. These mitts have a long cuff for warmth and finger holes to keep hand cozy and warm. My Virtual Sanity by Dawn Prickett

Neck Warmer

In extremely cold weather this neck warmer is a must. Very classy and can be worn by both men, women, and kids. Needle Beetle

Peppermint Twist Hat and Socks

Free knit winter hat project for child. Create a fashionable and cute hat resembling a round peppermint candy with matching socks. P2Designs

Raspberry Sorbet Button Cowl

Free knitted cowl-type scarf pattern to create a super easy chunky lace look, complete with an adjustable button closure. Fiber Flux

Ruffled Knit Scarf

Instructions for knitting a gorgeous ruffled scarf using Patons Pirouette yarn.

Ruffled Scarf

Popular ruffled scarf using Patons Pirouette yarn. Instructables

Sassy Hand Chain Scarf by Red Heart

Sassy Hand Chain Scarf by Red Heart #ad

Rather than knitting or crocheting ruffled Boutique Sashay yarn, you can make a chain with your hands and have a totally new look! No special skill needed. Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations


Knitted scarf pattern using the "Entrelac technique" which looks like woven knitted bands. Much easier than it looks! Knitty

Scarf - Basketweave Knit Scarf

Scarf - Basketweave Knit Scarf #ad

This scarf's simple pattern stitch shows off the colors effectively and makes it a great pattern for socializing as you knit! Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations

Scarf - Braided Scarf

A simple, easy and quick scarf project. Berroco

Scarf - Bramble Stitch Scarf

Knit instructions for an attactive scarf. Nice gift idea. Yarn Laboratory

Scarf - Cable Scarf

A scarf pattern with knitters with intermediate experience. The Knitting Site



This knit scarf was designed using the special shade of Heartfelt Super Saver yarn. Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations

Scarf - Peacock Scarf

This knit scarf is extra wide and long. Vickie Howell



This scarf has pockets! Bundle up against the cold, then wear it as a shawl once you're inside. FREE PATTERN! Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations

Scarf - Trendy Fur Keyhole Scarf

Scarf - Trendy Fur Keyhole Scarf #ad

Get on trend with a soft faux fur scarf that will make you feel so pampered that you'd wear it even if it wasn't so stylish. By Red Heart Affiliate Link to Yarnspirations



Need a quick to knit pattern to use up all those balls of yarn leftover from other projects. These Scrap Hats are the perfect project! They knit up quickly from whatever worsted weight scraps you happen to have. Super Mom No Cape

Seed Stitch Messy Bun Hat free Pattern

Seed Stitch Messy Bun Hat free Pattern

Introducing a beginner friendly free knitting pattern for the hat that broke the internet. This Messy Bun Hat features a rolled brim, plus a classic seed stitch rise, and an uber convenient spot for your bun or ponytail. Red Ted Art

Set - Flappers Mitten and Hat Set


Star Dust Knitted Garter Stitch Scarf

This scarf isplush, long, and VERY easy to make. Just Crafty

Starwars Droid Hat Modeled After BB-8

Starwars Droid Hat Modeled After BB-8

Celebrate Star Wars with this hat designed to look like the top of the droid BB-8. It's easier than it looks, with just four rounds of stranded knitting, a few color changes and a bit of duplicate stitch detailing to finish it off.

Women’s Lacy Mitts

Women’s Lacy Mitts

These mitts use a simple four-round repeating lace pattern along the top of the arm and Stockinette Stitch on the back. A simple gusset is worked for the thumb.

Wrap - Cable Wrap

Whip up this gorgeous cable knit wrap with chunky yarn. Mama in a Stitch

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Annette & Chris are a mother/daughter team. We've brought you craft projects and tutorials through this web site for over 20 years.

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